Roger ‘REMO’ Morris

Art Terrorist

On a busy lunch time businessmen in suits, eating steak and swelling generic brand beer, are shocked senseless when a tall lanky male, wearing a leather bush man’s hat, strolls boldly up to a painting and proceeds to attack it with a spray can.

In fact the ‘art terrorist’ is in fact the creator of the work in question who had decided the art work need “an adjustment”. Never the story is a good metaphor for how this international artist, born in Otago, who now lives in Taranaki, has come a long way from his day as young police officer.

REMO has being painting since the 1980’s and exhibited not just in most of NZ major galleries but extensively in the US and Europe.

Just how far his political evolution has come is shown in 2010 when REMO a member of the artists for the 911 truth movement.

helped bring architect Richard Gage to New Zealand where Gage not only filled Tepapa to capacity but as the spokesman for over 1000 architects (who have spoken out against the flaws in the official account of 9/11) appeared on the Kim Hill’s Radio New Zealand show.

Though Morris grits his teeth at this publicity coup and remarks “it was the same problem we have a media who largely have already made up their minds and refuse to actually examine the forensic evidence presented to them. They attack anything that does not fits with their assumptions but refuse to get the main idea Gage presents. 911 activists don’t have to know all the answers as to the ‘whys’ of the situation we just need to have a proper investigation and this simply never happened.

REMO’s frustration at the “polemic” outcome of the situation has since appeared in several of his show including Remote Control at MyGallaaxi art space in Wellington, hosted by art curator Arlow 2011.


Roger ‘REMO’ Morris