Kiwi -French Crepery

Kiwi – French Crepery was the Postman lunch option while on an all too short trip over to the island paradise of Stewart Island last month.

Asides from enjoying their savory crepes which combine the right amount of cheese nuts and herbs to provide texture and providing a pleasant during and after taste. The added joys off this all too moorish snacks (as in thinking about it makes my stomach now wants more) was some pretty dam fine coffee that just hit the spot. A little pricey but this is case with most things on Stewart Island were the fuel and electricity bills are frightening.

It was served by an equally stimulating host which came in form of chef, barrister and wood chopper Jason an individual who literally can claim the title pf being a renaissance man as he happily talked of environmental issues (for which he some degree which went over this poor hack head) concerned with the proposed oil drilling on this peace of paradise before talking of joys of hunting and skinning. Thats when hes not trying to work out how he can create a buggy for his miniature ponys who sat outside having been brought to work.

In fact such was his conversation abilities I ended up having way too many coffee which however was offset by the number of interesting guests who would turn up and join the conversation which would switch at rapid rate from ham radio based internet, geo politics, and the art of hunting for whale perfume (which as it turns out is worth while pursuit and quite lucrative). All the while Jason switched with ease to oncoming customers of all ilks as he cooked, brewed and kept the fire going so on awinters day it was nice and cosy inside. A lovely little oasis built upon a lovely little oasis in turn and may it always be so

Hours: Early Until 8:30 7 days Dinner Reservations Required

Includes bacon and Egg breakfast crepe, Savoury, Sweet and Seafood Crepes from our tempting menu.

Phone 032191422

Kiwi -French Crepery