Surfing 46:Coastal Highway of the Wild South.
Southland, throughout the year, hosts a number of crowd-drawing attractions, ranging from rugby and music festivals, to events such as the Burt Munroe Rally, to, of course, the upcoming Oyster Festival. Yet, in the rush to participate in these attractions, it’s easy to overlook the many secrets and treasures which lie along the southern coast ranging from the Clutha River. Many of which, ironically, lie unheralded as to their full potential, in that the modest Southlanders often fail to grasp what they simply take for granted –  Southern living is a rich mixture ranging from the exotic to the simply stunning –  extraordinary magic that presents itself every day in an ordinary, humble way which is all part of its wild beauty. 

Milton: Hidden Treasure.

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For the Postman, my great road trip South as I go in search of oysters and great white sharks begins in unassuming Milton. A town which is also one of the great places to begin one’s journey down the rabbit hole, as you explore its many hidden treasures. They come in the form of a number of antique emporiums reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. Highlights include Alices Impractical Delights, where Alice, herself, offers a range of unique gifts, exceptional jewelry and bags, delightful homewares and quality New Zealand-made products and a “free cup of tea”, but don’t be late because there’s so much to do and so little time to see . “We’re all mad here. You’ll fit right in,” explains Alice and her White Rabbit.

But, if you think that’s nuts, then you will love Two Squirrels where more treasures are hoarded with a focus on the retro and vintage chic. But please don’t think we’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes. We will leave that to the Merino Story where you will find a great range of merino and merino-possum- blend dress wear, covering you in the finest of natural New Zealand textiles – from hats, scarves, jerseys, gloves and even socks.  And, yes, this is the territory of the “Milton Hilton” but no-one is trying to put you in the frame at Framing Plus, whose  “most wanted” include local artists,  such as  Southern lads like  landscape artist, Graham Brinsley and Kaori Jackson, a self-taught artist, greatly influenced by her Japanese grandparents from when she was a child.  Throughout the town is a range of antique shops and, before you get on your bike, be sure to check out Walkers Antiques which has an eye for quirky trinkets which look like movie props and appeal to the sapiosexual in us all. Just look for their famous Penny Farthing bike in the little town, full of roses, where it’s not hard to imagine home- baked scones, freshly-made jam, silver tea sets, fine china cups being sipped from by talking white rabbits, excited squirrels and ‘wool’ dressed chaps and chapesses out for their midday Mad Hatters’ tea party fun in the sun.

Alices Impractical Delights

188 union street Milton 03 467 7208



The Merino Story.

NZ Made Merino & Merino Possum blends.

Unbeatable value for NZ made products
86 Union Street, Milton Phone 03 417 4511

Milton: Hidden Treasure

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