The David Bain – Lisa Blakie – Maureen Mckinnel – Ben Hope Oliva Smart murder connections.
Postman presents the offical Police back ground on following muder cases nd find a whole lot wrong.


Ian Wishart it appears is more a bumbling Le Starde than a shining Sherlock. At least this is the case if his latest police bum lick book is anything to go by.

Meanwhile the Postman has the official background evidence on who handled the evidence in the Scott Watson murder conviction and this with the Lonebird time line, paints a different picture of what went down.  Okay you can read the link below or understand that Wishart (who is now doing a complete U-turn on this from his first book) talks up a storm about why all the witness are wrong but that is all it is hot air.

Once you forensically dissect what he puts up as deduction it quickly becomes clear that rather than “obliterating” the theory, which suggest Watson did not kill Ben Hope and Oliva Smart in Marlborough Sounds on New Years eve on 1997, half of Wishart ‘case’ is in reality based on Wishart topinon and that makes his claims less impressive.

More importantly his verbal storm hides the glaring weakness in his theory and camoflages the key fact that Wishart goes no where near.

Specifically the question why police could not simply have planted the evidence, the two blonde hair, presented to the court in a slit open evidence bag, that ultimately convicted Watson.

Despite this fact breaching the first principle of chain of custody.

Strictly speaking the evidenece now contaiminated should have being deemed inadmissible.

oliva smarteidence

As for the idea of planting evidence. Once upon a time, when Wishart published my own best seller Satet Secrets, he used to be more than happy to suggest, before the Born agan Christian renewed his faith in the men in Blue, that cops planted evidence all the time.

He certainly accepts that was the case in David Bain case were Wishart pretty much accuses then Detective Sergent Weir of not only planting evidence aimed at covering up the Police links to an underage sex ring.


“Explosive new allegations of widespread police sexual misconduct reaching as high as current police commissioner Howard Broad have emerged in a major Investigate magazine inquiry into police corruption, along with evidence of a political cover-up by senior Labour politicians including the current Attorney-General Michael Cullen, and CYFS Minister David Benson-Pope. IAN WISHART has this exclusive report. When Investigate magazine broke the story last month of a young court worker allegedly raped by an off duty police officer, many people suspected there was more to our story than met the eye. Although Dunedin police moved swiftly to “investigate” and announce no offence had taken place, they didn’t realise the story wasn’t over – instead, it was the jaws of a trap closing around a police unit whose members have, for at least three decades, been amongst the most corrupt police officers in Australasia.” Wrote Wishart back in 2007.

In fact in the same article he specifically names Weir “Which brings us to yet another twist in this increasingly serious story: in late 1993, perhaps early 1994, Bayfield High School dropout Laniet Bain began working part time at the Reflections massage parlour. She would have been aged just 17. It is extremely likely that part of her “initiation” involved being forced to have sex with Dunedin police officers. And one of those officers was quite likely Detective Sergeant Milton Weir – the man who later controversially spearheaded the Bain family murder investigation and allegedly planted evidence to implicate David Bain.In a statement dictated to Colin Withnall QC in his presence but left unsigned amid fears for her life, Dunedin woman Susan Sutton recounts a conversation where one of her friends told her about Milton Weir’s behaviour. “Joyce has also told me about what Milton used to do when he was in the squad that was in charge of the Dunedin massage parlours. She said he would insist on having sex with the new young girls at the parlours as a perk of the job, and that Jack and Winnie Ingersoll would arrange it for him. “Also, some of the girls who were under age or had a drug conviction and accordingly weren’t allowed to work in the parlour would be allowed to work in parlours provided that they gave Weir free sex, not only for him but for his mates.”

The Wishart article is based on the role of Police comissoner Howard Broad whose brother Alistair Broad (drinking buddy of Wishart main Dunedin source private detective Wayne Idour former Gang liasonce officer and pal of under world king pin Terri Brown) wife former ACT MP and city councillor owns irnoically several building used as brothels. This includes a former house run by a woman who organises underaged prostitution, who is linked to Dunedin police officer and where Lainet worked at one point.

And after all in his orignal Ben & Oliva: What Really happened ( coauthored with Jason Rhodes) ” he also pretty much suggest the same theories he is now rejecting.

Evidentally nothing has changed here just his opinon and his relation with the NZ Police apparently.

The anti police stuff stopped around the time Natioanl got in power and Wishart new book is backed by no less than Whale Oil, son of a former, National President whose demotion is still a matter of much debate in certain cirlces.

Yet this does not stop Wishart from now saying Keith Hunter has no evidence to make this theory on planted evidence credible.

Perhaps not but I do.

Exhibit A; Method & Opportunity: The only DNA evidence in the case were two blonde hairs matched to Olivia Hope from a blanket inside Blade. They were not present on the first search of 400 hairs but were found on the second search.

This is not only the same day Hope’s hairbrush with her hair was present in the ESR lab before the 1cm long slit was found in the ESR evidence bag,


Exhibit B Motive: In my possesion I have the offical confirmation from the New Zealand Police, in response to my 2003 Offical Information Inquiry, that that officer in the crime scene for the second search at the time the hair was founded in the slit open evidence bag was none other than Detective Serget Milton Weir.

After I made the inquiry Weir phoned me (having been alerted to my request) and made threats of what would happen too me “if I kept asking questions”.

I promptly replied to these threats by informing Weir that not only that he just made those threats in front of witnesses listening to his phone call with me but that I would now ring the police and log his call which I promptly did.

A similar call was later made to the police after a series of phone calls were made to my girlfriends house in the wee hours of the morning by a heavy breather after i had published an article detailing Weir’s role in the Bain case in my publication DEADLINE in 2007.

Weir has since then twice threatened me with legal action, once in front of my printer, who then punished by withdrawing work from him if he continued to publish my newspaper (and before that laywers came and picked up a copy of that article).

Todate Weir who is the cheif partner in the Dunedin firm Propery Scouts and Uban Massage however has failed to make good on those promises.

Detective Sergent Weir, as most people know, was also the officer in charge of the crime scene when the police investigated the Bain murders.

Thats is the case were Ian Wishart maintain the police (specifically Weir) planted evidence.

That is when he was not raping women or chopping up cats according to Wishart back in 2007.


The Bain murders, one of NZ’s most complicated homicides, resulted in police allowing the crime scene to be literally burned to the ground, at the alleged request of unnamed family members, on only the second day of the subsequent murder trial. (see here to watch crime scene torched).

A fact which destroyed all the ballistic and DNA evidence and a siutation which made it impossible for the defence to pursue one theory put forward by Colin Witnall QC that the first bullet wound inflicted on the firt victim Lainet Bain (shot three times – making it clear she was seen as the primary target by the killer) was not in fact a rifle shell but belonged to a .45 pistol.

Police later refused to release their own ballistic report.

Certainly the first shot caused a a level of damage not seen in the other wounds.

The most significant element about that wound and another to the left side of her head was that each caused “almost complete destruction” to vital centres of the brain, James Ferris, Emeritus Professor in Forensic Pathology at the University of British Columbia and an Auckland resident since 2005, told the David Bain retrial in Christchurch.”

Bain’s recount of a gurgling body has pathologists Robert Chapman admitting not only is this possible after a body has ceased breathing but the quality of photographs and slides provided by the police were of a poor quality to being with.

Five murders and the cops could not even get their photo evidence right.

Mind you when was the last time you ever hear of the police allowing crime scene to deliberatly destroyed.

Oh yeah in the Paul White case (White car’s was crushed up before his forensic pathology was completed Wishart maiontain this was cover up of an asssination of White) where Wishart also maintain at this time police regualry planted evidence.


Bringing me back to my 2007 conclusions Weir was incrediably incomptent or just corrupt.

A view endorsed by the fact that Detectivie Weir was also subject to a legal avidavit written by the police forensic optrometrist who examined the lens which the police maintained came from David Bain during a fight with the killer.
Dave Glasses._0_0_0
Yes and we know the glasses were then handed in with dust on them having somehow climb back into his room on their own accord – amazing.

According to the avidavit which appeared in Joe Karam’s book which Weir tried and failed to sue for defamation Weir simply wiped the dusted off the lens (which would have placed it Stephen room will before the homicides took place) with his hands.

In several subsequent trials and reviews this statement, made by credible professional whose career he was putting at risk my bmaking that statement, has being dismissed out of hand on the incrediably niave basis that police officer would not do such a thing.

It has never being tested for rejection by court of law other than a civil court where the reuslt of that case means it was deemed as permissible evidence.

So with that in mind we now have two cases were the sole basis of conviction is a chain of evidence which can be found to have being compromised in each case by the same officer in question Milton Weir.

A man who is openly called corrupt by numerous journalists, including Wishart, who know they are safe to do so in light he has alredy lost one defamation suit on that front.

It is my opinon however that the evidence against Robin Bain what ever his background or issues makes it unlikely he did in fact conducted the crime.

For starters a lack of other people’s blood and no testifiable evidence which indicate’s he had fought with any one or fired any weapon.  And yes you an pull the trigger on rifle and blow your brains out trying doing it and not leaving your finger prints on the weapon.

So you think using the initial logic means then if it was not Robin it must have being David right?


You cant make that deduction because the only two single piece of evidence, which would allow you to pin it on David for certain were compromised.

Whats more we have the undisputable evidence to show that evidence contamination in both cases was deliberate and there is certainly enough material to build a strong case that other parties had reason to want Lainet to keep quiet about her activities as an underage prostitute.

Nor is this only case involving prostition and odd police actiity by the usal suspects.

A third case I asked the police via my 2003 OIA was wether Weir was the officer of the crime scene in the 1987 murder of prostitute Maureen McKinnel.


The OIA states Weir was not.

It does not state wether he had some other connection with the case. However what we do know is;

rex haig

A; The Mckinnel case involved Brian Hewett, a detective who like Weir had unpleasant reputation which boils down to he was ever really crap cop or a really bent one (e.g the botched investigation of Rex Haig later pardoned).

Hewett coincidentally was in the odd habit of picking up a young Mangles (the man later convicted, tweny years later for Maureen death) from rugby and dropping the teen not at his own home but rather in the compnay of older men who lived by themselves.

It is hard to fathom how any one could not see that activity as suspicious.

Yet the public (obliged by willing Otago Daily Times) was expected to over looked this shady coincidence. Along side the fact it was also expected to believe a weedy fourteen year old boy with no history of violence, but history of being bad petty theif, could strangle a grown woman load her dead weight body into a Honda.

Then were expected to believe the 15 year old drove Mckinnel’s car underaged (and with no known history of being able to drive) unnoticied to a bridge where he single handily unload her deadweight body over railings nearly his own height and then drove back to her house (again unnoticed) and had the skill to cover up all trace of his DNA. Despite his history of being crap theif who alwasy got caught.

Oh and on that note

B; Mangles was convicted on his DNA which pretty is amazing since we told for more than decade that the only DNA in McKinnel’s case, found under finger nails, had being corrupted by the time her decomposing body was inspected. Hewett in fact “threw much of it [evidence] away. But he kept the “biological samples” – the fingernail clippings but not the finger print material.

Yet another case were police handling of evidence boils down to a culture of incompetence or culture of corruption.

Not exactly a case of better work stories.

C; The public account of McKinnel’s case has the intruder turning on the light then throwing a vase at her attackers head before being dragged off the bed and then murdered.

The kilers thumb print can be found on the light switch of Maureen bedroom and on the upright toilet seat in her the toilet of Maureen, a single woman, house.

Only one problem that thumb print, which we were told was the killers, back in 1987, does not belong to Mangles and the police never identified who it does belong to. Because as we know Hewett had thrown this away as is matter of public record. And do bear in mind this is throwing away the evidence in unsolved homicide not a solved byicle theft.

In fact the evidence was according to one hotel employee I spoke to tossed down the side of hill at the hotel where Hewett team was based during the actual homicicde investigation.

And by this time his finger prints were on record. After all the detective Brian Hewett who dropped the lad at odd men home after rugby games had taken them himself.

And even in 2004 when Mangles was convicted after voluntarily agreeing to DNA in 2003 testing the police acknowledge Mangle’s print were not those found on the toilet and light switch flicked on by the killer planted in the home (according to the police themselves) during Mckinnels murder.

Ergo Bego Sum Mangles did not act alone or he was as is more likely the case, never there to begin with.

So here we have yet another conviction botched by the usal suspect involving hookers and a chain of evidence deliberately dismantled.


E: The officer in charge of the Hope & Watson case was Rob Pope, a former undercover officer, who left his undercover days with a Marijuan tatoo on his shoulder (now thats dedication) and with a new girl friend the former partner of a drug dealer he had busted.

Gee Rob you sure do know how to pick em.

Pope has certainly made cretinous and untrue statements beforehand.

As Wishart himself can testify reporting in Investgate Magazine. For example how Pope claimed gangs did not have automatic weapons about day before an Auckland dairy got held up with UZI in 2000.

Pope also ran the Blakie case where like the Watson conviction the more you learn the more you raise your eyebrows. For example Pope’s riddiculous statement that Lisa Blakie murder had no links to gangs.

This is so silly it hard to figure out where you should begin in explaining how flawed that claim is but I’ll try.

i. Blakie worked for Road Knight affiiliate Scott Howie
ii The chief suspect was a gang prospect who like Mangles (also a Road Knight) was mysteriously set upon and beaten by fellow gang members (around the time it has being speculated the suspect had second thoughts of taking the blame for crime did not do).
iii Blakie had being gang headquarters partying the night before hand.

iv Blakie had told her dad she was in trouble with the gangs which her boyfriend belongef to the Devils Henchmen.

V Blakie had fled Queenstown at the time with another woman.

Not long after it was discovered that the brothel she worked in had hidden cammeras installed.

The cammeras matched those found advertised in the Queenstown Mountin Scene tow months earlier. Six of which had being purchased by members of the Road Knights which matched the one later found in the roof of Candy Brothel (were Blakie worked) by staff of the neighbouring Westpac Bank.

Camera are common in brothels including the one Laniet Bain once worked in.

F: Pope followed up Watson and Blakie case by then screwing up an undercover operation against the Hells Angles by leaking details to the media.

G; Wishart makes a big deal about the Ketch not being the Lone Bird which could be true but

i: We do know a drug ring was operating at this time.

ii” And I do know a member of the Lone Bird (durign it drug ring days) was a known rapists.

Whats more Wisharts understanding of when the Lonebird can be cast in doubt as Fry the drug dealer himself admits being in Marlborough sounds on New Years eve 1997 during the murder. The date in question when the murder took place,

Whats Wishart is also missing another key point the police maintain that no double mast ketch was ever their and that is simply clearly not the case.


I put this on website after facebook made me log in again only to find the original post obliyerated (thought that happe) and tells me ”

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Yeah cos mainstreammedia is dangerous said no one ever


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  1. cindy

    I\’d heard from a chch about police involved sexually with member of Bain family,,,its very disappointing how evidence is moved and tampered with, discusting police behaviour over Lisa Blakie case too. I feel sorry for the good cops who get stoped from following strong,crucial evidence and let the killers get off scott free,,and nab the innocent. Fantastic points in this read,,awesome, Cindy

    1. Post
  2. Constantine Clifford

    This is GARBAGE about Weir. Susan Sutton and the other hooker Joyce are NOT credible witnesses, not even a tiny bit. Wayne Idour has worked for Karam on the Bain matter for years now so where does that fact fit in with your crap conspiracy? And the tired old conspiracy connecting Laniet\’s prostitution, to Weir\’s alleged (utter Bullshit) planting of the lense, also alleged by Mr Karam, simply does not hold water, unless you are a complete thickhead.

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      Weir is raise on basis that Wishart claimed their was no evidence tha police planted evidence despite his own view which he writes extensivy on that Weir was corrupt cop who planted evidence. Im aware of the source of evidence Wishart used and baggd them myself. So not sure what your point is in raising thi as I have already covered this.

      This does not however counter the burning down of the house, the dust on the lens, Weir own conduct to me which I view as intimidatoey.

      Will Weir thought so and tried to sue Karam and lost. I

      have invited him several times to front up if he feels I have defamed him. So far he however has turned my offer down. Nuff said really.

  3. Valerie Blakey

    About the The Victorian Armourers report and the police not releasing \”their own report\” perhaps if you were a little more informed you would know that the Victorian Armourers report was actually paid for by the defense team and for some mysterious reason was never produced to back up DBs so called defense…..and if, as you are trying hard to insinuate that Victorian Armourers report was so damaging to Robin Bain, why did David Bains famous benefactor (who lets not forget, commissioned and paid for that report) get the Victorian Armourer, who was the best in the field, appear on that farcical display on TV3 re so called cartridge marks on Robin Bains fingers? Oh the police may be in possession of the Victorian Armourers report…..however, because they did not ask for it or for that matter pay for it they were unable to use it against DB (even though I am pretty damned sure they would have liked too) and for the exactly those same reasons they can not release it under the Official Information Act…..if you want to see it…perhaps you should approach the man who paid for it….for afterall it would seem like you enjoy writing garbage in respect of some the very same fairy tales he invented …… and as for your so called best seller \”Satet Secrets\” one assumes you are either dyslexic or its success was simply in your head….

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      The armouers report is one very small aspect of what I raise – and as I note I believe the ballistics exonerate Robin.

      The problem is the vast majority want to play arm chair did he do did he not do it.

      I dont really care my stance is beyond reasonable doubt was not established (as is the finding of the Privy Council) and that is largely in my view becuase comyanmination of the chain of evidence.

      That Weir then emerges as the OCS in Watson case connected to evidence which should never have being admissiable due to breach in the chain of custody is not a good look.

      Weir is raise on basis that Wishart claimed their was no evidence tha police planted evidence despite his own veiw which he writes extensivy on that Weir was corrupt cop who planted evidence.

      Im aware of the source of evidence Wishart used and baggd them myself.

      This does not however counter the burning down of the house, the dust on the lens, Weir own conduct to me which I view as intimidatoey.

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