Change the Flag run by National candiate and Chairman of the NZ Republic movement has just reported
“Support for the flag change is growing. The latest poll showing 36% for change and 56% opposed to change. See the article here:

My response BULLSHIT.

Yet then again one side does have $27 million in marketing in is war chest with which to woo public opinion.   The referendum is being marketed by Saatchi & Saatchi whose following corporate affiliates have over night suddenly all picked up the Silver Fern and incoporated it into their marketing so has to bombard kiwis with the image of the fern over and over and over again.

nzflag (3)

They inlcude Weekbixs (of course) , Air NZ, Tourism NZ, NZ Rail, All Blacks AIG, NZ Post, NZ Sport, Education NZ, New World, Tourism NZ, TV3 (whose top executive Julie christie sits on the Flag Panel).

Saatchi & Saatchi own CEO in fact also sit on the Flag Panel in addition to Saatchi & Saatchi haveing the goernment contract to market and desinged the two referendums. Combine this with the number of NZ goverment agencies now being rebranding with the Fern (at the tax payers expense) it begs the question; How can this not be seen as a massive and sleazy conflict of interest?

The hubris on display here is monstrous. The government is brazenly signalling what were going to end up with wether we the public want it or not – unless we fight back and hold them accountable for this dirty politics.

So much for democracy and the idea of goverments working for the wishes of the public. Then again why bother when as the political party in office you can simply dip into government department coffers to and get the tax payer pay for your proganda.

Neo- Liberalism a Two Faced of  the Global Coporate Beast:
Mind you even Labour is in on the act just take a look at their logo (see below)

Then again let us remember that it was only untill recently that Labour leadership finally recanted on their support for the TPPA which after all was Labour brain child as the like of Cull, Moore, Shearer, Goff and Clark, happily joined the tranks of neoliberalism and it zealot belief in a corporate lead global utopia.
Mind you before we can join those ranks will have to first dismantle all the things that stand in the way of NZ beconing a republic. Becuase this is the only way the TPPA can be legal in light of section 29 of the Magna Carta (part of NZ law) which would make it impossible for the TPPA offshore tribunal to exceed the power of NZ laws as is their design and function.  The flag is just one such step towards

Albeit a small but hugely important symbolic one as governments who have toyed with changing the flag (and becoming a republic ) have recognised since the 1970’s when the idea of dropping out of the Westminster system nZ is currently a part of was first flown up the flag pole and rejected by the court of public opinion.

silverfernlabourNew_Zealand_Labour_logo_2011.svgrepublicanism and NZ hisotry of constitutional erosion as Professor Margaret Wilson (Waikato University) the former Attorney General for Labour and Treaty negotiator documents.  

When the Neo-Liberal globalist came back to the thorny issue in the 1990’s they realised they needed to first market a new brand first before they could get rid of the publics loyalty to the old logo.

And thus they turned to the like of current Flag Panel judge Julie Christie’s to sell the new flavour of the day. Nevermind that their was yet another sleazy conflict of interest at work here.

julie cfern3Julie Christie

“One of the Flag juliechristieConsideration Panel members who helped to pick the final four options sits on a government board where her job is to help promote the Fern Mark logo.”

Julie Christie is an advisory board member on New Zealand Story, a NZ Trade and Enterprise body which approves the use of the Fern Mark image used on the black-and-white version of the final four flag options”.

CORRUPT-CHIN & the Tartan Mafia:

chinThe Fern a distinct NZ logo - yeah

The Fern logo of the Dunedin Club built on Fern Hill (named by pre TPPA bankster and gun runner Johnny Jones in the 1800s) the home of the like so ‘”corrupt-chin” and the “Tartan Mafia”.


It also includes Silver Fern Farms where the door between directorships is a revolving one. As can be see in the Dunedin Forbar Stadium directorship where the directors here, picked from the old boys network of the Dunedin Club (built on the homestead of gun runner and sealer Johnny Jone’s Fern hill), is sometimes called the home of the Tartan mafia. The boardship include those who work for Saatchi & Saatchi, Silver Fern Farms, plus ex mayor Dunedin, Peter Chin (yup the dude in the dress), a man who is no stranger to the allegations of conflict of interest.
In the early 2000’s Chin was part of the political administration, who ignored widespread protest and cost the city of Duneidn $400 million with his stadium budget blow out. His controversy has earned him the nick name locally of “Corruptchin”.

Peter Chin in fact sits on both the NZ Flag Panel as well as the NZ Constituional Review Panel (which anti TPPA activist Jane Kelcey is now telling kiwis they need to be paying closer attention too).

The issue of gloablism and the rise of coporate feudalism first coming to activist attention during APEC 1999 when the Silver Fern first appeared as symbol of neo-liberal  imperalism .

Bryce Edwards: The National Government is looking sleazy


“Parallels with the 1999 general election campaign: The best New Zealand case study of ‘political sleaze’ scandals helping kill off a government’s popularity, can be seen in the lead up to the 1999 general election, in which the Jenny Shipley-led National Government was dogged by similar allegations of corruption and cronyism. The most damaging was the Shipley-Saatchi scandal in which the PM was accused of conflicts of interest in her political relationship with the Saatchi and Saatchi Chief Executive, Kevin Roberts. The Saatchi boss was a close personal friend of the PM’s, and his dinners with Shipley become a story of controversy. Shipley admitted that the dinners were about advising the Government on campaign strategy. At the same time, Saatchi was awarded an international marketing campaign for the Government Tourism Board. This eventually led to resignations from the Tourism Board that cost $900,000, and the resignation of the Minister for Tourism Murray McCully.”

Okay Postnote: I shifted this on to my blog after discovering the following message (Right afterwards, as has being the habbit for weeks now, I then had to relog into my account as FB telll me some has attemptedf to hack my account. At which point the entire post simply vanished and had to be re written.
The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:

Please remove this link to continue. If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”

Read the links above and you be the judge wether a mainstream news cast and a fairly non subversive blog would be a threat to the security system of FB. Or wether this simply more evidence of the dirty politics at work here in nation where entire youtube clips critical of the government are routinely getting suspended and dleleted over night with out explanation. 



High on the stern Aeneas his stand,
And held a branch of olive in his hand,
While thus he spoke: “The Phrygians’ arms you see,
Expelled from Troy, provoked in Italy
By Latian foes, with war unjustly made;
At first affianced, and at last betrayed.
This message bear: The Trojans and their chief
Bring holy peace, and beg the king’s relief.”




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    Well written post ,enjoyed it very mush,informative and ACCURATE. S&S have all ways been in bed with most write wing forms of governments world wide .I do believe it goes deeper ,with out sounding like a tin hatter deeper then many would suspect. keep up the good work Bill.

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      Ben Vidgen

      Ever heard the expression you pay for what you get- this free independent news service. Dont like it dont use it or
      Aproof the story and will repost B; pay for a proofer.

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