LAV Spotted Near Sky City Update


Oopsy daisy early this week we sent out a post asking had you seen a stray armoured vehicle wondering around the Sky city – we included a photo to show what they should look for.

This caused a bit of a fuss as people thought the LAV in the photo was the actual vehicle.

(No, no, no, that why were seeking confirmation in the first place).

The ever helpful mainstream media jumped into quiet nerves and promptly missed the story they had dug up in the process.

The whole event did get me to focus on few things.

So on that note…..

The Lavs “warthogs” seen around Auckland has as an innocent explanation.

Will sort of but more on that later (see below);

They were in fact Singaporean armoured vehicles not LAV’s:

The orignal post also contains my concerns over

I: activists harrasement by police on orders of National HQ,
II: police patroling with automatic weapons (not “standard issue firearms).

III: The odd timing of the deal – just before Waitangi day and the Flag referndum,

IV Plus the spook history of the Westfield Shopping Mall (just one of several malls who have faced dummy threats, world wide, in the past year or so).

One person “solider five” took umbridge at my post. My answers to him expand on the above points.

1.”warthog” is in quotes as this was the term the orignal sources used. I assUmed the source meant LAV as NZ does not have this variety of armoured vehicle.

You may notice the aim of the post was to get a confirmation. Not depicting the actual vehicles (in which case why would I need a confirmation?).

The orange tags were also put on LAV’s during operation Koru (No 2014) and I recall correctly they were also put on vehicles for urban use when I was a TF.

I never saw then when they were used off road or on exercises. Thus this is why I asked if the vehicles in question had tags to sort out if they were for urban use or just being trasnported. (turns out the later was the case)


LAV Operation Koru training, November 2014, in urban environment an attached with Hazard tags.

2. I’m not sure what your point is about armed officers but Im sure you saw the constables carrying AR-15 outside Sky last week. That is not normal on the beat stuff. Kelcey notes Key is setting out to turn the TPPA protest into a security issue. That sort of posturing fits with this aim.

3. Your view about activism is tosh – and I say that having worked both sides of the fence. One of my jobs in Ivan Hoe 91 was to vet for potential threats. We did not operate in the manner you suggest – “hello mr terorist planning any attacks” (FFS) That would be illogival and pretty stupid.

The case of actvist threats which appeared in the media last week and during the 1080 blackmail threat (later traced bacy to industry insiders) targeted people who in fact were the very opposite of what you claim.

I in fact found it odd that pretty much the only activists known to be contacted, in Dunedin, was a person very much a non militant non criminal individual. The whole thing smacks of intimidation as opposed to a genuine security vet.

Signing pre Waitangi is pretty bad PR (just as we go into a referendum to boot) – politicians are not in the habit of setting themselves up for such pooor PR unless they have an “exit strategy”.

This is not conspiracy theory this is called political savy.

You may find the idea of false flags, state terrotrism, or smearing activism by demonzing it as preostrous.

I do not – A I have a memory B; I have first hand experience of how were the military train to do just that.


Left Rainbow Warrior State Sanctioned terrorism – later investigation reveal USA looked other easy in return for scientific data.

Right Operation Southern Katipo 2015 (above) US, NZ and other Five Eye’s nations train against activists and gangs stirred up by shadowy third party.


In 89 on Golden Fleece we used the same scenario and the bad guys dupes were called R.O.G.UE’S (Racially Orientated Groups of Unemployed) used to justify greater state powers.  The term repeats the threat of activists and urban criminal gangs which first appeared in the 1987 threat assement report done by US think tank Frost & Sullivan just prior to the anti nukes protest of 1989.

Oddly one of my NCO’s during Ivanhoe 91 (were I worked in a counter intelligence cell as part of the Force Intelligence Groug [FIG]) was an ex Rhodesian Selous Scout – thus he is named in my 99 book State Secrets as SKULLHAND as the Rhodesian bettle tatooed on his hand looks like a skull when viewed upside down.

SKULLHAND made it clear in his day working for the White Rhodesian government it was standard counter insurgency tactic to carry out attacks and then blame then on the guerillas.

Create the threat, identify the threat, offer the solution.

Interestingly enough SKULL HAND played a core role in counter terrorism security, as a private contractor, at the 2000 Olympics and worked alongside another ex NZ military intelligence officer with a history of exaggerating threats.

Westfield springs up in my books for the fellowing reasons.

“Dummy bombs” apec – previous use in NZ



1999 Fake bombs found in Christchurch and in Auckland as Jenny Shipley is PM – the same year she nearly got fired (saved by the election) when she got caught out right lying over a  proposal by Saatchi and Saatchi to have national give then 27million for the Tourism NZ contract in return for a cheap election campaign.

The Campaign is to be called the New Zealand story.

It revolves around branding the corporate logo the Silver Fern as a NZ national icon.

The rebranding which includes TV3 Julie Christie (Media works rebranded to the fern in 2003) is part of the Neo Liberal policy of dismantling constitional mechanism (such as flag and currency), which collectively make the proposed pro American TPPA tribunal, which over sees the TPPA, illegal under NZ law.

The TPPA tribunals are corporate court, set up to protect corporate profits, which will implement a legal dictatorship by undermining section 29 of the Magna Carta (currently part of NZ law)

S29 declares the highest authority in the land is our courts – not a coprorate body attempting to usurp its dominance  over people’s national soverignity not just in NZ but globally.

Any one who attempts to resist this fascist variety of free trade is to be seen as an enemy of neo liberalism and the corporate goals of globalism. In 1999 when activists resist the precusor to the TPPA ,at APEC in 1999, they faced illegal burglaries by the NZIS and smear campaigns, which included the planting of fake bombs (to make the activist look dangerous) such as;


1. Christchurch Apec 99

fiveeyesglobalhawk2013 New Zelanders poor and rich fights the unpopular GCSB bill in the face of illegal spying by the NZSIS and the revelation that the US has started flying unmanned surviallance vehicles over New Zealand air space. 

The unmanned aircraft, capable of being armed, a Global Hawk,  photographed above was here in 2014 as part of the counter insurgency exercise Operation Koru.

Operation Koru, Taranaki, involving US Marines (and other Five Eye nations) was launched on the same date as the attack on indigenous peace activists in 1883 at Parihaka Taranaki and a week before the first major TPPA protest saw middle class mum and dads hit the streets in the thousands. Normal kiwis, not ‘criminal’ activists, angered by moves by neo-liberal economic hit men to take over New Zeland Soveringity. 

2. An identical “training bomb” was then found left on aircraft as part of APEC training exercise.

“New Zealand Herald, 7-8 August 1999
Auckland, New Zealand

Red faces as fake bomb has Auckland Airport on real alert
By Darrel Mager

An airport emergency crew member apparently had to return red-faced to a terminal following a special Apec terrorism training exercise this week to retrieve a fake bomb crew had forgotten to collect.

Auckland Airport sources say the dummy bomb’s discovery sparked a major scare around 7am on Tuesday, delaying four flights and keeping other planes away from their arrival gates for nearly two hours. The delay affected more than 1000 passengers as Army bomb experts and police were called in after staff discovered a package outside the airport’s gate four. The find was initially reported to media as a bag of rubbish, but airport staff told the Weekend Herald it was actually a dummy bomb, complete with fake gelignite, primer and timer.”

On the basis that we could face such a scenario (see also Cop Out and Cover Ups Tom Lewis on bomb threats and the NZSIS agent Buddah involvement in making fake bomb scares), due to the past illegl behaviour of our security forces, the next question is one of threat assessment.

Under such a scenario what would be likely target?


Never an easy task but one name does jump out – Westfield 


1 Date Aucland Westfield previously associated with TPPA protest…/Shopping-centre-management-praise-…

2: Westfield malls worl wide are deemed under threat of likely attack by terrorists linked to Alqueda. This is despite the associated chatter being flimsy.…/BOMB-SCARE-Westfield-shopping-……/westfield-bomb-false-flag.…

In the above link, one of the few actual cases (more on that soon) to emerge, the accused were more criminal in their orientation that political. They certainly were not connected to Alqueda increasng the chance that the chatter heard was fabircated to begin with.

Closer to home we know the Austrlia security forces have repeatedly lent on those with crimninal or mental health issues to play role terrorists.…/;jsessioni…

Joint fabrication of terror threats, between agencies (Aust NZ), can be seen in the alleged 1999 Lucas height threat were the so evidence of a so called nuclear terrorist threat included a police officer’s work note book from the 1990 NZ Commonwealth games.

The note books presence in the “terrorists” lair made no sense as a real terrorist (litterally just off the boat), would have no acess to such intelligence and it would be more importantly of no use to him when planing the Australian Lucas incident. However it would be a useful tool to any one involved in prepping the 2000 Olympics security.

Oddly as mention beforehand the Postman can think of at least one individual, within the Olynmpic security palnning, who fits that bill and admits a past role of fabricating “insurgent” incidents.

To create the problem, identify the problem, solve the proble, get a pat on the head and a meaty bone.

In same time frame there were two similar bogus threats one at another NZ Westfeld mall centre and one in Hamilton (face book would not let me post the Hamilton link interestingly enough).

Both in the same time field within relative proximity to each other;……/police-probe-alleged-bomb-threat-i…

5. It interesting as an aisde that Westfield malls that have being targeted were making a loss. Not the first time a Westfeld mall bombing has also made it owners a profit incidentally. Bit like World Trade Centre 7 really.…/45833-why-scentre-sold-three-n……

Im not suggesting we DO have a threat.

Im pointing out a series of disturbing events which have me concerned and if nothing else I would like this on record before Feb 6 not AFTER were I told you so are of little comfort.

Further the research into this event underscores just how cosy we have become with an increasingly draconian American military machine. An aprutus  happy to spy on us and very keen to make sure our own military forces have the equipment and training needed for crowd control.

Put that in combination with a leadership which refuses to back down in the face of unpopular decision its not a good combination and does not in my opionion bode well.

And while were told not to worry not about armoured cars at the TPPA ralley a closer look at Operation Thunder Warrior did reveal that asides from being a live fire exercise the exercise also included a full battalion of Singapore military intelligence personell and again we see the use of mini UAV, used for intelligence collecting, in play at the same tme their are major protest anticpated.

Singapore is of course part of the Five Power Defence Arrangements which includes the USA who have stepped up their presence in NZ in past four years attending Operation Southern Katipo 2013 2014 2015 plus Operation Koru held on November 2014.

The majority of these exercises included the deployment of LAV to urban environments and did focus on riot control and counter insurgency methods.

In the same time the NZ army has begun buying shot guns which are used exclsuively for crowd control and urban warfare. Like wise the NZ police brought a shipment of riot equipment in 2012 under the pretext of the world cup.


kiwi kournzriottraining

The NZ current riot commander it turns out is also American trained (love to give you the link but mysteriously I cant acces Martin Bardbury Daily Blog page at the moment.

All these steps follow a signed agreement between NZ and the USA for closer military relations, singed in Haiwaii in 2012 which fellows on the heal of the Washington agreement and a similar memorandum of understanding sigNed around 2012 which pemit US forces operating in NZ to operates under American jurisdiction.

usnzarmy amaerica


The deal was signed by General Rhys Jones (left photo – right US Marine at Operation Koru 2015)  who recently was shown not to be telling the truth about claims he made concerning investgate journalist Jon Anderson credibility which Anderson sued  against and won in court this year. Meanwhile a NZ army manuel identified investigatie journalists as “subversives”.

Jones is one several right winger who sits on John Key collection of thre thinkers who gather together to come up with outside the circle soultion to percievedf security threats fit ith a gloabl pattern.

Press statements and Speeches

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is conducting an annual Artillery exercise, codenamed Exercise Thunder Warrior, at the Waiouru Training Area in New Zealand from 15 January to 1 February 08. The SAF has held this exercise annually in New Zealand since 1997.

About 500 personnel from the 23rd and 24th Battalion, Singapore Artillery, and a Military Intelligence Battalion are participating in this year’s Exercise Thunder Warrior. Besides providing logistical support, the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has deployed a battery of 105mm artillery guns from the 16th Field Regiment to participate alongside the SAF troops in the combined live-firing phase of the exercise. This exercise strengthens interoperability between the two armed forces. The SAF assets involved in the live-firing exercise include the FH2000 self-propelled howitzers, PEGASUS – the world’s first heli-portable and self-propelled howitzer, with integrated support from weapon locating radars and mini-unmanned aerial vehicles (mini-UAVs).

This exercise is a testimony of the warm and long-standing relations between the SAF and the NZDF. The close cooperation through the years has built strong personal rapport, facilitated the sharing of professional knowledge and enhanced interoperability between the two armed forces.”…/pre…/2008/200802/press_200802_4.html…/military-vehicles-invade-downtown-…

LAV Spotted Near Sky City Update

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