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Agent Sands: Are you a Mexi- CAN or a Mexi- CAN’T?

Cucuy: I’m a Mexi- CAN

Agent Sands: Good. Then do as I say.

Once Upon a time in Mexico [Columbia Pictures 2003].




“You want write the truth about people and clubs pal”

JAN 18TH, 8:17PM Milton Anderson. Occupation “works at bandido nation”


Dear Mr Anderson (Photo above) you asked me to write the “truth” about clubs and people.

Will okay since you insist.

Firstly Mr Anderson Im not and unlikely to ever be your pal – let’s clear that misunderstanding up straight away.

Secondly biker gangs such as the Bandidos gang are not clubs.

A club implies a bunch of like minded law abiding enthusiasts,  drawn together by their love of fine motor mechanics and elegant machinery which sounds like an okay time if you ask me.

This is not the base motive for gangs like the Bandidos where the 1% which appears on gangs colors including the Bandidos is synonymous with the terminology “out law” and is tribute to legendary comment attributed to the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, implying the last one percent were outlaws. The AMA themselves deny this but the gangs themselves use the symbol, to keep up their badass criminal status, in a unique form of gang heraldry. The use of such codes again separates them from the behaviour of genuine motorcycle clubs. Then again most genuine motorcycle clubs dont have mottos that read “were the people your parents warned you about” funny that.

(Below: Top Left Bad News Brown Bandidos natioanl President busted for breaching parole terms  (following a sentence for manslaughter) after meeting with senior a American bandidos in NZ in 2012 just as the club undertool makssive expansion in the South Island).

bad newsbadcompany



The Bandidos in NZ are a franchise chapter of a well established and recognised global criminal cartel who have grown wealthy through the sale distribution and transportation of the drug methamphetamine and the fencing of stolen goods (traded for drugs).

Google Bandidos, in the news section, you will get over 32,000 articles documenting the Bandidos criminal activity over past thirty years including drug trafficking, murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, extortion, blackmail, fraud, racketeering, rape, sexual assault and assault.

The bulk of that crime however is linked, in some manner, to the sale and control of methamphetamines.

Meth is the Bandidos chief source of funds world wide FACT.

For our regional police to make out gangs like the Bandidos are just a bunch of misunderstood boys is reckless. It demonstrate a degree of gutlessness or again an unwillingness to spend resources where they are badly need.

Yet in saying that it must also be said and made explicitly clear ,that to date, there is not one shred of evidence which shows you yourself Mr Anderson have a direct knowledge of the Dunedin chapter of the Bandidos (of which you are widely reported as being the President’s), involvement in meth trade. Nor do you have any personal involvement (that I am aware of) in the sale, transportation, or laundering of meth. This statement is 100% true much in the same way it would be 100% correct to say their is no documented evidence that smoking causes lung cancer.

I myself have no problem with narcotics per-se. Drugs have always being a part of human civilisation and always will be.  Meth however is not a harm free indulgence, it is a nasty soul destroying toxic scourge, a form weaponry used in geo political economic and social warfare, with the intention of wrecking the lives, the sovereignty, economies of nations and disempowers communities.

People who deal in meth are to put it bluntly without exception parasitic treasonous oxygen thieves and should be treated as the social dregs they aspire to be.


The truth is the Bandidos in NZ are heavily involved in selling meth and to say otherwise is bit like saying the All Blacks don’t play with rugby balls  – oh look a flying pig just flew past the window.



And thats just the tip of the iceberg not bad for a club which did not exit in New Zeland only a few years ago. As the above press reports make it quite clear [ad nauseum] their is a direct correlation between overt rise of the Bandidos numbers in the South Island and the rise of meth use in Canterbury, Southland, Otago, since at least 2013.

That Mr Anderson is the truth about “clubs” and the South Island Bandidos.

The information as I have presented it here ( is simply a case of taking what is already in the public record and presenting it all together and not just as isolated news reports) leaves us with only two possibile “truthts” Mr Anderson;

Conclusion one: the Dunedin chapter of the Bandidos is directly tied into the rise of meth use in the city and is the biggest source of meth coming into the city.

Conclusion two: The Bandidos are not in fact leading the sale of meth in Dunedin they are simply the stupidest criminals in Dunedin and thus the ones which keep getting busted due to their incredibly low IQs and incomptence.


Either way due to the Mexi-CANTS ‘flair’ for attracting attention (never a good thing when your a criminal fraternity in my personal opinion) and mainstream press coverage the Dunedin Bandidos can, by association to its parent franchises and it local police record to date, now proudly claim the “bragging” right as being the quentisential poster boys for P in this city.

Congratulation you and your boys just made the history books.

Your mums will be very proud Im sure.

If you like to read more of the truths you requested Mr Anderson about “clubs” in New Zealand and the exact clear and present danger they pose to our society then Mr Anderson may I suggest you read my first book State Secrets (New Zealand Bestseller 1999).

Pages 278 and pages 291 are of particular interest and relate to my knowledge on gangs which I gained while working in military intelligence during countr insurgency exercises Operations Golden Fleece 1989 and Operation Ivanhoe 1991.


Join A Motorcylcle “Club” today and make your community a better and safer place. Gangs adding to NZ’s social fabric since …well never really.  

“1987 “Frost and Sullivan had compiled a private sector risk assessment report of the kind undertaken by such agencies as the CIA and State Department. The report was published eight months prior to the 1987 elections. In the analysis of “Regime Stability” it considered the likelihood of what it called “turmoil”. Gangs were listed as the number one threat to NZ national security” .

What I find alarming, about this Mr Andersonm is that threat assessment was written nearly twenty years before the Bandidos, Rebels, Rock Machine, Killer Bees, were household names in New Zealand. It demonstrates just how accurate my book was when I first published it in 1999. So I don’t feel my understanding of the “truth” is any different now as it was back then. The continued tolerance by the people of New Zealand of those who wish to bask in the sickening glamorization of violence and fear porn the Bandidos stand for is a huge mistake.

And the quicker they realise this the better.  

So thanks Milton Anderson for your feedback, attention, and the awesome writing suggestions.

I’ll be sure to include these and many other truths about “clubs” in my upcoming book.

Im sure your bosses in the states will just love the all the free publicity your generating by suggesting what I should and should not write about..

Yours cordially Ben Charles “Hobbit” Vidgen.


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  1. Gary Knox

    Font think anyone can disagree with much of that.
    But it’s the big gangs that worry me. The organized crime at white collar level.
    The tpp setup is made for or by these. Suing governments in secret courts with the lawyers as judge and jury paid by same corporates and no appeal. All the big organised crime has moved upwards. Mafia including Russian and American global big business. Who paid over 20 Senators in the land of the free to change their votes? Google it. Reported in Guardian.
    And is this just out today Japanese tpp negotiator just identified a Yakusa?
    Google Japanese tppa minister. More bribes.
    But you have got balls.

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      Your right – but historically its a two prong attack – look at every tolatarian rgiememe and you will find gangs thrive and prosper.
      But awesome news tips.

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      Er mate believe what you want – you’ll find out soon enough.

      On the other hand you have for over at least six month being hunting my facebook page and now my web page (which considering we have never met is just bit weird and creepy really) that is when your not following behind me when im having private conversation on the street and trying to over hear what Im saying [yes you were noticed]. You leaving an awfully large paper trail buddy you might want to consider whatI can do with that.

      In fact on that base of that mountain of evidence I would in fact deduce you accusation of stalking is just a tad wee bit a case of pot calling the kettle black. The difference of course is your actually stalking me (after you reached out to thi page not the other way round) I on the other hand have no idea where C is – dont know dont care and for the record never being up to her house or near her house unless invited.

      You may of course if your really concerned ring the Dunedin police station and see what kind of repsonse you get when you mention your mates name and maybe that might give you a clue your not actally getting the quite the full story sort of one her specialities really. Or perhaps you might call her last boyfriend family and say Hi IM frind of see where that gets you.

      I do know a lot of people are very keen to know were she is but as big pain as she is I would let that info slip even I did keep tabs on her (which I dont). Our friend is not well and if your truly the friend you think you are you need to convince her to go back and see L – this will help her ALOT and right now she hurting and need that help desperately.

      Now must dash I have all that “stalking” to do lol

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