Who You Gonna Call.

This January Stephen Gourlay (below), a Dunedin resident, body was recovered and the cause of death listed as not suspicous which would be fine except.
missing person SUPPLIED
A; The police had already decided this was the case, according to the Postman sources, by December 28th only eight days after Stephen,  a reputed family man, had vanished from his home and more importantly before his body had even being recovered.  We now know the police however had good reason for their position at this time.However asides from issue that this death in the surface had no suspiciosu circumstances what were the circumstances which led to a devoted family man taking such drastic action?

The Postman knows for a fact there is more to this case that a simple case of depression and while Stephen may have taken his own life their were extenuating circumstances which make this more complicated than it appears at first glance.And the Postman knows many people in Stephen circle feel the same way. We know some members are upset at this post and for this the Postman is truly sorry.

However we also know from direct first had experience their were and are circumstances that the police and other government agencies were made aware of in ealry 2014, that had nothing to do with Stephen but which now have a direct connection to this case, that unfolded that lead the Postman to ask a question from first hadn knowledge.  Had action taken would we be were we are now?

More importatly in relation to the circumstances I refer to when I write this post because I sincerely believe if action is not taken at some point more tragedy is a given not a maybe and I dont relish having to say I told you so.

I know thats all very cryptic and not much comofort to the family and I want to make it clear in this case the police did an excellent job but it does point to failure in the system which when all said and done seems to be orientated at putting ambulance at the bottom of the hill and not the top.

Yet his case infact represents a host of simlar cases which raise the question are the police not investigating potential crimes (not an issue of individual culpabilty at operation level at least) in an effort to massage their figures and make the regional statistic look good.

While this is not the case in Stephen Gourley’s death, if you exclude the holistic wider picture at work here, their is considerbale body of evidence which suggest this is exactly whats going on.

Here is a list of cases where there are more questions than answers
1. 50 year-old Kevin Zhang

STUFF.CO.NZ50 year-old Kevin Zhang, owner of Civic Cafe, vanishes in early 2015.

Dunedin police find nothing but his car, lap top and a orange peel.

Two weeks later the investigation ends presuming Kevin, who has a phobia of water, has drowned.

No body has surfaced todate but we do know a i-tablet belonging to Kevin has gone missing and it turns out the affiliable cafe owner, a leading figure in the Chinese real estate community, had a not so sunny side after all.

A former employee discovered after his death she did not have the employment security she thought she had when she was dismissed. It was at this point she discovered that the signature Kevin put on her employment contract was nothing more than a series of squiggles and not even his signature to begin with.

2. One moment, Denise Potter was gardening. Five minutes later she was gone. In this case what the media left out was who exactly Denise Potter was;|


 “Shane Cribb, 26, told The Southland Times from Hamilton yesterday he was “stoked” with the Independent Police Conduct Authority findings into the police handling of a crash investigation and its aftermath”.

The 80-page report, the authority criticizes the multiple failings by Southern District police, which it says enabled the criminal conduct of two officers to go undiscovered following a car crash near Alexandra nine years ago, involving a police officer and Mr Cribb who at the time was 17.”


Mrs Potter and her husband, Steve, spent eight years campaigning on behalf of Shane Cribb, whose story screened on TV1’s I Am Innocent programme in March. Mr Cribb was convicted in 2006 of careless driving causing injury after a crash with a vehicle driven by a police officer but the conviction was overturned in 2008.

One police officer was later convicted of perjury and another was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice. The Independent Police Conduct Authority found there were multiple police failures but no conspiracy. Yet a further six officers were perfed out.


Of course that statement needs to be taken in the context Denise Potter also suffered from depression and this is why she was staying with her daughter.

Still the facts are a year later and Potter represents yet another case where despite their being no body the police have simply ruled their were no suspicious circumstances – which as you can see is far from the truth.

4. Teen dies and …..

Police are investigating after a 19-year-old woman was…

In this case we dont know what happened as their was never any follow up done by the local media. However we do know the coroners office was and is overloaded with back cases .

Neverless this one more case to demonstrate the statitical blip at work here in a very small city.
Something not right here even it simply case of too much work and not enough resources to keep on top of things in a very small city after all.
5. Yet another unsoved cold case (in a fairly long list for city the size of Dunedin) Tuitania Barclay vanished 12 years ago – the suspicion is this drug related and one of several case demonstrating a Dunedin underworld the police and local media pretend does not exist. Again this additional point and stress Stephen Gourley is not affiliated to such scene in way having multiple character reference from those who knew who him that praise him as a man of great kindness and heart.


Near murder only public intervention saved the guy whats interesting is the tattoo showed he was a gang member.  Police gave no explanation as to what the cuase of the fight was. The rule is gang crimes get very little cmedia overage in Dunedin. Yet the reality is the upwards spike of burglaries against tavern poker machine room (commercial, mormington tavern, concord plus several taverns in Invercargill) , small business burglary in South Dunedin surburbs, and stolen to order thefts in Green Islands, Fairfield, Kaikora Valley, coincide with the arrival of the US led bandidos.

A club whose recuitment drive however has being offset by several leadership changes
iniated by American orginated leadership to keep a low profile and a failure of leader to keep members in line with discipline directives and desire not to engage other gangs. Informed source suspect that the drive for number is conflicting with the ability to recruit quality members tough enough gamgs image and mart enough not to get caught.

Not that any of this ever makes the papers

An example of this, which also demonstrates that, contrary to regional police claims, that gangs do more than hurt themselves is the following example were the person being sentenced for a brutal home invasion. The individual in question is a member of the Bandidos (a former memebr of the Southern Vikings). Other examples include a member being arrested with shot gun, a prospect knifing some one in the Octagon.While the direct rise of meth in Dunedin, over past five years, ties directly to the arrival of the American based gang in the South Island 2013.The gangs most certainly have spear headed virutally every bust that has taken place in Duneidn and Inercargil in the past twelve months during the sudden spike in homicides, assaults and missing people, in Dunedin, withstanding the cases which prematurely get written off as of not suspicious circumstances even when their is no body to back that statement up.‘Savage’ home invasion STUFF.CO.NZ

Postman Investigates New Current affairs NZ Investigative News.'s photo.
Within circles their is also the feeling that several suicides of past memembers were not hat they appear to be. But let not turn this into a blame game for gangs are not the real issue here.

The issue is summed up by Duneidn hospitality workers stating when discussing regular violence in the Octagon. “The police just sat back and do nothing even when fight break out right in frotn of their eyes. Its like they have a mandate not to act on crimes”. Again its not like i have not raised this issue before hand and then had to witness the tragic results as an out a result.


(This event took placed a month after the Postman pointed to violence issue in the Octagon {and a rising gang problem – the offender turned out to have numerous gangs links) that had the hospitality issue frustrated at a lack of police and council assistance. Where the Postman suggested a greater level of cordination with police, hospitality industry and council in terms of generating more family friendly events,  could create an area that marketed simultaneoul the virtue of Dunedin’s night life and made it safe as will). 

Or act when the circumstances have a social welfare component which is deemed not their responsibility. Perhaps but its seem very hard to get any one to act or accept accountability untill it is to late and all we have left is question to tragedies that could have being avoided.

Who You Gonna Call.

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    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      0221 954 323 the family can call me any time – I do have direct connection to this and feel strongly – please note I have made a few changes. And do owe in stephen case give the police full credit for their work with the family – just to bad they did act earlier in relation to the matter I refer to.

  1. Corey

    Interesting reading. I am no academic but this article was so hard to read due to all the spelling errors and incorrect punctuation. Might pay to use a spell check. This web page has potential but at the moment very amateur.

    1. Post
  2. Bradford Brizzell

    I found your article interesting and it certainly piqued my curiosity. But I do think that you will find it easier to be taken seriously by a wider audience if you have someone who is good at that sort of thing, check your articles for spelling and grammar before putting them up. I myself am dyslexic, so I certainly understand how hard it can be to write in a professional manner. But I also think your message is really important and that it shouldn\’t be put in a format that makes it easy for people to dismiss.

    1. Post
  3. anonymous

    Who are you to use Stephen Gourlay\’s death as a setup for your wicked interpretation of Dunedin? Have you not thought about how your mediocre attempt to create conspiracy could hurt the families involved in these stories? All you did was pull \”evidence\” from past cases, that you obviously have a lot less information on than you like to believe. Who are you to say that the extent the communities and southern police force attempted to make sense of these happenings wasn\’t high. Because you don\’t know. And its horrible, because while these things have happened recently, more, you can\’t give reason to them by blaming what… The police force? Gangs? The people of Dunedin? You didn\’t even draw conclusions from your so- called evidence. You didn\’t give the people you\’re either trolling or trying to get to favour you someone to blame. Have your own theories, but realise you are playing with delicate lives here. What are we to expect the \”postmans\” sources are? How to trust them other than just your own ideas? It wasn\’t confirmed as suicide, it was confirmed as not suspicious, for example, something that may have slipped your mind – such as an accident, which is what this post should be written off as. Stop hurting the families of Denise Potter, Steven and many more through your idealistic views of the sitcom you want Dunedin to be. You don\’t seem like you take much else into consideration, but consider that while it may be \”nice\” for the police to give us certain facts and information, protecting people\’s privacy is a part of their job too, and quite possibly the families didn\’t want to share this information.

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      I understand you anger – and I have a greater understanding than you think of this issue
      Please note i have made a few alteration to thispost based on new information.

    1. Post
  4. Tim

    This has happened before to friend of mine. He was an employee of the Nelson City council and his death wasn’t fully investigated by police as it was a suicide. Good on you for stepping up and trying to get justice! Cheers Tim

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      Thanks Tim their a personal aspect to this – Im not implying these cases have a conclusion. Im just pointing out the blip in the stats shows something not working as it should. I think we have right to ask what that is and to get reply that shows our concerns are respected as such.

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