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Someone call Batman Commissioner Gordon
has his head up his ass.
This week five cars were torched in Dunedin. As in Morning-ton Dunedin eight shops were last weekend robbed in under an hour – professional job – the burglar had cased the joints. Said to mimic similar spate of burglaries in the Fairfield Green Island South Dunedin area the week before.
This happens as all pot has seemingly dried up in Dunedin as gangs including the Banditos (or as I like to call them The MexiCANTS) are reportedly shifting pot North and P South. Oh and just to make things easier Bluff a major port town (already cited for its “door wide open” by the PSA) is about to loose all it cops as police intelligence cells around the south Island get cut in half. Meanwhile the apparent income for a Southland Otago jib stoppers (who also just happen to be a senior Banditos) is $150,000 a year – yeah right oh look a flying pig. Either way the Banditos are now credited since January of recruiting more than 250 ‘soldiers’ in Otago Southland.
This figure seems awfully high when you then consider what that means in terms of associate ranks (usually around 10 associates per patched member). Certainly Dunedin CBD over the last weekend has looked like a son of Anarchy convention (I just love the way the junior associates and wannabe’s are actually stupid enough to wear the S of A hoodies). Such is the levels of unseen “shifty’s” even hospo staff have talked about it, curious as to whats causing the new tourism industry. These are not disciplined hard men, who at less have the good sense, if they are going to bad bastard, to not get caught. But rather are the kind of dregs who carry frequent flyer points to her majesties finer ‘holiday’ resorts. Emphasis now seems on quantity not quality – so expect even greater amounts of collateral damage.
Meanwhile sources inside Otago police intel spoken to earlier this year confirm data on ground source material is not being acted on at a national level. Management decision is at complete odds with grass roots policing and intelligence collecting (which is being slashed). “The focus seems on staff cutting as opposed to actual policing” or the emphasis is to put police on the streets so they are “seen” to be policing as opposed to policing smartly. The bosses want direct rewards they can claim for personally as opposed to social rewards that have greater depth but are not always so easy to claim the gold star for.
This all coincides with a notable spike in gang/drug related homicides in the South Island in the past 12 months and anecdotal reports of 4 p-lab opening in NEV alone. Secondary reports confirm P- now has a solid hold in Dunedin. Which has not happened before. Yet what has not happened to date yet is the previous targeting of dairies with focus on grabbing cigarettes. This has occurred before previously when their were attempt to finance and set up labs down south. An event which had limited success for a variety of reason.
One story I have heard is of an ex special forces dude, with a penchant for cross bows, who hobbies include torching p-labs. This may be total BS (though local fireman did confirm a spate of what he deemed suspicious fire at gang affiliates in 2009 ish) but it would be nice to think some one was doing something. BATMAN in Dunedin hmm it has got a nice ring to it?
This in the face of police bosses who facially maintain the arrival of an international cartel is nothing to be concerned about. As the mayors response is to go “Oh I heard the Octagon a dangerous place at night so I don’t go their”.
One can almost visualize the Monty Python skit where a pompous feudal lord (John Cleese) is endorsed by the town cryer (Michael Paladin) who insists “that their is nothing to be concerned about” as vikings sack and rape a medieval town. Ironically local leadership of Black Power an Mongrel Mob is said to be more concerned on the arrival of P than our blind civic leaders and senior cops. This view however is contradicted by national sources who maintain all the gangs at upper echelon levels are now in the meth game -that it is all, when all is said and done,one big happy issue of Breaking Bad.
Yet some labs may have also being destroyed by civic minded bad boys – old school gentlemen who know they are crims but choose to draw a line in the sand as to where exactly they will make their outrageous fortunes. Thanks god for junkyard dogs with rough fur but pedigree hearts. That or they just hate competition.
I have long maintained that all drugs should be legalised and the current laws breed incompetence and corruption. You can just review good old white collar suit wearing Mike Sabin Natioal MP, anti drug, law and order freak and alleged pedophile to ram that point home. Meanwhile a cop, also on the drug sqad, goes down for P dealing the same week. White collar crime is also a major factor.
Corruption however is not just criminal and is as much a case of institutionalized nepotism an out of touch arrogance.As Peter William noted in ‘Stoned in Duty’ ‘we refused to believe corruption existed because we refused to look it flourished’. In 1999 I was told organised crime did not exist point blank by all my mates in the press gallery (who got their ‘news’ direct from the police communications office). Yet by 2000 my book’s (State Secrets) claims where exonerated by the Organised Crime Report which identified more than 375 professional criminal gangs in NZ.
These days it seems like a senior cop a week goes down for his role in partaking in the profit of crimes. We don’t even blink any more. It has become that common. In the face of a police system that can not be trusted it’s no wonder entire suburbs embrace the Sons of Anarchy culture and give it Mana. It’s just easier to go with the flow than stand up an make your self a target. Thinks this is not true. Then think of South D ask your self who you know who lives out their that does not know or include as part of their social circle a known gang members. Fuck it has become a badge of social honor.
“Gangs only hurt gangs” is the statement by our tops cops and shows what a la-la land they are living in. An yet oddly if you climb the ivy tower high enough you will find the top cops enjoying the generous hospitality of the movers and shakers in the very same room as the top shark of the under world (just take a look at Milli Holmes to high light that point). Nothing new here when ever a society becomes increasingly totalitarian the gangs get bigger – this is called lessons of history. The rule is simple as long as you know your place we will let you terrorize the bottom as we use you to make sure we keep the middle conforming to our will and we like wise keep out footing in the food chain. Create the problem identify the solution become the ‘hero’ of the hour.
Meanwhile Police management in Dunedin continue to remain at complete odds with hospitality industry. Instead of forming a relationship based on mutual support and creating a safe environment which draws in tourism revenue (creating economic and thus social stability) they opt instead to opt for decisions aimed to antagonize local business and the law abiding. Moves aimed not creating a better Dunedin. But one which suits police rosters and police budgets and personal ambition. A new police boss with his eye on climbing the food chain is driving a policy where crime are not getting reported – serious crime is ignored (too time and resource consuming) and the focus is on racking up small time crimes, revenue generation, an legislation enforcement on mainstream participants, instead. All to massage figures and enhance personal promotion chances.
Will some one call Batman as Commissioner Gordon seems to have his head up his ass.…/…/333105/5-vehicles-burnt-out-dunedin…/6422…/P-bust-linked-to-Head-Hunters (meth flows south)… -drugs flow south

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  1. Reg

    can you back any of this up with actual fats of are we expected to go on want you say as gospel. Hoe bout you state what you say on on proven check-able factual information for expect in the field. Otherwise your just scare mongering.

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      Actally yes

      1. The p rate are proveable and based on national figures.

      2. The gang involvement is again backed by material already in the national press

      3. The burglar rates which have spiked in South D based suburbs can be found by doing key word searches of the odt.
      I became aware of them after hearing from very relibale source of case of the bandidos fencing stolen goods.

      4. By and large I not reporting naything that not being reported else where except I also put all the collective reports together to provide scale of an issue.

      5. The police downgrading of gang activity is to put in black and white a joke and can taken apart using numerous source accounts as well as using police figures on increase in p-busts suppliment by press reports.

      By the way love the tatoo on your neck how the work at Fulton Hogan.

  2. Glenn

    Crikey dude, do you not proof read your shit before you post it online? This is horribly written!!! I would have shared it but I\’m ashamed to… sort that out, or get back off the public stool.

    1. Post
      Ben Vidgen

      As a dsylexic Im entitled to speak my mind as much as the next person – you point out it interesting enough to share so focus on the substance not the form (pretty packaging). If it bugs you so much clean it up yourself and send it back to me other wise who the hell are you to maintain I have no right to have an opinon based on my grammar or lack of it -twat.

      Your a just dsylexic dude offering FREE original news content that you dont have to pay for.

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