This case of army games gone too far (link below) is sadly something I’m very familiar with way before reports of military brutality emerged in the mist of Operation Katipo 2015.

A repeat of golden fleece 89 where gangs are made out to be the bad guys - while ginoring the question whose their sugar daddy

A repeat of golden fleece 89 where gangs are made out to be the bad guys – while ignoring the question whose their daddy

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In Operation Ivanhoe 91 (were I was attached as intelligence clerk to Force Intelligence Group as part of Counter Intelligence security and vetting unit) I had to brief soldiers on how to deal with protesters.


This included the possibility that real protesters would turn up.

The soldiers did not care and were very keen to give the “hippies” the “bash”.. Asides from the thuggery of what I witnessed and that on previous exercise I seen a man get his finger flayed to the bone when his wedding ring got ripped off in overeager play acting, the lack of willingness by commanding officers to explain to the grunts that being idiots did not win hearts and minds appalled  me. As a third generation military family this is not what I have come to expect of a NZ army which use to pride itself on political neutrality and professionalism.

Later that year back at my parent unit 32E Battery we participated in one of the Lawman counter insurgency exercises  were like the news link above one of the mock protesters was seriously injured by war games gone to far.

I encountered her having being just balled out by a group of officers and NCO’s for being unwilling to give a false statement regarding my description of two terrorists who allegedly ambushed us – who I had managed to engage in firefight as they tore off on motor bikes. I explained to the angry commanders that while I had seen the attackers backs and yes they the two gentle men who had brought into the detention centre  wore the same clothes, as they had helmets on and were fleeing I could not say 100% certain the two men placed in front of me were those who I returned fire at from my position in the shotgun seat of the lead vehicle of the convoy.

A little stunned that even on war games my officers were expecting me to perjure myself I walked out and came face to face with a university friend of mine, who volunteered for this war game. She was trying to stand up, while handcuffed behind her back, with tears and snot free flowing down her face. Every time she tried to get up she lost balanced and went down howling in pain. When I approached the bombardier guarding her and requested medical attention for the prisoner I was told to “fuck off”

I stood my ground and pointed out the Geneva convention required prisoners be treated humanely. This time I was told to fuck off or I would be charged. Under no illusion now of military justice I did just that. Later I discovered that the volunteer, my friend, had dislocated her shoulder when assaulted by arresting troops in a rugby tackle. She probably weighed about 100 pounds and each of the soldiers who tackled her around 200 pounds.

I have never felt so ashamed in all my life. It was at this point I realised NZ would be screwed  if we ever get in situation where troops end up on the streets.   

My intelligence career did not go too far after Ivan Hoe.

For despite showing exemplary skills in counter intelligence ( on Ivanhoe I worked out were the bad guys camp were located within three days of a four week exercise, forecast an attack of HQ which went down just as predicted when my warnings were ignored). My commanding officer in C.I. was told I would not permitted to the intelligence school for further training and if my C.O. insisted they would put on my security slip that I was suspected homosexual (why that should be an issue blows my mind still). Yet I was no way alone in being singled out as a “security threat”.

Another skilled intelligence clerk was set up and dismissed after his unit was searched and a snuff movie complete with his first and last name stencilled on the offending material was found. To be precise it was found in ceiling were oddly the searches went to the hiding spot moment after entering the clerk room. A third clerk who like myself began to form deep misgiving about the source of black market weapon passing through NZ on their way to US fuelled wars (but which were also ending up in gang circles), was sufficiently skilled he carried out the duties of a captain (despite only being a corporal),was likewise dismissed as a security threat despite an exemplary record and widespread reputation as dedicated soldier and patriot.

By the 1990’s NZ military intelligence lay in the hands of lazy thugs who couldn’t work out the difference between interrogation and sadism if their lives depended on it , careerists opportunists and foreign nationals (Americans) led by a commanding officer who in my second book I was able to demonstrate purposely misled his political master on the nature of Maori activism. A man who had deep connection to those in the far right and a history of working with Americans which went back to Vietnam as is the case with most of our leading top brass and veteran Special Air Service troop. In short I believe NZ military intelligence had being entirely compromised from top to bottom.  And military intelligence was not the only place where the rot could be found as we wentr deeper and deepr into what Nicky Hager and once called “oliver north country” what we called today America’s obsession with the War on Terrorism.

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The fact of the matter if we have a military that should increasingly be of concern to most kiwi.

This includes culture which terms journalists as “subversives”.

jonesarmy amaerica

This includes a culture were generals who get caught perjuring themselves on the treatment of prisoner of war do not get disgraced but rather they end up on John Key board of like minded “freethinkers” – a scary bunch of right winger who job is identify any threat to John Mey and work out it can be neutralised.

This includes a culture where our leading Generals are now more loyal to the USA than they are to the due process of NZ law.

That our PM carries a US passport only adds to that picture.

Though to be fair on that later issue the exact reply given to me by the Prime Minister’s office when I asked them to confirm whether Key held US citizenship was that “no one in the PM office could confirm that in an official capacity”.


These joint US NZ counter insurgency law and order exercises will increase in the following year in their scope and scale. At the same time an expanding gap between the rich and the poor will see an increasing rise in armed gangs throughout NZ.

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This is not accidental and the script for this scenario go back as far as the 1980’s (See Frost & Sullivan’s 1987 NZ threat assessment report) as I wrote back in State Secret in 1999 in book which proved in hindsight a decade ahead of the mainstream media in predicting tends for the pacific in regards to corruption and the blurring of lines between state business and big business. (See Page 278 State Secrets) .


The law will be simple in the coming economic hardship were about to face senior gang leadership, coming from prominent iwi or with former ex military backgrounds (often one in the same), will rarely be touched as long as those gangs do not targeted upper socio economic groups. It’s a common phenomenon we see in all totalitarian states were organised crime acts as second guard dogs to be used to keep the poor in line by policing them with their own ranks.

Note we have already seen the rise of the Banditos who operate directly under American chapters command. In the US the banditos lie at the heart if the US/Mexican drugs, guns, cash pipe line.


In the South land their main headquarters lie within one hour of Te Aanua airport which has no customs and Bluff.

Bluff, which was at the heart of PSA complaint in 1998 where the Public Service Association said the port lay wide open and that custom had being denied the right to search 14 high risk vessels, was used to route weapons into and drugs from Asia at the heart of Mr Asia drug cartel according to my souce former undercover intelligence officer Patrick O’b’rian

The aircraft in the 2007 CIA drug plane crash mirror the 1991 crash of aircraft found with aorund 30 million in cocaine.

The aircraft belonged to American Harvey Misbin who fled to NZ where he hooked up Roger Banks, Grant Anal who in turned linked to arms dealer Israeli Simon Spitz and former CIA affilated money launder known to head NZ’s first known white colar ring known as the Gang of 20.

Spitz has being linked to more than 14 aircraft identified as operating in NZ.

The aircraft are often contract to the NZDF despite a quick search shows these aircrft have been repeatedly used to smuggle drugs and arms.

The former head of the Serious Fraud Office Charles Sturt went on record in 1995 as saying Spitz was CIA backed.

Not we have already seen senior Head Hunters, armed with same exotic, hard to procure weapons, trialled by NZ forces, acting as bodyguard to alleged Haiwaiian sovereignty groups

unitednation-300x225 (1)Weapon seized from Head Hunters in 2015

hharms2 Sophisticated weapons seized from Head Hunters Pad this year.

Arms provided to Head Hunters and King Cobras (who originate from American Samoa

Arms provided to Head Hunters and King Cobras (who originate from American Samoa

Sophisticated weapons seized from Head Hunters Pad this year. Weapon seized from Head Hunters in 2015

(See also State Secrets and the Maori Loans Pacific self sovereignty & big business/ western intelligence links and gangs) .

Note: I have not only obtained photographic footage of Rebel motorcycle gangs with the very American style weapons also said to be issued to the American based NZ chapter of Hells. This fits in with the Bloods & Crips model where after years of denial it was finally shown in the mid 1990’s that US intelligence was deliberately supplying  drugs and fuelling gang wars to disempower black african communities in the US.


We also know from the Mr Asia days, as documented in the Pullitzer winning book The Crimes of the Patriots, that the same powers, including the recently resurfaced Michael Hand of the Nugan Hand bank, financed and used Motorcycke gangs in Australia and NZ for drug distribution in the late 1970’s early 1980’s.

Element of this scene money laundering arm tied could be directly tied into mainstream media circles such as entertainment laywer Karen Soich and former TVNZ CEO Neil Robertson who emerged in the 1990’s /2000’s at the time of celebrity drug rings. A social scene which today surfaces around those tied into the publicity arms and public relationship arm of the Head Hunters as recently displayed in article describing the growth of Gang chic with Auckland A circles or as shown in the repeated drug bust at Sky City the defacto arm of National Party election campaign machine..

drugs2Karen Soich former girlfriend to Mr Asia drug king pin, then married to duggie TVNZ boss Neil Robertson today a respected figure in same NZ media circles that brought us such druggie names  Mark Ellis, Millie Holmes, Lana Koc-croft, Operation Politico, Paul Lyons, etc etc etc. 888888888888888888

Karen Soich former girlfriend to Mr Asia drug king pin, then married to duggie TVNZ boss Neil Robertson today a respected figure in same NZ media circles that brought us such druggie names Mark Ellis, Millie Holmes, Lana Koc-croft, Operation Politico, Paul Lyons, etc etc etc.

Ditto the more militant a NZ activist group the more wary you should be. In such case don’t be surprised to find isf you dig not to far from the surface a leadership whose background it will emerges  is more steeped in privileged and steeped in patriarchal pseudo  aristocracy and elitism than the initial front masks you encounter leading protest X loud and angrily.

 Never in the history of New Zealand activism has it become so urgent for activist of this era to realise that any display of aggression is to play straight into the hands of tyranny.

Twenty years of studying terrorism as academic, soldier, journalist activist, I can not underline sufficiently the importance of activism to understand the most powerful and successful protests have and always will be those that are non aggressive.

There’s a reason after all why the state feared Gandhi, feared, Dr martin Luther King and the people of Parihaka. For in peace comes true power. Or in the words of Tzun Tsu and the Art of War to win war avoid a battle.

In contrast the raw reality of violent activism is

 A: Every bad guy needs a sugar daddy – which immediately compromises you.

B: Every bullet get made by the military industrialism complex so why would you rely on your enemy for your tools that just bnad tactics.

C: There is not a violent revolution in history which end up with the ideal of the people coming to fruition instead it end up with the psychopath in control and that never end will – just go ask Trosky.  

D: The police, army, state, do not fear snarling feral protesters on the front page of the ODT this is in fact music to their ears. Step one it turn off the masses who are what need for any successful movement to succeed.  Step Two it almost for certain guarantees them a pay rise and whole bunch of goodies with which to crack head. Violent protest and violent state terrorism are symbiotic creature where one can not survive without the other.  

E: What the state really fears more than a bunch of egotistical narcissist marching with the face of V for Vendetta (made in sweatshops in china with the aim of making a few Hollywood executives a bit richer for pumping out yet another bit of Hollywood crap which suggest guns always win the day)  is shots of thousands of mums and dads protesting in a dignified peaceful fun way. And every time a snarling activist with daddy issues get there mug in the paper they scare those mums and dads away and this makes the like of John key very happy indeed.

“Activist opens restaurant with Maori flavour”. The Dominion. NZPA. 1 May 1999. 142- 145/ 243-46/302/

See Also State Secrets 2 for unmasking of Operation Golden Fleece disinformation.