.A Serial Case of Multiple Conflict of Interest.

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> To: *******************************
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Contact the Electoral Commission
> Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 19:36:54 +0000
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> Thank you for your enquiry. The Electoral Commission works with Saatchi and Saatchi on its campaigns under a medium-term contract.

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13 Points of the conflicts of interest currently running rampant through the Flag referendum process.

1. Saatchi & Saatchi Ceo Nicky Bell sits on the $27 million Flag Panel and creeated the silver fern process.

2. Julie Christie Mediaworks also sits on the $27 million Flag Panel.
Worked on the Silver Fern New Zealand Story alongside Saatchi & Saatchi.

3. Saatchi Saatchi registered the Silver Fern logo on behalf of Trade & Development according to Scoop’s Alastair Thompson. Role of

4. Came up with the Silver Fern “Big Brand Story” Brand in 1998.


5. 1998 Saacthi & Saatchi was highed then fired from Tourism NZ after a letter, tabled in parliament, in 1999, alleged Saatchi had offered National Party a cheap election campaign in exchange for a $27 million dollar Tourism NZ contract.

Key players deny the allegations but in 2000 key details of the letter proved to be correct and Saatchi was dropped by Tourism NZ (Minister today John Key).…/flagging-brand-new-zeala………/john-key-doesnt-care-as-long-a…/

6. Saatchi Saatchi spin off Saatchi M&C hired in place of Saatchi & Saatchi Tourism NZ scandal who used Julie Christie (Mediaworks/ NZ Flag panel) to sell the same Silver Fern idea “The New Zealand story created by parent firm back in 1998 under the “Big Brand” story.. (When is Saatchi & Saatchi not Saatchi & Saatchi).


7. Turns out Saatchi Saatchi (see email above) also have contracts with NZ Electoral commision in relation to the NZ Flag Refendum (see above).

Thus Saatchi & Saatchi are in a position to word the referendum so as to enhance the Silver Ferns chance of being picked during the referendum due to the manner in which the referendum option may be presented to voters.

As stated Saatchi & Satchi CEO Nicky Bell also sits on the Flag Panel.

The refenderum is to be run thus;

Pick your favorite – then second most favourite then … the your fifth favorite of choices

This means the questions will be presented thus;

D.A really ugly black thing – a koru which is when you think about it is well er a fern.
E.A Red Peaky thing that divides and conquer greens labour vote.

Also if you take a look at this logo and then go and take a look at the logo of Tainui Holdings it suddenlty dawns on you its effectively the same logo.





Thus Red Peaks is in fact claiming now that Taranaki iwi (Tainui in the North and Ngai Tahu in the South) have paramount chief status in NZ. Tainui & Ngai Tahu have of course have already being paid out under the Treaty (accepting early settlement) and have largely supported the globalists pro milk TPPA aspirations at every step. Not surprising when we consider that Nga Tahu’s chief patriachial lineage only goes back seven generation to the same sea captains who maried into their royal lines having first given then the muskets to wipe out and then assimilate iwi who were refusing to suceed their soveringnity back in 1830 when the global bastard without borders first came calling.

During the 1990’s NZ beat back the TPPA predecsseors the Mulitlateral Investment Agreement when local iwi of all ilk realised this was an attack upon the Treaty and beat it down. How much easier if we do away with the crown and replace that authority with those willing to play ball with the Republicanist in return for some updated versions of musket beads and blankets. Welcome to the coming Treaty 2.0 but this time every one gets screwed.

In parliament NZ First pulled the stunt where they made the Red Peak into a Swastika in fact this is yet another fern. Artistically they got it wrong a Swastika is art terms just a Kovolak what we kiwis woudl call a Koru – so yes that right it yet another fern.


So your ‘democractic options’ are now fern fern fern fern or ….. a fern.


9. The UK connection: Saatchi & Saatchi also ran the highly controversial Scotish Independent Referendum as will. Saatchi & Saatchi were also at the center of the controversial UK Saatchi Health Bill where Saatchi also proved to have close links to Serco UK in the health sector and proposed privatisastion of the health sector.

10. The Red Peak Flag was designed by Xero’s employee Aaaron Dustin,whose CEO Rod Drury (Ngai Tahu) sits on the Flag panel. Aaron Dustin previously worked for Saatchi amd Saatchi. The online petition was made up of voters who in many cases have now proved to be fictious.

11. Change the Flag Social media site is run by Holden Lewis
National candiate and Chairman of the Republican movement.

12. It interesting to note that only one prominent iwi sits on either the Flag panel or the 2013 Constituional Review Panel and that is Ngai Tahu who have already recieved their Treaty Settlement. Is this a case of Tipene O’regan for President of the Republic of NZ.

If so what happens to the Treaty of Waitangi which was signed after all with Crown and not simply the state of NZ. Holden argues this does not matter as the Crown in this case is the law of NZ. Yet Holden also admits the highest officer of that state of NZ remains the Queens appointment the Governor General. It is the recommendation of the 2013 Constitutional Review to hold Flag style consultation with the public in the near future. Where no doubt we will get to express our opinion and then be given the choice of voting A) Tipene O’Reagan for president, B): Tipene Oreagan for Supreme Overlord, C) Tipene Oregan for God but no option will be given can we just keep it how it is as it has worked pretty fairly for us all over the past 150 years.


Tipene O’Reagan, who international banker Stephen Jennings (Taranaki) , the man who bankrolled John Key’s first run at PM, called his “mentor” when Jennings gave a series of Business Round Table victory speechs entitled “Unifinished Business”, “Opportunities of Life Time” in 2007 and 2009.

Perhaps I have got it all wrong in which case all Tipene Oreagan need do is say Ngai Tahu oppose the TPPA and they oppose drilling or mining occuring on land gifted to the Crown under the auspices of the Treaty of Waitangi.

13. Oh and for my Dunedin locals who was originally picked for the Forsyth Barr Dunedin Stadium board? Answer one Saatchi & Saatchi exec, one Silver fern farm exec and Peter Chin who sits on both the Flag panelist & Constitutional Review panel.


Part of Chins role was to consult the public and listen to their submissions. And of course if we learned anything from the Stadium debarkle is that Chin is a man who listen to the public. Okay so he did once say (during his kkey not speeach of the 43rd School of Foreign Policy ‘People Power’) that he does not believe in public consultation for it is to often simply gives “the disgruntled and those with an axe to grind the opportunity to drown out the voice of the majority”. What Peter you mean like the 75% of kiwis who dont want the flag referendum and dont want to change the flag – you mean that silent majority.


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  1. Steve Edwards

    Hi Postman Ben,
    wow, you’re a tour de force with your books!
    How do know that Stephen Jennings bankrolled John Key’s election campaign for prime minister in 2008? Do you know how much Jennings stumped up for National, please?

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