McCarthyism, Media, Oil Profits  and Managing the War on Terror. 


The family of the accused Boston Marathon Bombing have chosen to speak out saying they have being told not to talk to the media and that the alleged bomber, 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaevn’s, defence team created a defence around a crime they say he simply did not commit. In an age filled with the white noise of digital media and a world where liberals seem increasingly inept at critical thinking as devotees of the neo-liberalism (the last step before a society descends into full bloomed fascism) the Boston Bombing would seemingly be just another case of chaff. It is just one more case where the actual truth is  lost in a mill storm of gigabytes. One side swears that ISIS is the ultimate bogey man and can be found behind every terror event, whilst the other side insists it’s all an Illuminate, reptilian, Obama-induced, Bush-backed Nazi, Stalinist plot, or some variation of the X-Files. Yet for me at least, this is a very tragic and human story of two brothers caught up in events beyond their making.

The media of course claim there is no proof to support the family position the brothers did not commit the crime and I’m not surprised. At the very least, this is one case where the whitewash was super transparent and done with frightening ease. The original You-Tube video of the arrest contains one point where the accused was shot, which I viewed on the day after the bombing. You could clearly hear the brothers yelling “we surrender we surrender we didn’t do anything”. Later on the audio of the footage comes across as muffled and it is no longer possible to distinguish what the brothers are clearly saying.

Those who have watched the shooting conducted against a cartoonist in Paris will also be familiar with the fact that footage on you tube gets pulled or altered as a kind of “housework” operation. If liberals are paranoid and bent towards deep suspicion of what the modern state will do I suspect it is largely because of the blatant censorship and manipulation that now goes on a daily basis in our news rooms. This is the age where the Pentagon has declared information warfare to be the tip of the spear. That you tube footage is now gone but I do advise you watch the footage of the S.W.A.T. team forensic screw up AND THEIR BODY LANGUAGE – frankly I’m amazed it is still up. The second clip also has some good points even if in parts it’s a bit sensational.

Once truth was the first casualty of war, but only as a consequence of collateral damage. Now it’s deliberate assassination is an essential part of the entire military industrial complex and modern warfare. This is not to say the family did not have militant ties which came in the form of their uncle who called for the brothers to turn themselves in. Ruslan Tsarni, a man who the very non-conspiracy academic orientated Foreign Policy link as being involved in the CIA sponsorship of Islamic guerrilla’s in Chechnya

“Why isn’t the Boston bombing suspects’ uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev/Tsarni considered a “person of interest” by the FBI? Or, heavens forbid, a “suspect” in the Boston Marathon bombing plot?


Is it because of his work with State Department and CIA-connected USAID around the Caucasus region? Is it because he was formerly married to the daughter of a very high-ranking CIA official? Is it because this high-ranking CIA official, Graham E. Fuller, was deeply involved in “Islamic extremism,” for which he is a noted author and strategist? Or that Graham Fuller was CIA station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan? Could it be because his former father-in-law, Graham Fuller, “served 20 years in the Foreign Service, mostly the Muslim World, working in Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. In 1982 he was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at CIA, and in 1986 Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at CIA, with overall responsibility for all national level strategic forecasting.”

Chechnya’s anti-Russian operations are linked back to both the CIA connections to the Boston mosque and the first and second attacks on the World Trade Center. The first attack leading Pakistan leader Benzhir Bhutto, before her assassination, to say “the men who carried out this attack had nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with oil“. Likewise the Swiss bank Al Taqwa would be used by the CIA, the Saudi and western oil interests, to finance Afghanistan guerrilla, using banks such as BCCI, in the 1980’s and 19990’s as part of President Ronald Regan’s initiated secret war with Russia. It is also true of the 1998 Nairobi bombings and the USS Cole where the FBI were prevented from investigating terrorism “due to the politics of oil” to quote the former head of the FBI NY counter terrorism bureau John O’Neill. O’Neil’s statement was made just before his death as the head of the security for WTC in September 9/11 2001.


More than 15 FBI agents, Pentagon Officials (See Able Danger), can be documented as having had evidence of an upcoming attack, that identified the target and those who would carry out the attacks, warnings which never got further than the desk of the future FBI Director Robert Muller. Muller a man whom the Robert Morgantheu, District Attorney, for New York, by and large on national TV, in 1991 called the most corrupt law enforcement official in the USA. Morgantheur criticism spared due to Muller’s mishandling of the BCCI bank affair. A scandal in which the same bank used to by the CIA and the Saudi Arabia to arms Afghanistan guerrillas (again including Bin Laden and Dr Ayman Al Zawhari) collapsed to a tune of 20 billion dollars. Oil & The Battle For Chechyna Ben Vidgen Ian Wishart 2000 (check out paragrph 2)

The System Was Blinking Red: The National Commission of Terrorist Attacks Upon the US August 2004 – Able Danger warning ignored. FBI DIRECTOR MUELLER WAS AT CENTER OF ALLEGED BCCI COVERUP IN 1991

The same mosque, the same money trail, the same flawed law enforcement officials. My point is simple even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories: Wouldn’t be nice if the media for once gave you all the facts and background information. That they did not just cherry pick the facts to massage the dominant dogma of the day McCarthy style.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theory or not, the Saudi-backed armed and trained ISIS is doing an awesome job at wearing down the main threat to Saudi hegemony (and Israel’s number one rival) Iran and allowing a situation in which the oil companies can set up a pipeline free of Soviet hegemony or closure by Iran control of the Gulf of Hormuz. But hey, don’t let the actual facts get in the way of a good witch hunt.


McCarthyism, Media, Oil Profits  and Managing the War on Terror. 

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