The Cherry On Top


Okay just when you think things can not get possibly any weirder John Key’s daughter Stephanie (aka Cherry Lazar) decides in the middle of ‘Pony Gate’ to pick this image (see below ) for her upcoming art (cough) exhibition. NOTE she posted a good week after Pony Gate had hit the headline and must have realised it would raise eye browse. After a week of local and international ridicule Key’s own daughter has managed to deliver the ultimate cherry in top.

“I am very pleased to announce that starting from the 7th of May I will be having my first solo exhibition at the jewelry shop gallery in Paris!!! More information to come, for any media inquiries speak to”

Of course this went viral in about the time it takes John to strike a nice long pony tail and reading the Herald you may wonder how many time the author burst out laughing at the shite (sorry I mean the “feminist” qualities of ‘Cherry’ Key’s art work) he was dispatched to write as damage control.

The Herald it appears has turned into a straight out propaganda sheet. Though that has not really being in doubt for some time now by any one who follows media seriously.

For not only was this the same paper caught sending National Party PR fixer and personal friend of John Key Rachel Gluciana to ambush the source of Ponygate. Even six month’s before Pony Gate satirist Steve Braunias noted, in August 2014, of Gluciana “She uses her column in the most-read newspaper in New Zealand to give her full support to John Key and Judith Collins, and to scorn some of National’s enemies. What’s up with that? Is it journalism gone mad? Is it flat-out propaganda? Or is it some other kind of bullshit?” The same article quoting Braunias noting New Zealand’s “most feared and loathed gossip columnist (Gluciana) will talk candidly about her spectacular tabloid career – which includes a close friendship with Prime Minister John Key” – when she appears as guest speaker at the Wintec Press Club free lunch extravaganza in Hamilton on August 15 2014.)

john key

Photo: National Right wing blogger David Farrar and John Key “friend” Rachel Gluciana caught trying to ambush the waitress at the center of Pony Gate.……/who-is-rachel-…/18938/

I wonder when talking about the artistic values of marriage and sexuality and feminism if that included Cherry Lazar Instagram photo of her “favorite piece of art” two nude women furiously munching out each other in the 69 position. Perhaps he was referring to the photo of Stephanie in full bondage gear under a satanic pentagram. Or perhaps this refers to the video clip where Cherry lip sinks (badly) to the Italian porn actress Ciccano (who Cherry likes to impersonate) song were the words go “turn up the video in this porno shop” Or may it is the one where she got euros stuffed down her skimpy g-string or maybe the article is talking the photos of her in handcuff in a kissing booth which she terms her “day job”.

ponytail 3ponytail

Frankly I have no problems with any of this and happily accept if it was any one else that it was just crap pop art created by some with the intellectual depth of shallow teaspoon. Nor would I judge Stephanie if she was just a raunchy girl who get off on shocking others. In fact I have dated a couple lasses far wilder than this so who am I to judge?.

However Point One: The ponytail image she chose to use the week after Pony Gate is either a big Fuck You Daddy! — which raises some fascinating but uncomfortable questions concerning life in the Key household — Or she is just an attention whore happy to embarrass the shit our of daddy dearest in his darkest hours (see point one), as his international credibility is about zero right now, in the hope of getting some exposure for her own “art”, a self absorb air head. Either way none of any of these options of course make our commander in chief shine in any way or form.

Point Two: she in fact is not any lass she is the daughter of our elected statesman. Is it to much to expect the first family not to behave like tacky episode of the Osborne’s. Okay okay women should be able to express their sexuality any way they want. Yet when you decide to market your art show with an image of woman in a pony tail, lipstick and a kiss my ass lipstick on your butt, the very week your dad inadvertently is raising question about is okay to touch women when they say DONT! that IS not feminism, thats not sexy, that is a big fuck you NZ and a big fuck you to those who are victim of sexual harassment in the work place and it say a lot about the values John Key has passed on to his kids. That it comes at time when Mike Sabin is the court for offences against a minor according to the International media who are reporting on the Sabin affair (while NZ are not even allowed to be told where the trial is happening) says a lot about the hubris of the Key clan ads to the image of north shore pricks who think because their bank balance is full they do what they want and screw the common people.




The Cherry On Top

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