Tale spinner Greg Hallet Claims Winston Peters is Drug Dealer; THE LIE THAT CAME IN FROM THE COLD


For a number of year people have asked me so what do you think of Greg Hallet and I would reply  er who? Oh he is a lot like you they would say.

Gret Hallett - self titled historian and tall tale spinner. I buy a used car of this man said no one ever.

PHOTO: GreG Hallett self titled historian – tale spinner. Buy a used car ofF this man? Said no one ever.

So eventually I got one of Greg ‘books’ Nuclear Free NZ and I read it and my response was what a load of CRAP. Sorry it might have being”New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide’ nor The Sex Collectors – they are all equally awful to read as really really bad Vogon Poetry.


In the five minutes it took me to skim this pile of manure I spotted over 14 stories I had already researched, knew the secondary material Hallet, did bother to quote, which Hallett had largely made a hash of from not knowing his ass from his mouth. When I found out his material was promoted in Truth, when Cameron ‘get knocked on my fat ass’ (aka Whale Oil), was editor I was not surprised.

Yes Greg make ‘similar claims’ about organised drug trafficking in NZ as I have written about for over two decades.

Yes he make claims about the truth of Nuclear free NZ and communist spies in the Labour party (which I by and large debunked in my second book having caught one of my original sources out in a lie) but there are a three MAJOR differences between me and Hallett;

1. Greg provides not one and please let me repeat this, because its important, not one piece of primary documentation in his writings.

What he does do is quote or mention other researchers (very very selectively) but the sensational conclusion are always based on ;

2. The use of unnamed sources and unnamed sources only.

When  your covering sensitive subjects the use of unnamed sources has a legitimate role.

I know I have used sources who if identified risked their very lives. One such source being former police intelligence under cover officer Pat Obrien who later gave me permission to name him on the record at a later date.

Not plucking shit out of your ass when you feel like it 101:

However the function of a unnamed source is too provide the lead for an investigation.


So for example when I used material from a number of off the record sources about the role of arms coming into NZ I then was able to have their material corroborated by on the record sources including academics (Greg New Bold), Police (Comissioner Peter Doone), Army (Corporal Les gee) and Customs (Tony Spillance and John Anderson Customs Intelligence) which in turn was supported by secondary sources in the nature of archives material. public record material, or general reference material.

It is NOT acceptable to use a couple of unmamed source and a foot note reference some one else work placed out of context

3. Greg calls himself a “historian” but of course when you check his face-book profile he has no bonafides of any kind of degree qualification or experienced listed which actually entitles him to use the words historian little alone researcher.

I would really like Greg to offer up the names of his lectures, university, experience and a copy of his degree (and when he got his degree) because I suspect like a lot of what Greg says, it can not be backed up with a shred of what he claims with any thing relating to genuine bonafides.


Photo Left Ben Vidgen speaking out GCSB ralley right Ben Vidgen Vinny Eastwood 
covering the side of the John Key John Banks prosecution which the rest of the media refused to touch.

For the record my own degree is in Political Science and history it was obtained at Canterbury University in 1992

My lectures included Jacob Berchovich, Carey Neiderman, Professor Cook (who marked my dissertation in the history of terrorism with an A) and Ian Campbell (who also gave me an A for my work of debunking Richard Kerr’s allegation of Soviet Naval Expansion and the unfounded unproven rumour of spy fishing trawlers in the Pacific circa 1980).

I worked as territorial solider primarily in the Royal New Zealand Artillery (signals & artillery intelligence) but also served on attachment to counter intelligence under Captain Wendy Heath  (see Broken Soliders North and South), a NZ police vice squad detective, as part of the Force Intelligence Group (F.I.G.) and I trained as rifleman and in reconnaissance with 2Cants (94 training detachment 1995).

My research experience include working as investigative researcher analyst and general research officer for Westpac banking, Alan Jones 2UE, Canterbury University, SAFE, the Mountain Scene and Investigate Magazine. My 1999 Best seller State Secrets broke the story on organised crime in NZ (and it ties to big business), underage prostitution, the role of NZ soldiers as mercenaries, the activities of the NZSAS overseas and the increased likelihood of violence in Fiji, Vanautu and the Solomons.

My facebook page includes a list of major stories I have broken well in advance of other news outlets

INSTANT DEFAMATION – add a cupful of dumb ass and an ounce of keyboard warrior.

Greg does none of this but I thought nothing of it other than to try to ignore the work of some one who trades off other people gullibility and get published by Mr Dirty Politics himself.

I simply bagged Hallet as some one who has either no actual formal research qualifications or is some one who simply chooses to apply sloppy methods knowing he is covering a difficult area to access and that few people will be able to spot his actual level of ignorance as he pretend to be an informed source but is clearly not.

However my decision to simply ignore Hallett changed recently when Greg Hallet decided to come and post on my own wall regarding my investigation into organised crime in Northland and it connection to high profile kiwis who could be found on the edge of the recent Northland bi-elections.



Hallett chose to make the bold allegation that Winston Peter’s a lawyer was a drug dealer.

You can read my reply and judge for your selves wetheer he provides one ioat of proof to back up his serious claims

In the mean time I will be sending Peters a copy of Hallett material which if Halett is lucky Peter will roll up into a ball and toss in the garbage bin knowing its not worth touching.

Or if Hallett’s not so lucky he might find out the hard way that defamation suits can cross the Tasman ditch and it doesn’t matter that it was only said on face-book.

March 4 2015;

Greg Hallett Winston Peters is a bigger drug trafficker than Sabine was a dealer.

    • Ben Vidgen So Greg got any proof for that statement or is this more of your bullshit where you make claims and don’t offer one shred of empirical proof.
  • Greg Hallett Ben Troll, if you bought a book and read it, you would know. Trying reading books. Facebook is for intellectual toddlers. By the way, your attitude precludes attracking any new info – hence “Ben Troll”
  • Ben Vidgen I read your book Hallet — what you do is rip off serious researchers and bend them to fit your claims. Let me give you but one example (simply as I don’t have all day to rip apart just how shonky your research methodology is)

    Your material for example on nukes in NZ is daft its largely Owen Wilkes material reworked with your own crap conclusions and a bunch of a mate at pub told me stories.

    In contrast I use one off the record source a weapon officer in NZ Navy who notes they were pulled out of Devon Port (Not Taupo) after we went nuclear free.

    However I then document that allegation by noting;

    Yes NZ did store nuclear weapons (as testified by General Weaselly Clarke Dominion 1991).

    The role of US nuclear submarines in NZ here to be resupplied – with regular visits to Deep Cover is noted in the opal file – supporting documentation emerged at Silicon Kiwi 91 – which records a DSIR facility in that location classified as Secret.

    Eye witness regarding Fjordland are noted in a 2000 issue of Investigate which also document NZ role in submarine ware fare and the Tenix sonar buoys off the East Coast of NZ (it uses their own source material to back up the claim) .

    This information is corroborated in turn by Professor Paul Buchanan Auckland University (former Pentagon analyst) regarding his conversation with US submarine captains.

    It also gets a passing mention in a 1995 issue of US Bulletin of Naval Intelligence. In addition to the work of Brian Jackson Lost Oil Fields of NZ..

    A bunch of other material including primary document secured under the official information (from MFAT, NRL) and NZ archive, and the nuclear industry own websites and press releases searches show nuclear waste and RTG were located in McMurdo from the 1960’s till 2000 much of it passed through NZ via Operation Deep Freeze (confirmed by the NRL own documentation) , or on {editorial correction) the USS Otis Bland (Owen Wilkes) and the MV Green Wave (OIA file NRL, MFAT) .

    To repeat you offer not ONE shred of empirical information to support your own claims.

    Your work is one long bunch of ‘I met a man (and you don’t even name the man) at a pub’* who told me blah blah blah.

    *Greg sadly insist they were all sober missing the point completely that his fairy tales are just hear say and he offers not one shred of proof to back up what true and what just gossip.

    Yes Greg FB is amateur hour and that why I also writes articles, do radio shows, and producer both a paper and write books.

    Troll lol your the one posting on my wallplease stay off it in future and will both be happy”.
    Sadly my your not welcome on my  page ‘you rabid mongoloid fucktard’ bugger off hint

    fell deaf on Greg ears.
  • Greg Hallett Well its good to see you’ve had your period. Teh word you are missing was
  • Greg Hallett The word you were missing was “Poronui Station” and I never met a man down at a pub to get any of my research, and, if you read carefully, I did name my sources. The mark of a troll is to change the topic and then ‘cut off’ which you have done. Good research by the way. I’m very impressed, but you are missing that Winston Peters worked with Prime Minister Robert Muldoon in Heroin Trafficking. Marty Johnstone was their client dealer. Winston Peters also shared a ‘legal office’ with Peter Williams in Tauranga where they ‘did not practise law’ but watched the heroin coming through Tauranga’s Wharf. Their ‘Heroin Trafficking Mole’ was Heeni Philips who was Winston Peters girlfriend, but is now Peter Williams common law wife. Peter Williams ran his client heroin trafficker Terry Clark, whose live in girlfriend was Peter Williams Junior Lawyer Karin Soich.
  • Greg Hallett In March 2009 Peter Williams filmed the President of the National Party  {that would have being John Slater Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil dad} having sex with a minor – an underaged boy – above Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road, opposite the Food Court. Peter Williams owns the building next door and got the film foootage. Peter Williams was also the lawyer for the tenants at Platos restaurant. Peter Williams then used this video footage to extort National Prime Minister John Key to put Peter Williams on the New Years Honours List 2014/15. Winston Peters then picked up on this, and that’s how he’s becoming MP for Northland”.


    Amazing claims and who know they may even be right as Hallet does mix the entire kitchen sink together so you can never be certain which gem he picked up has worth and which is simply a colored glass bead.

    Yet if you read State Secrets (whose style Greg impersonates very closely) you will note yes I talk of Muldoon’s link to Mr Asia something I wrote about over a decade ago (But again Hallet being such a switched on researcher would already know this).

    In State Secrets  http://www.postmanproductions.org/StateSecrets-1.pdf

    Click on it to read free book

    Click on it to read free book

    I also talked of Karren Soich ( her links to Paul Homes and the former TVNZ CEO Neil Roberts who would later be busted on the Auckland Harbor bridge with a kilogram of coke in his Porsche) and Peter Williams.  and State Secrets 2.

    So not a lot of what Hallet say is new to me.

    Most of Hallets material being rehashed from other books of the like Mr Asia, or Greed, or which being circulating the rumor mill in NZ bars for some time now.

    The difference however between what I print and what Hallett writes is that their is not one claim made in any of my book or newspaper articles which cant be supported by primary documentation or is already a matter of public record and thus no matter how controversial it can survive a defamation test if push comes to shove.

    Their is plenty of things I could have written from what I was told but it boiled down to what can I prove. Halett does not seem to get that important lesson.

    As for my own claims I can make with 100% certainty my best seller State Secrets ( a free copy is available on this website) having first being vetted by law firm before publishing.

    It was also tested afterwards by a law firm, representing on the largest stars in the Wine Box Affair who told my publisher Ian Wishart on the day before publishing “if were mentioned in the book well sue you”. To which Wishart (who I later fell out with due to difference in styles)  replied in one of his more witty moments “fantastic we could do with all the publicity we can get”. The same night as the encounter with the law firm Wishart received a phone call which he logged with the police immediately (but you can read the book to find about that). When the dust had settle no legal action ever came my way.

    The firm in question Russel McVeigh who also crossed my paths at a later date when I received a threat of a law suit by them on behalf of ultra Catholic Richard V Allen former National Security Adviser to Ronlad Reagan about his links to arms deals, drugs and money laundering, when he came to live in NZ in 2003, and his close ties to the P2 (Proganda duo -operation Gladio) styled Millbrook luxury resort in Queenstown which is not so jokingly mick named by the locals as ‘CIA Queens-town’.

    Again this is a claim I make with supporting documentation and photographs concerning it long list of very interesting and controversial guests. Allen threat makes up part of the extensive photographic documentation of State Secrets II and stars Allen’s accidental omission that the entire Iran Contra political scandal was in fact initiated by Senator John Towers. Towers was no less than the very man brought into clear President Ronald Reagan and George Bush of any involvement in the affair to begin with via his role as Chairman of the Towers Commission the best bit of justice money could buy.

    If I had any doubts about Hallet ability to tell porkies then it comes from his own page where having not got a response from my page (namely because I don’t live on face book) he would post

    Ben Vidgen is a TROLL !!!! Usual entrapment procedures used . . .

    (Yes I set up facebook page and dont ask Greg to visit it when he does and makes an ass of himself I ask him to leave very cunning agent 86)

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    • Dave Eden Thanks Bro.
    • Greg Hallett Cheers. He posts false accusations, then doesn’t post the answer/reply. Suspected of working for the Catholic Church, he’s covering for paedophiles and pro-Heroin Trafficking in New Zealand and is protecting those players.
      7 hrs · Like · 5
    • Poppy Joy Glæde Thanks – felt it
    • Louie Lanz Really? I did not pick up on that… just curious but how can you be so sure?

    Yes Greg how can you be so sure?

    Answer he cant.

    Hallett has no primary documentation to support that claim, no witness,  but apparently that is all Hallet needs to make shit up. Why have evidence when you can just spin lies.

    Because that the kind of indepth ‘research’ Halett makes before he opens his mouth.

    I resent the likes of Hallet — the reality is I make bugger all money doing what I do, having chosen to turn my back on a lucrative career in corporate media as it simply did not sit well with my conscience. Forget a comfortable life. Forget medical attention when you need it. Forget having the kind of life most people take for granted.

    In my time I have had multiple death threats and legal threats. I have lost count of how many times people have threatened to beat me up (and I’m really not that big) . I have being bombed bugged and basically treated like a social pariah because I wont shut up or back down from a story no matter how controversial it is. Gangs, spies, mercenaries, lawyers, bent cops, drug dealers, hit men fuck I just cant keep track of how many people I have pissed off with nothing but my pen and very very little back up.

    Their is no social kudos and no loot in what I do.

    But the fact is that at less I can take pride in an investigative methodology which in part due to my diligence and in part due to a two decade plus career (where hindsight has proven to be my best ally) has created a track record that has won over readers and earned me credibility. My reputation is for honest but badly spelt stories and my name is my stock and currency. And with this currency occasionally I get to do bit of social good and know I serve those who I love even though most of them have no idea what I do or what it has cost me.

    Hallet work in my opinion simply muddy the work of serious researchers and it his ilk which makes it so hard to win over the attention of corporate media on serious issues. Or to sway those in influence who might just might be able to help fight the tide of growing corruption we face in this country.

    Oh and for the record asides from being the first journalist in NZ to not only report on wide spread organised crime in NZ as being a reality I’m also the first journalist to report on organised underage prostitution in Christchurch with the assistance of the very able and courageous Yarni Johansen (now one of NZ youngest city Councillor). These are all feats which opened the door for other members of the press to cover these significant issues who had previously felt these topics were off limit. The unsubstantiated claims of Hallet cause those door to shut firmly closed in an area where you have to tread so ever carefully and ever so slowly.

    Hallet is an unwelcome false flag fantasist who harms the very people who its so bloody hard to help to start with.

    As for my pro Catholic stance again this is an article (see blow) I wrote in 1995 where I document the role of the Catholic Church in sponsoring fascism and terrorism. It is written a decade before 9/11 and the rapid unfolding of the fascist military industrial complex. Yet again Hallet would have know this had he done his research in stead of simply making up allegations.

    Apparently Hallett cant even use Google where my anti establishment – gonzo journalist – track record is very much a matter of public record and has being for some time before the like of Hallet surfaced from which ever hole he crept out of.

    http://www.whale.to/a/vidgen.html – (Book 1 FREE having got my royalty cheque’s long ago I decide to make this book available to the public at no cost

    • karen soich

    Entertainment lawyer Karren Soich ran with an interesting crowd including drug dealer Terry Sinclair (Mr Asia) Coke fiend Neil Roberts TVNZ CEO, and Paul Holmes (who was partners with Soich and Roberts in Commnicardo Production ) and the Auckland Head Hunter motorcycle gang.

    Don’t get me wrong the history of corruption Tauranga is fascinating and Hallet is correct on one issue to remind us that Peters came from a fraction of the National Party that was basically morally bent as a dog’s hind leg.

    It included Muldoon (‘The Bookie from Tepuke’ whose antics in Wellington led the Wellington Chapter on the Mongrel Mob to be called Rob’s Mob prior to his ‘knight hood’ as a honorary member of Black Power’) whose accountancy firm did do the books for the Mr Asia Drug syndicate, Barry Brill, Les Gandar, Hugh Templeton, Ray Le Varis, Warren Cooper etc – or as I like to call the Nat MP’s from that area ‘The Bodgeys’ in blue.

    Further I have myself have reported about Peters own links to MP Ross Meurant the former National MP in the habit of hanging around with Russian Mobsters in particular those tied to Prok Bank. Prok being a Russian money laundering bank, based in NZ and Vanuatu, which I helped Custom Intelligence officers John Anderson and Tony Spillane investigate back in 1998 as part of the research for State Secrets. It was dodgy tax haven bank which also proved to have links to Fay Richwhite investment (famed of the Wine box inquiry) via the mineral exchange consortium Wellnet Holdings Ltd.

    I found Meurant’s handling as fisheries consultant for Winston Peters, while working out of the offices of one of the firm under investigation Vela Fisheries, reaked of a conflict of interest. Like wise I have written how Peters himself took donation money that was highly questionable to say the less. I have also written on Peter’s role in covering up the non investigation into NZ role in the corrupt UN Food For Oil (called in Australia Weapons For Wheat

    Food For milk the investigation that never was

    Food For milk the investigation that never was

    Prok directors included form NZ Dairy Board executive (to Russia) Ian Robertson of Vostock Services whose web site advertise they deal in NZ icecream, middle eastern oil and munitions.

    Vostock Service also worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the export of milk to Iraq via Vietnam as part for the dubious Food For Oil deal.. Largely using the same personnel who had previously worked for Prok in NZ according to the flow chart I was shoen by NZ custom officer Tony Spillane, indpendent researcher John Rowley, and word to that affect by journalist Seff Braunias concerning Meurtant’s continued involvement in the import export market in Asia (and Yeman) on behalf of his former KGB colleagues at Prok

    Other firms with NZ connection to Food For Oil would include;

    1. Fonterra who can be found trading with  more than 23 firms used to ship Milk Powder to Iraq in late 90’s according to primary UN documentation of the affair.

    22 of the firms turned out to subsidiaries of the 23rd firm HSA Yemen known financier of the Al Taqwa Lugarno Switerland, which aside from being ID as the bank used by Pakistan Generals to fund the 9/11 terrorists can be ID in UN records and public reports dating back to the 1990’s as front firm used to ship arms to the Muslim Brother hood.

    2. NZ Waste Management whose director David Appleby was the NZ end of CIA arm launders operation run Bishop Ron Rewald as exposed by TVNZ reporter Bill Ralston in 1987 with the help of Winston Peters.

    Renwald’sNZ affairs were in fact part of two pronged Maori Loans affair involving many of the players with whom fraudster money launder and Black Power affiliate Shane Wenzel could be linked to two decades later when he was running around trying to buy dairy farms with suit case full of “middle east dollars’ on behalf of the Tainui iwi.

    Its an environment where you have to be careful who you call a black hat and white hat and where their is plenty of territory for Grey men like Peters who always prove bloody hard to pin down one way or the other.


    3. Reece Engineering the NZ subsidiary of Kim-seeds International who admit on their own web site equipment previously shipped to Iraq was used for military purposes. Their procurement officer is graduate of Iraq University and holds a degree in chemical engineering. Their clients include Iran, Burma and Syria.

    ** See also Paul Van Herren (Huka Lodge) ties to dual use technology used to make nuclear switch detonators// vanishing papers Prime International// banned form trading in US due to import to India/Pakistan involving firm Prime International/ ANZ uranium shares along with Paladin and with thr late Jame Blanchard III partners with Sir Roger Douglas in luxury lodge Whare Kahu// NZ links Dr Khan nuclear technology smuggling pipeline.

    * See Also Pacific Express (Dirty Collars Charles Sturt, State Secrets 1&2 Ben Vidgen, The Other Side of Deception Chapter 23 index Victor Otrovossky and SP Trading*)

    Much of this would be tied up in NZ port business and the one case supporting the allegations I found independently was the MV Endeavor owned by ANL shipping Australia which was found in July 2010 attempting to ship arms from North Korea to Iran. The NZ agents of ANL Scales Shipping is one of several firms I identified in 2006 due to their links to maritime based embezzlement, fish poaching, money laundering and arms trafficking, at the address of 254 Montreal St Christchurch Scales House the subsidiary firm of South Canterbury Finance.

    Scales, according to their own autobiography, was the heart of special operation involving the Royal Merchant Navy during World war II including arms allied back shipment to Vostock Russia.

    In 1998 a subsidiary firm Mr Apples was linked to money laundering in Privy Council case which found the company guilty of criminal activity.

    The address in which these firms sat was also linked to the Prok bank Vanautu whose director include Victor and Larissa Shumilov ex KGB officers (source NZ Customs Intelligence), arms dealer and ex MP Ross Meurant and the former head of the NZ dairy Board far Eastern Operation Ian Robertson.

    Today Robertson run Vostock Services who deal in Middle Eastern Oil, NZ dairy products and Russian munitions including uranium rounds shipped to general Dynamic Canada and “training rounds” shipped to the NZ Defence Department. Most of these are brought in on aircraft (whose photographs are in my book) well linked to black market arms deal and the arming of terrorism.

    Yes questions do surround Peters handling of the Food For Oil affair and his relationship with Meurant is equally curious.

    However it is one thing to write something you can back up with records and with multiple named witnesses it is another to just regurgitate material you have never authenticated.

    Halett does this time and time and time again. His work is no better than a collection of I met a man at pub who told me about this fellah who told him…. Short version if your the kind of reader who seriously think Hallett work is serious research and worth following then please do me a favour and take your self off my subscription listing immediately because morons are not the people I write for.

    I have worked hard to make sure I have a following of readers who understand that it one thing to be a free thinker. But if your doing it without having the writer having to also be subject to the responsibility of producing a level of actual proof then you may as will go and read a comic book and call it an encyclopedia.

    Authentication is every thing and if a writer can not authenticate their material then either they are lazy or just plain dishonest.

    I think Greg Hallett is clearly in the latter camp personally as he makes statement which are clearly defamatory. So even if you have the most basic understanding of law in NZ or Australia (where Halett lives) you can only conclude Hallett is either just really stupid (in regard to not knowing how the law works) or he is banking on the fact that high profile politician will know their is more to loose than chucking good money after bad in law suit which will cost a lot and generate bad publicity.

    And beside Hallet is a nobody followed by the delusional so many will just laugh and think let him spin his tall stories and keep the dumb mushrooms in the dark.


Tale spinner Greg Hallet Claims Winston Peters is Drug Dealer; THE LIE THAT CAME IN FROM THE COLD

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  1. chris wardill

    my stepfather rodger goodwyn dickie, master mariner, maritime tutor at bop polytech used to meet winston peters at the historic village in tauranga every monday lunchtime i think it was, always had good words to say about him.

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