Suicide Pilots Hacked Aircraft & Telekinetic Monkeys
Welcome to warfare in the twenty first century.


The problem I have with this story of alleged suicide by the co-pilot of Germanwings, which crashed kiling 150 people and the claim he tore up medical sick notes are as follows;

A;It is one several claims made to date but no one has offered a shred of proof to back those claims up. All source referred to including the “former girl friend” are not named and no primary documentation is offered up to authenticate the claims.

At this stage even if the media did offer up a note as proof I would now have a problem accepting its authentication. At less with out an actual doctor, who treated him, coming forth as a named source, to confirm they signed the documents in question.

B; You name me one incident EVER where within two days the black box is not only recovered following an air crash but it content is shared with the media immediately. This seem like a premeditated smear campaign prepared in advance.

C; Regardless we never hear the alleged co-pilot respond or given any sign indicating he was alive or conscious. The assumption is simply he was alive when the door was locked and that he alone over rode the manual coding system.

Now here are some interesting background data which provides two frightening alternative to the suicide murder scenario;


Bear in mind one of the passenger Yvonne Selke also worked for an ultra sinister corporation Booze Allen (also a central player to the rogue PROMIS mass surveillance soft-ware scandal and the controversial murder of investigative report Danny Cassalaro). Booz Allen had just being awarded over 13 billion in mass surveillance and cyber aviation security and anti hacking contracts – to protect the physical infrastructure of aviation technology. Majority Share holder of Booz Allen is held by Carlye investments the firm which up until 9/11 included members of the Saudi Bin Laden Family, the Bush family and other prominent figures. The Bush family and former UK PM John Major continue to sit as directors of the military industrial giant board.

The 13 billion tender follows a spate of no less than four other incidents in six month including Air Asia (where warning of cyber hacks were made repeatedly before the event), a 3 million bounty put on Russian hackers by the FBI, an aviation terrorist warning of imminent attack on a transportation hub in Europe and wide spread concerns of aviation hacks within the aviation industry.

Multiple high level warning all made in the weeks before the attack – indicating a clear a prominent volume of chatter around this issue . Is it to much for us to get all the facts in before we categorically trial some one by media allegations alone and eliminate other alternative before investigation has even begun in earnest.

Yvonne’s death follows in the foot step of a long line of defense contractors who died in controversial airline accidents including Turkish Flight 1951 Amsterdam, 3407 Buffalo, Flight 471 France Brazil, Air Adams, Malaysia 370 Malaysia MH17 and Sailor Gutzler, the little girl who survived a plane crash killing her father, mother, and two other passengers, turn out to have a very interesting brother. While media simply refer to them visiting Nicholas Brink “a relative” . Nicholas is the adult son of Kim Gutzler’s original marriage, an electronic technician in mass communication (normally associated with naval public relations) this does seem to be quite accurate. Ken Gemmell



Nicholas Brink appears in article in which Naval Air Station Key West Commanding Officer Capt. Steve McAlearney presents the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal to Electronics Technician 2nd Class Nicholas Brink of Nashville, Ill., at Boca Chica Field. On Aug. 31 (just prior to his promotion to petty officer). Brink was award the medal after responded to a choking victim at the Key West restaurant where he performed the Heimlich maneuver to successfully clear the victim’s airway from obstruction Aug. 31. Nicholas Brink, had been in the U.S. Navy for eight years.

Curious the accompanying article, in a navy publication, also omits these details, unusual in that corp tend to take pride in the accomplishment of their member and such details are usually listed. Like wise the photo of Brink receiving the medal is also taken in manner you can not easily identify the unit insignia or unit call number. You can only see that his parent corp unit logo contains an anchor (will it is the navy), a lightening bolt, skull and what looks like a gas mask – masks in the navy are usually associated with units that work with or along side aviation units.

Brinks has not made an entry on his face book entry since December indicating he is in operational deployment mode. The same page shows Brink a fan of Republican Mitt Romney, previously was assigned to the George Washington CVN-73 which is usually stationed in Japan at Yokosuka. His face book also sites him simultaneously moving to both Key West and Yokosuka Japan in Asia where the US Navy have a base.

In December the naval base at Key West which support operations in relation to monitoring Cuba during the cold war and today the marine base at Gitmo, was central to visit by Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) Adm. Michelle Howard who carried out the unusual activity of “all hands” addresses Key West Boca Chica Field where Brinks was stationed as part of touring of a;; installations assigned to Navy Region Southeast – shortly before Brinks active deployment to operations.

At less one ship stationed in Yokosuka is known to be in active service USS Sampson which is assisting with the search for the black box related to the Air Asia aircraft which crashed on December 28th.

Leaked data suggest the Air Asia plane was thrown to the ground in manner that defies logic.

Aviation expert Neil Hansford, of Strategic Aviation Solutions, said “Once the aircraft starts to fall…the pressurization would go and they’d go to sleep very quickly, so I don’t think they would have endured very much,” he said. The US role came after a US presidential briefing. China also offered to take part in the search. Neither nation has foreign nationals on board. This is in contrast following the downing of MH370 where the USA was not major participant despite the aircraft close proximity to Diego Garcia a major US airbase used for computerized long range drones and bombers.



The downing of the two Malaysian aircraft comes months after another small aircraft crashed into house in Maryland Washington DC killing the family of electronics defense contractor Ken Gemmel, who worked for Savi Technology, a US defense firm which specialized in creating RFID chips for automated cargo and aviation systems. Savi Technology is owned by Booze Allen partner in the six billion anti hacking defence contracts Lockheed who are also involved in the mass surveillance program BIG DATA which is developing self learning machines using advanced artificial intelligence software.

This marks the tenth aircraft to crash in two years with passenger tied to sensitive end of technology development in areas including pharmaceutical for infectious diseases, artificial intelligence, second generation drones, aviation based electronic warfare and carrier design including the light plane crash of defence and advanced artificial intelligence self learning machines.

The victims include Amherst System founder and bio-weapons and artificial intelligence developer Donald Hess.

Four of Hess engineers, after Amherst stem was brought out by Northrupp Gruman, were aboard Flight 3407.

A further four Boeing engineers, who worked on installing Artificial Intelligence Electronic Warfare Suites aboard AWACS stationed in Turkey as part of Operation Peace Eagle, were aboard Flight 1951 when it crashed in Amsterdam in 2010

Further defence contractors and A.I. specialists can also be found aboard Air France Flight 471, MH370, and MH17.




The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) confirmed here Wednesday that Xiao Xiang, an associate research fellow of its Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, was on board the Air France jetliner that vanished in the Atlantic in 2009 off the coast of Fernado de Noronha where the Lockheed Northup Grumman built surveillance and electronic war station SAVIM is located.

The other eight Chinese nationals include a Chinese applicant for the status of investment immigrant in Brazil from eastern China, six staffers of Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Co. Ltd., in Benxi City of northeast China’s Liaoning Province, and Gao Jiachu an employee of the Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Benxi and Huawei work closely with each other in relation to developing material for use in semi conductors.
Huawei also lost an employee in plane crash in the Cameroon Kenya in 2007. At the time telecommunication company, with close ties to the Chinese cyber intelligence, was subject to hacking operation by NSA it was revealed in 2014.



Chinese cyber experts were also on the the doomed Maylasian MH370 who cause and where about remains unknown. The crash coming only week before Air Asia went down only weeks after hackers repeatedly state the aircraft would be subject to hack and people on popular Chinese social media site were told not to get on the flight.

As previously reported the Air Asia incident in December 2014 occurred when the airline suffered a spate of incidents related to electronic or computer based failures.

Implants and synthetic telekinesis and Robot Assassins:


The Chinese engineers worked for Freescale’s who majority shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US president George Bush Sr and former British Prime Minister John Major. Carlyle Investments as noted also hold controlling shares of Booz Allen. On its website, the company Freescale says its radio frequency products meet the requirements for applications in “avionics, radar, communications, missile guidance, electronic warfare and identification friend or foe”. Last June it announced it was creating a team of specialists dedicated to producing “radio frequency power products” for the defence industry. And on March 3, it announced it was releasing 11 of these new gadgets for use in “high frequency, VHF and low-band UHF radar and radio communications”.

The core of this technology would be an RFID based

“Injectable implants to insert a human-machine interface, for example, a targeting system attached to the optic nerve, rendering Google glasses obsolete. Bionic implants could be implanted in nerves of the limbs to control battery-powered prosthetics, realizing the Pentagon’s dream of a human-centered robotic warrior, known to anime fans as “meka”.


The claims of suicide pilot come from German newspaper The Rheinische Post come after it emerged Lubitz may have crashed his plane due to fears he was about to lose his licence on medical grounds.

“The pilot locked his captain of the cockpit on Tuesday before setting the airliner’s controls to descend into a rocky valley, obliterating the plane and killing all 150 people on board.
Investigators revealed today that medical sign-off notes were found at Lubitz’s home – including at least one that covered the day of the crash – and Dusseldorf University Hospital confirmed he had been a patient there over the past two months, although it would not disclose his condition.

More sick notes are said to have covered other days when he flew despite being told not to. But police said they found no suicide note in a five-hour search. Speaking to MailOnline tonight, an airline spokesman stressed the company was unaware of any medical notes and said it had been Lubitz’s responsibility to tell his employers he was unfit to fly”.

No named source or primary documents are offered up to corroborate these allegations.

The current crash come on top of wave of suspicious death within the defense electronic warfare sector including

1. New Hampshire Union Leader reports the body of 50-year-old Chris Cramer was discovered below the third-floor balcony of his Tabuk, Saudi Arabia hotel room on Jan. 15 2015. His employer, Kollsman, Inc., a subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America, initially told the family his death had been ruled a suicide by the local police. Cramer was in the country at the request of Advance Defense Systems of Kollsman in order to provide technical assistance for a demonstration and sale of a TOW anti-armor missile system. The family do not accept the allegation of suicide and suspect foul play. His last text reads “I’m at the Marakim tabuk hotel in Saudi I think something bad is going to happen to me tonight. Please contact state dept ASAP. Bad things were said.”


Elbit system subsidiaries include;

Elbit Systems Intelligence and Electro-optics – Elop Ltd.
Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd.
Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT – Elisra Ltd.
Elbit Systems – Cyclone Ltd.
Elbit Security Systens Ltd.
Kinetics Ltd.
SCD – Semi-Conductor Devices
Opgal – Optronics Industries Ltd.
Elbit Systems of America, LLC

Elbit have contracts with the Romanian Airforce secured after a spate of aircraft accident.

On September 3, 2009, the Norwegian Pension Fund’s ethical council decided to sell the fund’s stocks in Elbit due to the corporations supply of surveillance systems for the Israeli West Bank barrier.[21] At a press conference to announce the decision, Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen said “We do not wish to fund companies that so directly contribute to violations of international humanitarian law”. The Norwegian Ambassador to Israel was called to a meeting at the Israeli Foreign Ministry where the decision was protested. The event occurs shortly the Norwegian Shooter Anders Behring Breivik July 2011.

2. Em Uğur, 28, became the fifth engineer to commit suicide at ASELSAN, Turkey’s largest defense contractor, which has been plagued by mysterious deaths often ruled as suicide since 2006.

Uğur was working as an engineer testing the products of ASELSAN, a major resource provider for the Turkish Armed Forces in electronic devices and systems. ASELSAN is a company operated by a foundation established by the army. It designs, develops and manufactures military communication systems, radar and electronic warfare systems, electro-optical systems, and defense and weapon systems for the army. It is also among the major defense exporters.



The case is bizarre in that the Turkish Government has gone so fat to suggest the use of psychological warfare to be specific induced telepathic depression was involved in the case of some of these suicides murder. Amazingly the case has made mainstream news.



3. Electronics engineer Shane Todd.

Following Shane Todd’s death in the presence of reporters his parents who reject the suicide claim discovered a “card-sized plastic case was not a speaker but an external hard drive with a back-up of his computer files, including his work at IME, and a timetable and plan for a project that apparently involved IME and Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecom giant”.

Data on the harddrive revealed how, from 2012 to the end of 2014, IME and Huawei would “co-develop” an amplifier device powered by gallium nitride (GaN), a semiconductor material able to withstand extreme heat and power levels well beyond silicon. GaN devices have commercial use in lighting as well as high-powered transistors for mobile phone base stations. They also have tremendous military potential, and major US defence contractors – including Northrup-Grumman and Raytheon – have pursued significant research and development in GaN for use in radar and satellite communications.

4. D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier and Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced the mounting number of casualties at the Navy ship yards in Washington DC in a series of news conferences where she also refereed to multiple shooters. It remains a mystery how the shooter passed a metal detector located inside the entrance of the building where the shooting began where authorities later maintained a short barelled shot gun (hidden in a back pack) was deployed.

“Initially said authorities were looking for two more potential shooters dressed in military style clothing. Shortly after she announced a detailed description of two suspects, city officials said one had been located and cleared. And at a 10 p.m. news conference she said police were comfortable the shooting had been committed by one person”. Photo taken at the time show a single man being hoisted off the roof where the shootings broke out. Multiple witnesses describe a long barrel weapon and give specific detail mimicking the sound of the use of an automatic weapon.


The assassin Alexis received a secret-level security clearance. His security clearance investigation was conducted by USIS, the same contractor that had also vetted Edward Snowden.

From September 2012 to January 2013, Alexis worked in Japan, at a classified facility in Yokosuka”refreshing computer systems” on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet network for an HP Enterprise Services subcontracting company called “The Experts”.

At the time of his death, Alexis was working on a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics from Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide the only civilian university to offer a pilot course in UAV technology.

After the Navy Yard shooting, the media reported that Alexis was under “the delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves”. A message later obtained by federal authorities from Alexis’ personal computing devices said, “Ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months.


Many of his victim all carried high level security passes and worked in system analyst or design of naval ships.

Michael Arnold, 59, of Lorton, Virginia. He had two master’s degrees from the University of Washington and worked designing ships at the Navy Yard, WDIV reported.

• Kathy Gaarde, 62, of Woodbridge, Virginia, detail unknown.

Richard Michael Ridgell, 52, of Westminister, Maryland. Detail unknown.

• John Roger Johnson, 73, of Derwood, Maryland, Details Unknown.

• Arthur Daniels, 51, of southeast Washington, D.C. handyman lost his son 14 years earlier in a shooting.

• Richard Michael Ridgell, 52, of Westminster, Maryland worked for the Maryland State Police until 2000, capping a 17-year career with the force, the newspaper reported.

• Martin Bodrog, 54, of Annandale, Virginia, served 22 years in the military, where he received numerous awards and medals. After his career, he oversaw the design and procurement of ships for the Navy.

Martin Bodrog, 54, of Annandale, Virginia. Details Unknown.

• Vishnu Bhalchandra Pandit, 61, of North Potomac, Maryland. Details Unknown.

• Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46, of Waldorf, Maryland, civilian utilities foreman, Evelyn Proctor told the New York Daily News.

• Mary Francis Knight, 51, of Reston, Virginia, was an information technology contractor who had been in Washington for five years, daughter of a Green Beret held highest security grade possible.

• Gerald Read, 58, of Alexandria, Virginia, was an information assurance specialist in the Navy Sea Systems Command who spent much of his career in military law enforcement as a systems analyst. The former Army lieutenant with two master’s degrees worked as a civilian at the Navy Yard, managing security risks related to data.

• Sylvia Frasier, 53, of Waldorf, Maryland, Details Unknown.

• Frank Kohler, 50, of Tall Timbers, Maryland. Familyhome burned down in a gas explosion couple of years earlier. Worked previously for Lockheed Martin,

Naval yard first res-ponders stood down ad decision made to deploy BFAT swat team the same unit credited with the arrest and shooting of the alleged Boston Bombers.

5. A number of military person ell with high level security tolerances are killed in movie theater by gunmen at shooting spree in Aurora Colorado

The assassin neurology PHD student James Homes worked for military defence contractors Salk Institute who partnered with US research agency whose technology projects included the development of synthetic telepathy.







Holmes was one of six recipients of a National Institutes of Health Neuroscience Training Grant at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver where Holmes reportedly gave a presentation at the Anschutz campus on Micro DNA Biomarkers in a class titled “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders.”

Initial reports of Holmes having an accomplice in the theater shooting have been discounted by the Aurora police. In 2006, at the age of 18, Holmes served as a research intern at the Salk Institute at the University of California at San Diego in La Jolla.

In 2004 the research center was partnered with the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Columbia University, University of California at San Francisco, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wake Forest University, and the Mars Company (the manufacturers of Milky Way and Snickers bars) to prevent fatigue in combat troops through the enhanced use of epicatechina, a blood flow-increasing and blood vessel-dilating anti-oxidant flavanol found in cocoa and, particularly, in dark chocolate.

The research was part of a larger DARPA program known as the “Peak Soldier Performance Program,” which involved creating brain-machine interfaces for battlefield use, including human-robotic bionics for legs, arms, and eyes.

James Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, where he worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans.

Terrence Sejnowski, the Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the director of the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, in an interview with Cognitive Science Online in 2008, had the following comment about recent studies of the human brain: “Alan Newell [cognitive psychology researcher at the intelligence community-linked RAND Corporation] once said that when AI [artificial intelligence] was founded not enough was known about the brain to be of any help and in the early 1980s, symbol processing was the only game in town. That has changed and we now know a lot about the brain, perhaps more than we need to know [emphasis added].”


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