DOC Knows 1080 is Killing Keas – A toxic history of cover ups & distractions.

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This month the headlines have being full of the news of a threat to put 1080 in baby formula if aerial-1080 is not stopped. This sparked off a witch hunt which chose to ignore that the 1080 included in the threat letters was in white powder form. This raw or pure manufactured form is only possessed by those within the industry.

It coincides with the news that, yet again, kea have vanished in the wake of a 1080 drop. Another situation that DoC is believed to be covering up as rows rage on within DoC’s own ranks. Perhaps it is only matter of time before this issue goes public. All this follows on from an  unpopular report by the PCE Dr Jan Wright. A report that astoundingly encourages greater use of inhumane and indiscriminate aerial-1080

It also comes on top of long list of articles all showing that 1080 is doing more than killing possums. It is in fact eroding the populations of the native species it is meant to be protecting.


Jan 28, 2015 – DOC has been trialling repellents after a number of kea deaths from 1080poisoning. In 2008 seven died in the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier …


Aug 21, 2013 – Five kea have been killed in Arthur’s Pass in a 1080 operation attempting to protect the endangered and protected species.…/Kea-can-t-resist-eating-1080-baits


Feb 11, 2014 – Researchers trying to find ways to prevent kea from eating 1080 bait are unlikely to be ready for a planned increase in pest control this year. › About DOC › News › Media releases › 2013


Aug 21, 2013 – The Department of Conservation will continue to investigate ways to protect kea during 1080 operations after disappointing results from a …


An immediate ban on the aerial use of 1080 poison is required if kea are to see next century. Please take a few minutes to watch this clip and be informed.


Seven kea have died at Fox Glacier after eating 1080 poison, wiping out almost half a group of the endangered and protected parrot being monitored by the … › … › Kararehe Kino Issue 22


However adverse incidents still occasionally occur, such as the deaths of seven kea after 1080 possum control operations in Westland in 2008 and 2011.


Aug 21, 2013 – DOC has been trialling repellents after a number of kea deaths from 1080 poisoning. In 2008 seven died in the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier  …

“Pamela Adams runs the Possum Merino shop in Haast and Santana. She said when they built there 10 years ago, kea were a nuisance on the building site. Now they hardly see one. Mary Molloy (FATE or Farmers Against Ten Eighty) and Jim Hilton talk about the old flocks of a few years ago where there were 80 or so seen together. Now the odd solitary one flies over and they think “lucky bugger escaped the drops”. Information has come to light suggesting all six monitored kea that were living within the Abbey Rock 1080 drop area are now missing – if monitored kea are missing what is the state of the rest of the population? Pamela Adams noted that”DoC has a helicopter out looking and monitored kiwis are suspected to be part of the search as well”

There is a pattern to the false 1080 threats that is now becoming evident. In 2007, 1080 was stolen and police said it might be used by activists who threatened to put it in drinking water. No threat ever emerged. The threat however coincided with the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) claiming there was a lack of knowledge about 1080’s effects on reptiles and frogs. Amazingly there was  “No data available on the toxicity of 1080 to native NZ reptiles”



In 2005 news was again broadcast about how pellets had being found near a water reservoir and this “might” be the work of activists.  The rumour coincided with news that, contrary to DoC’s later assertion, 1080 had been proven in scientific studies to be killing native frogs and native insects/invertebrates that are essential to the food chain. The scientist who wrote that report is now said to be working overseas as he can no longer find work within NZ.

So how many times can DoC cry wolf before people realise it’s not 1080 in milk they have to fear or even a radical activist but a rogue government agency that will pursue a policy that not only ruins New Zealand’s clean green image at the cost of perhaps millions of dollars a year, but also threatens the safety of entire communities.

DOC Knows 1080 is Killing Keas – A toxic history of cover ups & distractions.

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  1. Tony Gyde

    Hey, great to see you putting up the good fight and getting truths out there for the general public to be better informed. Unfortunately I found this a little hard to read due to lots of typos, missing letters and punctuation. If you would like some help with this, I would be happy to proof read your copy before you post it. You could email your intended copy and I could return it corrected for you to post. We are getting closer to ending the use of 1080 in NZ and we must just keep putting evidence in front of the public until it ends.

    Here is an example of what I mean…

    So how many times can DOC cry wolf before people realise its not 1080 in milk they have to fear, or even passionate activists, but a rogue government agency that not only ruins NZ’s clean green image, at a cost of millions of dollars a year, but threatens the safety of entire communities.

    Keep up the great posts

    kind regards

    Tony Gyde

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  2. Tony

    The public in general have no idea whats really going on in our very beautiful wild places, for those of us that have seen the devastation with our own eyes what is being done by DOC and the rest of the toxic invaders is adhorant and very sad indeed, The witch hunt is a John Keys fueled Red Herring panic attack that has no grounds at all, Its all about him being able to tell his wealthy corporate mates that that hes has weaseled out a few thousand eco terrorists and hes got it all under control, just like hes got the Countrys financial situation in hand Ha, Hes a sad little man who has not a thought or care about New Zealand or its people at all its all about making his rich mates richer on the backs of Kiwi workers.
    The two brown envelopes that were shown in the Photos are Government issue, free for all Politicians and their minions, I have one here just like them sent to me by the dishonorable Chris Carter when i was the vice president of Outdoor Recreation New Zealand Party, Plus where are these so called poisoned baby formula samples they are going on about, if they really existed there would have been photos of it all over the media but no nothing only two brown Government issue envelopes to prove their false claims, What we really have is only more very bad science and untruths from the pro 1080 brigade, very sad humans those people are, but still their actions are inexcusable and is already the talk of the world and its only a matter of time before the birds come home to roost, Just sayin!!!

  3. David Obendorf

    A very good compliation of information – could I suggest that someone proof read posts for typos and synax? Getting the wording correct is an essential part of engaging readers to take the content of face value. It does matter, as I’ve learnt from experience.

    Well done for collating this information and putting it out there! David

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