Communities Against Ten Eighty – BULLER 1080 SPRAY

This is media release going out from Communities Assuring Their Environment in Buller:Communities Against Ten Eighty – BULLER 19.03.15 The pre-feed for the Buller North 1080 drop was carried out here on Saturday 14th March by TBFree.
Left 1080 Green pellets on left with white dye (add in the US and shipped to NZ) 
& the White baby powder on the right which the green pellets were mean to hide in – what wrong with that picture now???
In a few days 1080 poison will be aerially spread a few hundred metres from our communities. It seems incredible that after all the noise in the media and concerns by police about the threat to milk powder,  that 1080 poison is still being dropped around New Zealand communities.This is not remote inaccessible bush. Is there additional security being put in place to guard the green dyed pellets when on the ground?Do they know the threat is not real?Or that it is indeed an ‘inside job’, inter-industry sabotage or political move, as some commentators are saying? The communities in the Northern Buller 1080 area are extremely disappointed, disgusted and scared that the 1080 drop is still going ahead less than 400m in places from our towns, which are inhabited by hundreds of people. Ours is the 1080 story that the NZ public is not being exposed to.

Why is that?

When we originally found 1080 was to be dropped into our water supplies/catchments and no safe drinking water or testing was to be offered, we fought for months – with the support of our local council, Buller District – to protect our babies and families.

If we had not checked the details, we could have been drinking poisoned water. Why/how were we put in this position? There is absolutely NO justification for drops to be this close to communities. We have nowhere safe to throw our dogs a stick unless we travel over 50km and we cannot use the back country, fish or hunt for months.


Documentation says that aerial-1080 operations should be carried out in the coldest months for maximum effectiveness. DoC recently postponed one due to the time of year. A recent public meeting found TBfree didn’t do any monitoring so the need or the results will never be known. It is just carried out regardless. How can this be right? Such a dangerous toxin should ONLY be used as a last resort, if at all in fact.

If it is so desperately needed, so necessary to New Zealand that it is above all human health and safety concerns, especially with the recent baby formula scare, then surely maximum effectiveness is a prerequisite?

We are situated right on the coast and any dust from the operation may be blown right onto our towns as the prevailing wind is behind us. We have requested our MoH and TBFree to push the drop boundary away from our town by 2km, to give us some breathing space from the dust, and this has not been implemented, even though EPA (govt) documents, show that in 3 out of 3 tests (i.e. 100%) an amount of 1080 dust travels OVER 1km and can take days to settle. No-one can tell us how much dust we are likely to be breathing in over the days following the operation. No testing, calculations or guidance has ever been done to protect us from dust. Why? Our MoH stated in a recent email “There is no evidence that 1080 dust drift from an operational area has harmed either humans or other mammals”. Undoubtedly this statement that can be made simply because the effect of dust (or 1080) on humans has never been tested for or even raised as a concern! We have also been told that “the concentration of 1080 in baits and the application rates have decreased.” This is very disturbing misinformation.

The amount of 1080 in baits has actually increased from 0.08% to 0.15% in recent years. We are uncomfortable with such information being used to placate us. It now seems common 1080 practice to roll out spurious statements to a concerned public. For example we are told that ‘you need to drink 20,000 litres of water to die from 1080’, and yet the chronic long term health impacts of minute amounts of 1080 are never mentioned.

There is no evidence, anywhere, that microscopic amounts of 1080 are safe for humans. They just don’t know. No studies on long term 1080 use around people have been carried out due to the exceedingly toxic nature of this poison. The ‘safe amounts’ often quoted are extrapolated guesswork, based upon laboratory tests on rats going back to the 1940s, where tiny amounts of 1080 did long term harm. The only guaranteed safe amount of 1080 is zero. We are fed up with our 1080 safety concerns being dismissed as ‘misinformation’ when the responses to them are meaningless statements or half-truths such as the ones above. That may reassure people that can’t think for themselves. They avoid the whole truth, because they know the public wouldn’t like it. We are not stupid. It would be nice, just this once, if they could provide us the evidence that 1080 is perfectly safe in small amounts for humans in the long term, or that we will be exposed to zero dust.

But unfortunately we think it will be a long wait.

No country community, in fact no community anywhere, should have to live in fear or breathing in toxic dust for days on end or worry and fight for their water safety for no good reason! Why is it OK for them to poison us?

Would this be signed off in the outer suburbs of our major cities?

Does the rest of New Zealand have any idea what the truth is surrounding the 1080 drops?

Why is this not headlines in the news like the threat was?

This is real.

This is happening NOW.

Signed and Supported by members of the CATE Buller Community:- Laurie Collins, Greenfield St Hector Melanie Elvin, Shanan and Hans Busch, 49 Dole Street Ngakawau: “Dont want it here, feel at risk in our own place, don’t even want to drink the water after it’s done.” Bernard Wesselingh, 114 Torea st Granity Cath Hemmings, 114 Torea St Granity Elle Cooper, 23 Corbett Street Hector J Launchbury, 23 Corbett Street, Hector Simmy Starchild Bee 39 Mill st Westport M & G Standing 12 Corbett St, Hector Angela Mcenroe-Baker, 144 Peel street Westport R Baker, Buller Margaret Jones, 37 Kane St Millerton: “If 1080 is a fatally toxic poison, as the eco terrorist scare this week makes out, why is the government directing it to be dropped only 400 metres away from communities? It’s so close anyone could go for a quick walk and pick it up and do whatever they like with it. Where’re the security measures in that?” Ann Mawson, 7 Ives St, Hector Robyn Poynter, 19 Greenfield Street, HECTOR Fiona Campbell, 35 Torea St Granity Julienne and Craig Ward, 1 Curtis Street Hector Annmarie and Brendon Bell, 30 Tyler Road, NGAKAWAU. Charlotte and Derek Lord, 30 Torea St, Granity: Why? Is the unanswerable question. All the attempts made to justify the use of 1080 have not proven beyond doubt that this product is safe to use; neither for man or beast. Shane Whittaker, Buller Pete Lusk 14 Derby St, WESTPORT Carolyn Cox 14 Derby St, Westport D Pollard, Corbett Street, Hector Chrissi Douglashill, 11 Rodney St, Millerton Jendy and Colin Price 24 Mcgill Waimangaroa. Merv Jury 106 Torea St Granity J Hilton, Karamea Rebecca Shepperd Terry Tait,21 Stewart street , Waimangaroa

Communities Against Ten Eighty – BULLER 1080 SPRAY

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  1. Merv. Smith

    And DoC stated that it was only spread by air in inaccessible places where trapping could not be carried out! They are not telling the truth and they have no idea what the effects on people are! Why is that area the highest incidence of cancers in the country? Remember agent orange and the effects that had and is having on the troops. There is no need for this or other air drops of this poison with no antidote. Check out what it did to Macquarie Island and they still have to cart their own water there.

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