The case of Mike Sabin and the battle for Northland. Reminds me of National MP Ray Le Varis. Le Varis was under investigation involving electronic surveillance for his role in the drug trade at a time when “Muldoon’s government had a majority of one, and it could not be allowed to fall. In my 1999 book State Secrets I write “I have this from one of the cops on the end of the earphones – was that that arm of the eavesdropping operation was ‘switched off’, quote unquote” on orders of the Muldoon administration who needed Levaris seat regardless of his actions. “It didn’t save the Muldoon administration, but that did not stop the National Party of the day from trying to pervert the course of justice or with holding pertinent details from the public. Further the subsequent drug bust also highlighted the levels of corruption to be found within NZ including the police. The post election drug bust hauling away a number of prominent kiwis including prominent lawyer, Dan Witters, businessmen Stuart Cairns Don Abel and staff at Radio Hauraki, who were laundering drug money through the Auckland Coin & Bullion Exchange owned by fraudster Ray Smith Smith says in his own post prison book (Where’s The Gold) that he was unaware the money was drug money but he was aware he was under investigation having being tipped off by private investigator Dan A. Thompson, a former of 20 years experience who, according to the golden one himself provided Smith with the tip off that Smith was the subject of a narcotics investigation by Customs.

Twenty years later Mike Sabin dad of TV Report Brook Sabin MP and former drug czar Mike Sabin has resigned over a criminal case it turns out National knew of prior to the last election over a seat they badly need. Meanwhile the rumors about Sabin continue to swirl and wether true or not they do paint an ugly picture of politics and corruption within NZ and it is picture worth taking a long and careful consideration of;

Sabin was well know for his role in “treating” p addicts with his consultancy firm
Methcon Group. His former partner Dale Kirk is also a share holder in Aperio Investigations Ltd a comaby based Mt Manganui Tauranga. The firm specialises in drug investigation and consultancy. Its director is former New Zealand Police Detective Graeme Rowe, a Hamilton Police officer whose colleagues included Bruce Scott who head Operation Royal. Royal being the incredibly inept homicide investigation of Terry King in 1999. King was a dealer killed by a suspect (later acquitted) in which the police’s chief witnesses were informants who turned out to be former South African Police officers, part of elite anti drug units. Their deal with NZ cops (who “joked” with the informants by email of being given holidays in South Africa ) got them out of a NZ jail. So the South African cops, served less than two years for their role in NZ’s largest drug importation of ecstasy and cocaine sold in turn to NZ gangs.


It’s the same clique of Waikato, Northland, Rotorua Tauranga and Christchurch cops ,that bring you dangerously close into a world of controversial homicide and allegations of police corruption. Were names like Clint Richardt, Rob Pope, Brian Hewitt, Milton Weir (Scott Watson Lisa Blakkie), surface time and time again. A few good old boys with a long list of contact with toxic cases that have never quite satisfied the public.



1930 Prohibition promoted the corruption of politicians by wealthy boot leggers and the US repealed the law when woke up to its dangers. Reagan’s War on Drugs Saw a 20 million bounty put on Pablo Escobar’s head – Colour Magazine reports a third of the reward was paid for by US Drug Enforcement Agency, a third by the Colombian Government and Third by the rival Medlin cocaine cartel who used the war on drugs to simply eliminate competition us brought cops. In Australia despite ever increasing police budgets for war on drug heroin addiction as sawed 1000% since 1987. The Middle cartoon depicts corrupt police, bankers and drug dealer and their response to ending the war on drugs.

Kirk is also a director in Cheap Golf and his co director include
Christopher William Tomblin, of Christchurch.

Tomblin in turn has a extensive list of companies include

Gold Leaf Enterprises Ltd.
Growth Income Security Management Company Ltd.
Cornerstone Property Development Ltd.
Cornerstone Property Solutions Ltd.
Epic Furniture Ltd.
Overture Consultants Ltd.
Esperanza Ltd.

These firms appear to be nominee director ship companies that are companies in paper alone with a total absence of physical website or a goggle foot print.

Their purpose is any one guess. It is interesting reminder however that the issue of nominee share holding came up in the press in 2009 in relation to the subject of how NZ company laws were ideal for money laundering which led to a law change. Loop holes continue to exist however which meant the law change was largely ineffective and for the dealers wanting the appearance of respectability, wrapped up in a legitimately sounding company name. while they profited from drugs it was business as usual.

Mr Kirk own view on combating the drug problem was an approach, as archaic as Regan’s failed War on Drugs. It includes the same tried and failed punitive measures like “harsher sentences”. Yet oddly Sabin own website happily gives the thumbs up to alcohol, a drug responsible for more deaths than all drugs available in NZ combined. Sabin is not really a drug educator perse but another agent of an insane prohibition that does nothing but put profits into organised crime and make it grow in to a every powerful dangerous and corrupting monster.

Point in case in 1999 when I released my book saying organised crime exited in NZ and the criminal had access to large cache of weapons and had infiltrated both the police big business and even political parties. I was told repeatedly I was dreaming that I was conspiracy theorist. In 2000 the police released the first survey into organised crime identifying over 300 syndicates operating in NZ. Many of which the report confirmed had infiltrated branches of the government. Today paper routinely show images of cops in the dock, large cache of weapons and even picture of custom hand guns complete with silencers and laser sights. My oh my how times have changed to bad no on listen back in 2000 when the US authorities told us P was coming and it was going to be introduced by gangsters with big clout and a sophisticated distribution and “marketing” plan. David Fisher of the Herald hinting at the financial backers being well known NZ business men (no who said that before hand?) We continue to ban drugs and oddly the criminal (the real ones) just keeping getting richer bigger and meaner -funny that.

State Secrets published in 1999 highlighted how serious the gang problem was becoming and how ell armed they were becoming – we sold over 15,000 copies and sat on the best sellers for six months but struggled to get media coverage as journalist did not believe gangs had guns and organised crime did not exist in NZ – oh how times have changes (weapons seized off gangs by Auckland police shot guns, sub machine guns, pistols and designer weapons with silencers and laser sites) 

Head Hunter & Rebel have being shipping the P South and selling pot north as police detectives in Christchurch have themselves being routinely linked to the sale of meth and local gangs.- Why this should surprise any one I have no idea when the former Road Knight (increasingly absorbed into the Bandidos) gang liasonce officer routinely hang out at the strip bars of Christchurch gangster Terry Brown. Brown’s own consultants include Risk Security a PI firm run by the former head of Gangs intelligence Kevin Burrowes. My oh my don’t the revolving door spin awfully fast.

Head Hunter & Rebel have being shipping the P South and selling pot north as police detectives in Christchurch have themselves being routinely linked to the sale of meth and local gangs.- Why this should surprise any one I have no idea when the former Road Knight (increasingly absorbed into the Bandidos) gang liasonce officer routinely hang out at the strip bars of Christchurch gangster Terry Brown. Brown’s own consultants include Risk Security a PI firm run by the former head of Gangs intelligence Kevin Burrowes. My oh my don’t the revolving door spin awfully fast.

“Bro were never going to let legalization happen said a Northland senior gang member recently to a source of mine “we make too much money off it being illegal”.

It is also becoming clear that in Northland that corruption also extends to the police with the arrest of police officers in Operation Manu and Operation Jevaris (Headhunters). Drug busts with ties in turn to the illegal Kauri trade. In which Kauri is traded for P with China involving triad gangs who appear to use the National Party’s much loved Sky City Casino as their base of operation.

Thus leading the like of Judith Collin and her husband, a director in the controversial far North  Kauri firm Oravida, to rub shoulders with an interesting crowd. While across town local Auckland celebrities line up to be seen at event like Fight Night held in the Headhunters flush West Auckland head quarters, club 88.… (Chinese Gang 30m P stockpile)…/fears-p-dealing-former-cop-risk-behind-……/Bridget-Saunders-Fight-night-at-th……/police-seize-drugs-guns-and-cas……/skycity-defends-itself-in-wake-drug-bus………/drug-ring-spend-mi…/


In only 15 years we have gone from our media insisting their is no such thing as organised crime in NZ to now we just accept the sight of  $750,000 muscle cars rolling out of gang head quarters as “respectable” media figures and celebrities head back to their well policed suburbs in the North-shore after enjoying Headhunter hospitality and entertainment.

Meanwhile politicians like Juidth Colins (photo above at Sky City opening) clink champagne glasses and go into battle for Sky City casino that make cameos, with monotonous routine, a midst stories of gang land slayings, bribes to cops, forced prostitution, drugs, extortion, money laundering. Stories with headlines where the key words include Triad, Headhunters, Mafia and Russian Mob Shooting, Ching Ching have another glass of champagne Judith. So much for the belief organised crime does not exist in corruption free NZ – Yeah Right as the beer commercial goes.

Gangs have become normalised, as they host charity shows and family fun days, there is social mana to be  had these days by having connection with gangs. Yet as every one romances the “sons of anarchy” life style of gangs they ignore the elephant in the room and its giant elephant doo doos.  Where exactly does all the money for these events and publicity image make overs come from?


How did this happen and happen so fast?

Will because no one paid attention. No one cared. We were all so comfortable we became apathetic and in doing so we gave birth to the baby of corruption. It has flourished and it will continue to flourish as long as we don’t care and we ignore the words Least We Forget. We need to really to wake up from this night mare and start comprehending how serious this issue is to the well being of this countries social fabric and future democratic well being.

Something again we were warned about a long time ago.

In 1987 Frost and Sullivan, a private sector risk, assessment report, of the kind undertaken by such agencies as the CIA and State Department, warned that gangs would become NZ number one national security issue. The report was published eight months prior to Operation Golden Fleece a counter insurgency exercise where the would be invader were in turn aided and abetted by “R.O.G.U.E.S” (Racially Orientated Groups of Unemployed). In the military exercise case this took the form of actual gang members from the Mongrel Mob and Black Power supporting Ist Battalion’s Ranger platoon (since disbanded and now simply called Delta platoon). The Frost & Sullivan analysis, with a suspiciously similar outlook as Golden Fleece, concluded “Regime Stability” of NZ would in the future be subject to “turmoil” due to the urban terrorist activities of gangs. Turmoil which would provide fuel for future election campaigns in which the law and order issues were used as a thinly disguised means of calling for harsher penalties against gang activities. (Wellington Confidential No 48 1988).


Except such laws don’t in fact hurt the gangs at all – not one ioata.

Gangs are dangerous their no debate about that but what is even more dangerous is the level of apathy which allowed this to happen in the first place. Apathy which allows politician to then bring in laws that don’t really harm gangs but which do take way personal freedoms. Apathy which those who seek power for powers own sake use for political purposes and self service. Such agent of greed, gangsters in suits, rely on public apathy to insure they can manipulate and deceive the wider public as they seek to entrench their own power base and wealth. No matter what it cost those or who it endangers along the way.

These are the sons of apathy, disguised as our protectors, those who are meant to protect and serve the public but who instead simply profit from the flawed system of prohibition. A system which lets monsters grow in the shadows behind masks as paradise is chopped down tree by tree and it place arose Gotham like asylum. A landscape in which their is no Batman, or super heroes, only cruel Jokers and Psychopathic Penguins of a banana republic style of politics, which revel in the mess they rule over with complete domination of the prison state we now live in. All because we could not be bothered to fight back at this obscene situation.


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