Fire breaks out in the bell tower of the Novodeivchy convent, where Nikita Kruchev is buried. The bell tower was built to commemorate the retaking of the strategic city of Smolensk by Western Napoleonic forces during the first battle of Smolensk
Is Putin lighting a torch, sending out a signal?

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1.Article about Putin hatred of Kruchev

2. ArticleS about Kruchev gifting Crimea to Ukraine Crimea:

Nikita Khrushchev’s ‘gift on a golden dish’ the 1953 decision to make Crimea part of Ukraine.…/10745698/khrushchev-crimea-ukr… 3. Putins imperialist dream…/the-frightening…/510764.html

3. The Bell tower where the fire was broken out was built to symbol the retaking of Smolensk,

The first major battle of the French invasion of Russia took place on August 16–18, 1812, when Napoleon attacked Smolensk occupied by Russian General Bagration’s corps and captured two of the suburbs. The battle of Smolensk was a victory for Napoleon as he captured the city. However his soldiers were already running short of food and its destruction denied him a useful supply base, adding to the logistics problems caused later by the Russian scorched earth tactics. The second Battle of Smolensk (7 August–2 October 1943) was a Soviet strategic offensive operation conducted by the Red Army as part of the Summer-Autumn Campaign of 1943. Staged almost simultaneously with the Lower Dnieper Offensive (13 August–22 . Its goal was to clear the German presence from the Smolensk and Bryansk regions. Smolensk had been under German occupation since the first Battle of Smolensk in 1941. The Smolensk Operation was also important for its effect on the Battle of the Dnieper fought to achieve the liberation of Ukraine.


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