The John That Called Wolf Once Too Often.

A bad week for the not so smiling assassin:

John has put NZ activists in his sights it would appears. And he is kicking it off with allegations of “eco-terrorism” by anti-1080 groups alleged to be blackmailing Fonterra with threats of putting 1080 in baby formula. The irony here is that they tell us on the one hand it not dangerous but full scale panic breaks outs when it might show up in baby food…. which is it boys because it can’t be both eh? It would almost be a farce if it were not so serious.

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And to top it all off, look what happens just as John gets in trouble, for illegal spying and his not too popular choice of sending us to a 30 year war in Syria? We just happen to have another security issue to distract us! Too bad it actually happened four months ago and only now does John think it’s serious enough to have a locked down press session. (One at which no one can ask any difficult questions about why it took four months to become an issue.)

The $640 club:

Or as tens of thousands marched against the TPPA, leading even the normally timid mainstream news it was pointed out how John’s hand-picked crew of Yes Men, made up of National Act and Ngai Tahu henchmen, are getting $640.00 a day to rubber stamp the death of NZ democracy and the Westminster-based institutions; symbolic (e.g. the NZ Flag) and legislative – that protect it and stand in the way of the TPPA and a neo-liberal fascist corporate-based dictatorship.

That along with the suspicious timing of this alleged ‘terror threat’ occurred as the $600 million state-owned poisoning business is in jeopardy after 1080 drops have been linked to the death of both deer, indemic rock wren and kea in 2014.

A similar threat surfaced in early 2000, just after Department of Conservation (DOC) had to admit that 1080 did kill invertebrates and native frogs.  In addition to similar allegations raised, but never proven, that occurred at time when the Dairy Industry and DOC, who both profit from the use of 1080, provided police with the names of activists who had in fact broken no laws.,_DOC_NZ_Green__Yeah_Right!.html

Not to mention you cannot help but spot the spin doctor-prepared script when all the DOC “experts” coincidentally keep using the same word “biblical” in press releases as to explain why such a massive increase in spend on 1080. The claim is that it’s vital to stop rats (who were both here before Cook got here) and Possums (who can be shot or trapped, sold and turned into clothing, pies, fur hats and cat and dog tucker – in the process creating jobs. But no, we have to waste them and poison the ecosystem intead. Does something smell fishy?


Dejavu Ad Nauseum:
Excuse me but have we not been here before?
Well yes quite a few times in fact;

  1. With an Ebola threat announced just as John announced his intention to send troops to war.

Someone is playing from a very old and worn script here.

Don’t believe me?  Well here are a few more cases to remind you.

  1. 2. Foot & Mouth Hoaxes

The Foot & Mouth Hoax investigation was headed by Massey University’s Dr Barry O’Neil, a recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award. O’Neil is a trained vet and former Deputy Director General of MAF Biosecurity New Zealand, and also works for Scherring Plough pharmaceuticals who fund an academic chair at Massey University. At the time, oddly the UK Department of Defence, for whom O’Neil is also retained as a well paid consultant, was undertaking similar exercise in Falklands. Dr O’Neil led the ongoing transformation of New Zealand’s biosecurity system (which included increased funding), seeing off biodiversity scares including the painted apple moth and the hoax foot and mouth disease on Waiheke Island (see above). He is now a well paid biosecurity consultant and is currently focused on the kiwifruit PSA incursion.

Follow the Massey scientists also clicking the well paid Biosecurity ticket and you can include The Hon John Luxton QSO, former MP and current chair of Dairy NZ, who received the Sir Geoffrey Peren Medal in 2013 . The medal named after Massey’s founding principal recognises a graduate who has reached the highest level of achievement in “business or professional life”, or who has being of significant service to the University, community or nation.


Mr Luxton served 15 years as a National Party MP for Matamata from 1986 to 2002, with nine years as minister across a dozen portfolios, including Housing, Commerce, Industry, Energy, Fisheries, Māori Affairs, Police, Lands, Customs, Biosecurity and Agriculture. He was responsible for a number of significant policy and legislative changes in New Zealand, including the foundation policy work that led to the formation of the corporate monopoly we know as Fonterra, the same party alleged to have been targeted by the so called 1080 activists.

Luxton also sits on the board of the proposed constitutional board, alongside the likes of Peter Chin known locally in Dunedin as ‘corrupt chin’ for his willingness to be in the pocket of lobbyists, where he is paid $640 a day to come up with the very result John wants to pass off as public consultation in an blatant exercise of spin doctoring. No Labour, Green, or identifible left wing faction sit on any of these hand picked flying squads stacked entirely with National Act and Ngai Tahu aristocrat’s.

The alleged Foot & Mouth Hoax was signed by M Ferguson a clear play on words for the tractor Massey Ferguson after which Massey University is often associated.




3. Then came the Anthrax hoax post 9/11 as the Anthrax in the USA turned out not to belong to Alquaeda but to manufactured in a US Department of Defence – a story which then quickly dropped from both our headlines and headlines in the USA. hoax

4. And of course before that we had APEC activist put in the frame after the SIS were caught breaking into their homes.

An exact model of the hoax bomb, planted allegedly by APEC activist, would later be found on an Air NZ plane, during an APEC preparation training exercise after the SAS left it behind accidentally – oops I guess the terrorist shop at the same store – yeah right Hoax bomb after spies get caught in break in.

As I wrote in my book State Secrets in 1999 “At 6:50am, four days later, Christchurch City Council employees discovered a cardboard box outside the Tuam St offices that a GATT Watchdog display had previously been removed from because of its “incompatibility with the message of welcome” that the Christchurch wished to give to the APEC delegates.

The box was inscribed with the words “APEC BOMB” (Press, August 17 1996).

The Police called an explosives expert who dealt with what the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security acknowledged was not a bomb “but the way in which it had been put together and the ingredients other than the apparent explosives” made it a pretty professional replica. This indicated that it had been put together by someone who knew how to make a bomb. Trevor McQuoid, the Department of Labour’s senior inspector of explosives, classified it as “a sophisticated hoax device using a plastic substance like powder gel”. The officers investigating the matter indicated to Small and Choudry that this was simply the SIS getting revenge and the police simply had to go through the motions.

John it’s time to try a new script because this one is getting real boring.

John Luxton

John Luxton


The John That Called Wolf Once Too Often.

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