Jobs in Northland – Managing Resources Not Squandering them.

Song of the Kauri is a fantastic film and show how Northland could be making money out of Northland Kauri and creating Jobs too.

The Song of the Kauri - a lost economic opportunity for North-land.

The Song of the Kauri – a lost economic opportunity for North-land.


So instead of wiping our valuable crop because no will fund die-back and were selling all our swamp logs to those stock piling them at the expense of our economy to parties whose interest it does not behooves for our Kauri swamp and living trees to be protected.  Why? Because the very extinction of the children of Tane Mahuta increase the values of their stock piles – can any one say Ovarida Kauri so slorry our logs now. Meanwhile no one will close the loop hole which means a tree can be turned into a “table top” and thus exported.

There Is A Hole in My Wallet:
mining-protest (1)

Ditto why are we mining for 3% royalties that wont create any jobs on the other hand we can use these very same resources as collateral to reduce debt costing and to initiate job creation start ups.

Nor is it this a flight of fantasy.

Back in 1975 Winston Peter’s muse and the last real National PM (before the revolt of the colonel saw the neo-liberal take over first National and then Labour ) Muldoon sought 25% royalties to develop the Southern Basin from the Hunt Brothers. They said no but on the other hand OPEC made another offer keep your oil in the ground and will play with you. Thus while in 1977 our export to the entire Middle east was less than $3 million by 1980 we would be exporting more than $400 million to Iran alone. True the 1977 Economic Expansion Bill laid the foundation for NZ having to open its door  to foreign investment (which has it own problems) but it showed you oil in the ground makes as much money if not more than pathetic royalties were offered as we risk our fisheries and our tourism industry (actual job creators) so other can take the profits offshore.


We know Northland other problem is gangs and drugs – so here is a really crazy idea. Lets legalise pot.  No we cant do that because if we keep the current laws as they are gangs can keep destroying our paua stocks, our fisheries, and our Kauri, resources which they then sell in return for P.

Head Hunters - controlled in 90 more 500 million of North land now they have moved into buying P and selling Kauri to and from China

Head Hunters – controlled in 90 more 500 million of North land now they have moved into buying P and selling Kauri to and from China

Meanwhile as they flood the markets the police crack down of pot growers and make sure it only Gang’s drugs which are on the market and making the gangs grown rich  from prohibition dollars. Not to mention the assistance they get from certain quarters – which I don’t have to spell out if your live in Northland and are not dead from the neck down.

No no (shock horror) we cant do that. We must stick to the tried and failed formula even if it kills us.

Cross the river at Rawene you will find old run down houses which once pumped out the tunes of Bob Marley. Today they pump out death metal and thrash. They still look run down but you cant help notice the $75,000 car peaking our from under the tarpaulin or the flash new sky dish on top of the house.


On the other hand even if we just legalise pot but support the growth of non THC bearing Hemp Northland ends up with cash crop that is labour intensive. And that means jobs and the development of literally “a billion dollar market”



Not only that but Hemp is hands down the best carbon sequester on the planet making it basically one giant Carbon Credit ATM machine – without even harvesting the dam weed it produces money.

Not to mention it role as a high (no pun intended) nutrient packed farm feed, a natural pesticide, which cleans rivers and save farmers money as it break down nitrates and combats affluent.   And if making money out of carbon credits is good enough for the oil industry who in NZ own two third of the carbon credit trade why cant Northland do this too


No diggers, no chain saws, no crime – just investment capital for starts up that mean we can make a buck and still be good planetary citizens using the resources of Northland to create jobs and make dosh for all and not just a few.

Jobs in Northland – Managing Resources Not Squandering them.

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