You Got Pay To Play

Curious as to why my feed have dived from 25,000 a week to zero I’m noting a lot of thing played around on setting with no means of altering them. Still just paranoia right?

But then as looked at the insight section I noted this

“We’ve recently updated the way we measure how many people like your Page. Pages may see a decrease in likes after March 12, when we removed likes from inactive Facebook accounts”.

& I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.
Facebook Page Post Reach Dropped Suddenly

I suspect the reason is more fiscal than political as FB is trying to force people to use their paid likes – but of course this plays in to hand of big business and shut down grass roots activism, so the results remain the same whether intentional or not.

And this point is confirmed in this post

“Facebook announced Friday afternoon that it would begin curtailing the reach of brands’ unpaid, or organic, posts that the social network’s algorithms consider “overly promotional.”

So its not personal but the timing as protesters in NZ gears up against the TPPA does seem very coincidental.

My advice…


On the flip side. My website is getting staggering amount of visits.

So that by the first week of the third month (of only stage one of the promotional phase of a site still very much under construction and development) I have already reached the combined audience of months one and two. This at this stage is around 500 visitors a day and it is climbing rapidly.

In stage two I will be using posters and community radio to also promote the website – and it one more reason why their will always be a print component to the Postman Gazette.

Remember Facebook might be powerful but it is not the only arrow in the quiver.


You Got Pay To Play

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