FACEBOOK Censorship ??? NEED Your Help!!



Okay for some reason folks my reach on my post has gone from 25,000 weekly to over night to zero on all six pages after I posted on

1. The success of a previous post that pointed out that even at 59 National can ill afford to loose this election. Due to what impact it will have on National alliance as the Maori Party and United Future are forced to swallow the pill of what following National (with out a majority) blindly will cost them at the next election. Namely political extinction.

2. The need for Winston Peters to weather proof his election in light of long tern weather forecast.Possibly this is just an engineering glitch caused by algorithms but really appreciate if could visit my page https://www.facebook.com/postmaninvestigates?ref=hl

So please make a comment + SHARE to see if this momentary glitch or if I have become a victim of FB anti activism stance we have seen in an increasing number of cases during the past elections here in NZ and world wide.





FACEBOOK Censorship ??? NEED Your Help!!

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