Vaccines Fair & Balanced Coverage – Yeah Right

Campbell Live tonight’s Lachlan Forsyth  (below)-


Claim to have asked anti vaccine activist to particpate but none would.

Sorry what anti vaccine activist were aksked to particpate in this 100% slanted piecves thatwas clearly pro vaccines

The question I asked him on his face book page was who did you contact?

“You cant have tried that hard”.

I would happily have put you in contact with Professor Christopher Shaw British Columbia for his views on the limitation of vaccinations.

Professor Craig Shaw British Coloumbia thesis on vaccines first do no questions the science behind vaccines.

Professor Christopher Shaw British Colombia thesis on vaccines first do no questions the science behind vaccines.

In addition he claimed that Vaccines don’t cause autism that this has being completely debunked.

Will no strictly speaking the issue lies around the removal of key ingredient still found in many vaccines namely mercury.

Also while it has being removed from many vaccines Harvard University findings note still in many vaccines, that up to 9 other neuro toxins remain present and that rampant nurological disorder continue to be rampant.

In addition to other side affects caused by measel vaccination – withstanding clear move by pharmacy world wide to lobby against the autism cause vaccine model

Here 50 reasons not vaccinate your children.


I am no anti vaccine activist but having covered both sides of the story I am aware of;

A; Not All Vaccines are created equal – some firms vaccines are not stringently quality controlled. Which hit to heart of Pharmac and the TPPA regarding what vaccines we will and wont be able to buy

B; Most vaccines use aluminum which as Shaw shows goes to heart of the issue this aspect is not widely discussed.

C: How vaccine are administered and to who is also major factor – one size does fit all.

Its shame this aspect is not covered honestly and the share PR dollar spent on convincing people that the “science” of vaccine is un-debatable alone invoke a cynical response in this author for one.

Vaccines Fair & Balanced Coverage – Yeah Right

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