Deadly Cobra Sips Beer Under CCTV Camera’s
As Mayor Calls For Surveillance On All Student Couches.


Outside the Ra bar the other day saw a Polynesian gentleman having a beer wearing a distinctive tattoo of the raring cobra, with its tongue out and tail up ready to strike. Thinking that looked familiar I went and looked up that specific tattoo. As I thought this was the precise insignia for the King Cobra’s gang. The Cobras herald from North Island and tend to be of Tongan or Samoan descents. They are listed as key players in methamphetamine cocaine and marijuana.  In 2014 the King Cobras began moving South to set up a chapter in Wellington.

In 1999 this author documented, in his 1999 best seller State Secrets, that Tongan cocaine was financed by major US players including Thomas White (an African American affiliated with right wing neoconservatives who employed former members of the US intelligence community) who in turn showed he had close dealing with rich white New Zealanders.  I reported how on the eve of my book being published my publisher was contacted by the lawyers of Rich White New Zealanders and given a warning. To keep their names out of print. The same night the publisher was then rung and told if the “Winer book comes out” he would be dead. At this time the only people who knew that Winer was in the book was myself, the publisher and the Rich White kiwis.  The later parties we had contacted directly to ask what was the nature of several lunches they had being seen having with Winer was he was in Tonga.

Taken off a King Cobra gang member recently. So much for the criticism that my claims gangs were getting tooled up was "just crap" Detective Rob Pope on my claims gangs had access to serious weapons.

State Secret 1999 (Left) Pistol taken off King Cobra gang member. “Thats a load of crap” Detective Rob Pope on my 1999 claims gangs had access to serious weapons.

king cobra




Once Upon A Fairy Story

This was 1999 the same year that New Zealand journalist David Fisher reported that the NZ Police were told by organised crime investigators in Hawaii that gangs had identified NZ as a place to distributed methamphetamine. That was the year all my colleagues in the media told me I was a conspiracy theorist for believing that organised crime existed in NZ. The following year the Police released their first survey in to organised crime and identified over 375 groups as existing. That was the year the NZ media accepted organised crime was real. Mind you the good folks in South Auckland could have told them that a long time ago. Yet that was only 14 years ago and we still don’t really get how big and how bad things have become.

David Fisher would note of the Hawaii Five-O  heads up that the  gangs were coming with a sophisticated distribution plans. Their drug operation were to be financed by ordinary NZ businessmen whom Fisher noted were names that many NZ would recognise.  It was a series of warning which were largely ignored by police, media, government and councils, as a collective force for over thirty years. Back to 1975 when Keith Davies was fired from TVNZ after his report into drug dealing identified well known “respectable” kiwis financing the drug trade. This included those who backed the importation of heroin into NZ aboard the yacht the Valkyrie. A drug boat whose crew included the brother of National MP Barry Brill. Brill went on to chair the closed door inquiry into NZ most notorious drugs dealers the Mr Asia syndicate.

Mr Asia buddies include Karen Soich, Paul Hilmes, TVNZ CEO Neville Roberts and lots and lots of rich white folks.

Mr Asia buddies include Karen Soich, Paul Holmes, TVNZ CEO Neil Roberts and lots and lots of ‘rich white’ folks.

Two decades later Syndicate boss Terri Clark’s girlfriend Karren Soich and her boyfriend’s Paul Robert head of TVNZ, (until he was arrested on the Auckland harbour bridge with 1kg of cocaine in his Porsche but oddly Roberts did not go to jail) and broadcaster Paul Holmes, would set up Communicado Productions. Their first project The Life and Times of Robert Muldoon however did not go to air until after Muldoon’s death in a very super edited form.  Their other notable claim to fame a TV advert for an insurance company which included shot of patched Head Hunters (Paul’s future in laws).  Holmes had also begun his NZ career at Radio Hauraki where a drugs raid was delayed until after an election (reminiscent of the Mike Sabin affair). The raid was NZ first major cocaine case and included the arrest of National MP Ray Le varis (,who was also a close friend of Brills as will). However we chose to ignore all of these warnings along with the warnings made in book such as Cop Outs and Cover Ups, Stoned on Duty, by former police detectives. Warnings which detailed not only how out of touch senior Policing was with the reality of the streets but how senior policing went out of its way to have it’s ‘cameras’ pointed in the wrong hot spots.

Head Hunters - Coming South?

Head Hunters – Coming South?

In 2003, the King Cobras joined forces with the Head Hunters in one of Auckland’s biggest drug-cases. The King Cobras like violence and have being involved in several murder cases, including that of a 15 year old boy, and the shooting of a rival gang member, as part of a membership process.  Their style duplicates the Head Hunters where the legend surrounding the Head Hunters was you only got your patch by clicking the ticket of a patched member considered due for ‘permanent’.

The coordination of the two gang marks a change the rivalry which reached a peak when Head Hunter Graham “Choc” Te Awa, senior member of Head Hunters, beat King Cobra solider Siaso Evalu to death.  In 2013 while avoiding authorities for ten months Choc was identified as the head of security for Polynesian ”royalty” John Monga, who goes by the title of High Chief of Aotearoa for the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi, the ancestral name for Hawaii. According to its website, the Kingdom of Atooi is recognised by the United Nations as an indigenous sovereign nation that is part of the Royal Union of Pacific Nations. A branch of the kingdom operates in New Zealand. The Postman recently posted how its uniformed security personnel were free to wonder around the Treaty ground during the last Waitangi festival unchecked by the police, diplomatic security teams, the grounds security, or even the numerous television cameras.  Once again everyone had their cameras pointed in the wrong hot spots. All reminiscent of Shane Wenzel (also gang affiliated an tied to gang linked Lower Hutt Principality money laundering schemes in Australia ) ties to Tainui and before that the Maori Loans affairs which as my book documented was part of broader plan by neo-conservatives and right wing business types to use indigenous sovereignty as potential leverage tool in the pacific nations and also to divide and conquer within the indigenous communities themselves. The tactic was simple enough wave the cheque book around and see who sticks their hand up

THE HAWAII CONNECTION; Gotta love the camera looking the wrong way.  Headhunter mates (as the press itself noted) but no one in police, media, or grounds thought these guys were a little odd.

Gotta love the camera looking the wrong way.
Headhunter mates (as the press itself noted) but no one in police, media, or grounds thought these guys were a little odd.

Dane Guild & Student Bashing.

Meanwhile Mayor Dave Cull has called for extra CCTV cameras to “zoom in on North Dunedin trouble spots”. Mayor Cull who is on record as saying he does not go into the Octagon at night time because he had heard it was “pretty violent”  said he was not ready to support the idea without more advice from police and others, but CCTV cameras had proven to be ”pretty effective” in the Octagon.  A classic piece of flip flop from Dave who sometimes forget other people do recall what he has said beforehand. But just in case Dave might be caught giving an opinion on his own he built in a caveat.  “the idea might be impractical… given the massive” cost of installing cameras in the area.  Mr Cull’s comments came after two suspected arsons in two days in North Dunedin streets, including a Leith St flat set alight by a burning couch, and Monday’s scenes of a glass-strewn Hyde St.  Estimate Cost under $30,000.

In a rare day Counicllor Lee Vandervis could be found agreeing with his “mate” the Mayor suggesting the video surveillance be extended into North Dunedin ”We need video surveillance. We need to stop this … It is costing everybody, including the DCC, far too much…Having one on Leith St would have saved us about $1 million in damaged roads, just with the holes burnt in them in the last couple of years”. Mr Cull yesterday said the suspected arson were an ”absolutely frightening phenomenon” that needed to be addressed. A network of 14 cameras was installed in the Octagon in 2010 at a cost of $200,000, of which ratepayers paid $150,000 and community organisations the rest.

Cameras No Good If Used For the Wrong Purpose In the Wrong Area.

Cameras No Good If Used For the Wrong Purpose In the Wrong Area.

In another ‘cost cutting’ exercise in May 2014 Mayor Cull was “urging” the Black Power and Notorious Mongrel Mob to discuss their business plans with the DCC. The two gangs gave a joint submission at the DCC’s annual plan hearings, asking Councillors to consider giving them a contract to maintain some of the council’s green space. They also asked for access to City Forests to provide firewood for families who struggled to stay warm during the winter. Mangu Kaha (Black Power) leader Albert Epere said the plan was aimed at helping up to four people into employment. This it emerged was part of new council move in which the DC had begun looking at ways council contracts could be awarded to smaller groups, such as the gangs.  No costs have being released as to what this council spending on gangs will cost the Dunedin rate payers.

Couldn't we do the same an Just Pay Student to Be Good - Prize Win A Paid For Street Party For Best Looked After Street - why camera can we teach our young to look out for each other.

The DCC Paying the Gangs to Behave?Couldn’t we do the same an just pay students to be good – How about win a DCC paid Street Party for best looked after street – why cameras? Can’t we teach our young to look out for each other like we were taught as kids before CCTV camera even existed.

The Postman sit on the fence on this one. On one hand if the claims are correct a unified Black Power Mongrel mob might help keep out the P-labs said to be moving into the North East Valley. These older gangs are said to be anti-p. On the other hand this could be a disaster bearing in mind former Dunedin trust turned out to be used to finance large marijuana growing. Not that I have ever had a problem with pot except the wide spread reports are there is none to be had in the South Island as the pot is all moving North. As gangs, including at less the Mob (who deal with the Christchurch Police according to one city Councillor’s information), prepare to bring P south.

There are of course only two roads into Dunedin the main highway or via Waitati which brings you in, largely unnoticed, into the North East Valley where p-labs an gang activity is rumoured in the close knit community. In the NEV it is hard not to see what is going on up and down the main street and whose moving in an out. On a good day you can hear the beefed up motor bikes all the way up the highway. Interestingly enough Police praise NEV for its proactive schools, “on to it” parents, and good support services for at-risk teenagers” meaning comparatively drugs were being kept out of schools (Otago across the board scored well for this). Score one for the power of a caring community that realises developing meaningful relationship is more powerful and less expensive than installing CCTV cameras. Cameras which no one watches to look for the kind of monsters you should be really scared of.

The Mexi’Cants’

This view of P coming south is supported not just by the huge spike in Otago homicide levels in the past 12 months (many of which were clearly drug and gang related) but by North Island journalists who like wise are hearing the same stories.  In December 2014 Police seized $4 million in cash, methamphetamine and precursors with an estimated street value of $4 million, restrained assets worth $9.1 million and confiscated 22 firearms during the four terminations. All of the operations were centered on organised criminal activity connected to the Head Hunters gang an orientated around the supply to the South Island methamphetamine market.

Gangscene Bandidos New Zealand Colours

El President of MexiCANT's Bad News Brown.

A surge in the supply of methamphetamine is being pushed by gangs on a ”willing market” in the South, police say. Search warrants were executed in December on six Dunedin properties connected with the Bandidos motorcycle gang, who had set up a probationary chapter in the city earlier this year. The Bandidos also have a chapter in  Otautau Southland (the South Island headquarters) , a geographic location which gives access to both the west coast, the centre of the South Island and the East coast. It comes as the NZ police are moving to shut their station in Bluff where a 1999 report by the PSA noted the port was wide open to abuse. The same report noting NZ Customs had being refused (by Ministry Foreign Affairs and Trade) a staggering 12 out of 14 times the right to search “ships of interest”.  Former police intelligence officer Patrick O’Brien noted that guns and drugs with connection to American neoconservatives and their right wing buddies moved through Bluff in the late seventies “by the container load”. Current intelligence indicates that network is now active again.

In addition to police claims health officials in Christchurch report a significant surge in the availability and use of the drug in the South Island. One agency says the number of people seeking help for addiction has more than doubled in the past year.  An as noted we have also seen a significant present in gang drug related homicides and reports that the Bandidos in Southland Otago have recruited up to 200 soldiers in the past year. Senior gang members boast they are earning $150,000 a year as trades people. Gang expert and lecturer Dr Jarrod Gilbert said the expansion of the Bandidos bike gang into Christchurch and Dunedin “represented the ongoing revitalisation of outlawed bike clubs generally…The scene in New Zealand had been on a steady decline for more than a decade but is now experiencing an obvious expansion,” Dr Gilbert said.

The build-up of the Bandidos is as much in anticipation of their rivals the Hells Angels and their allies the Head Hunters and seemingly also the King Cobras. As part of that move in June 2014 Hells angels held a meeting in Nelson to patch over the Red Devils confirming previous reports by the Postman that the Red Devil were simply the van guard of coming gang activity. The Hell Angels and the Head Hunters are also known to have set up chapters in Christchurch. The theory is gangs are seeking to cash in on the rebuild of Christchurch and get prime dollar for P which fetches a higher price in the South Island at the moment as markets begin to be established.

Earlier in 2014, “international Bandidos members” were in New Zealand to help set up probationary chapters in Invercargill and Dunedin. Gang expert Dr Jarrod Gilbert said a probationary chapter was a group in the process of achieving membership to a club. “It had to prove itself before it could become a recognised chapter”. The latest announcement of Christchurch status as fully fledged club “is incredibly significant. It’s the equivalent of going from the development squad to playing for the All Blacks,” Gilbert said. In 2012 CCTV cameras, at the entry exit point of Christchurch Airport, led to Kelly Raymond Robertson (Bad New Brown -phto right above) , being recalled to prison after the Parole Board ruled he had breached his release conditions. His crime meeting with American patched members of the Bandidos who are directly handling the growth of the Bandidos gang in the South Island.

Nah that nothing to be concerned about.


Big Brother Vs I Aint Heavy I’m your Brother.
Not when we have to worry about student burning couches and spend money on setting up a nest of CCTV cameras in the midst of the the rabbit warren that is the student ghetto – where CCTV would prove expensive and useless.

Further you have to wonder at how effective such cameras really are when you consider the professional rugby player who walked down George Street, circa 2007, punched out numerous persons. This included one person who was then thrown in front of moving car and yet despite walking pass at less 14 cameras (I know I went and counted them) never got charged.  This author had reason for the police to inspect CCTV camera on the casino and IRD building after being assaulted by a person backed up by six people. Oddly the cameras were not working that night – Yeah Right! as the Tui advert goes. The problem with CCTV Cameras is they are only good as the hand that is up the puppet ass. A 2013 Chicago Tribune opinion piece quoted a city spokesman as saying that surveillance cameras helped solve 4,500 crimes over four years, but the writer notes that more than a million are estimated to have taken place over that time period — meaning that the cameras’ contribution was 0.05% at best.

The question is do you put such resources into an area where the weekly cost, worst case scenario, is $25,000 and the chances of it having impact are unclear. Or do you set up cameras on natural kill zone where the intelligence value could not only save the city million in social damages if the drug gets a hold (and reports are that it is here already) and more importantly save lives.  This is not withstanding what money laundering will do property prices, stretch police budgets to breaking point (meaning even more crime won’t get processed), in addition to the P-fires which frankly turn student couch fires into non events.

How about a policing, council structure, that stops obsessing with persecuting student and racking up small time charges. How about these agencies works with student leaders to create an environment where students learn to take pride in their own habitat. To absorb the mantra of “work hard play hard”. Events for example like the banned under 500 could work in conjunction with the police and the council to create fun contained areas for revelry. While simultaneously promoting Dunedin music and cultural scene to the FIT tourist market (who incidentally spend $14.00) for every dollar spent by the cruise ship market).  Less riot cops, less of a bill for the DCC, greater social stability a safer richer city. Or we could become a town where every business end up having to install cameras and the normal level of social dysfunctional make us hanker back to ‘innocent days’ where couch fires were our only ‘real’ issue.

Meanwhile the King Cobra sits finishing his beer unnoticed by the CCTV cameras which does not know what to look for, or what his tattoo means. Of course he is also missed by the local bobby who simply does not exist anymore. The kind of cop who took his time to walk his beat and got to know his people, odd this kind of bobby or even council “sheriff/ranger”, trained in observation an diplomacy, is a lot cheaper and more logical spend  than cameras. Yet instead we would rather spend money on cameras that don’t catch criminals. Mind you cameras we never aimed to catch criminals their true value lie only in intelligence collecting if placed in the right spot.

Oh for a town where no one cares if you have beer or doobie or even if you like Harley Davidsons and being in motorcycle clubs (if that’s your thing). Yet it is a town where all parties no matter what your patch (or badge) is, where you live, or what you do, have one thing in common. A hatred of P and all those who would make a buck out it, instead of CCTV cameras our council and our police need to learn how to work with us, we the people, to create a stable community together. To create cultural protection which means it is socially just not just cool (there is no social mana to be gained) in having anything to do with meth and or anyone who would peddle it. If we did that you would not need CCTV cameras – and I’m guessing if we could build that kind of community then we could be also be the kind of community that teaches our young future leaders not to burn couches.

Yet I guess  its an issue of mis-priorities here – as usal.


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