THE WONG NUMBERS: HSBC & The Kiwi Connection.

Meanwhile HSBC of course promises NZ another year of growth as our “Rock Star” economy rule on incoming money is simple “we don’t care where as long as it here”.


Global map of HSBC money laundering acclivities. Wine Box 2 Any one.

Global map of HSBC money laundering acclivities. Wine Box 2 Any one.

Early 2010 NZ papers sat stunned as they broke the amazing ‘scoop’ that arms money was being laundered through NZ. Money used to buy eastern European weapons and fund terrorism then shipped to shadowy customers in the Middle East.

This of course was only news to NZ our role in dodgy money is well known to the rest of the global economy and kiwi who like play with the big boys. As is the fact such money laundering in fact support the very people John key want us to go and fight.


The same people would be tied to a ring, facilitated by judges, well-connected officials, banks and offshore companies – which appear to suggest over six hundred million in arms money was laundered. This includes Chester (NZ) Limited, who are tied to the same firm involved in the SP Russian arms money laundering scandal, as having laundered almost 25 billion roubles.


Those with memories may however recall Councillor Aaaron Hawkins suggestion in the University Magazine Critic that those very same allegations made by yours truly meant that I was conspiracy theorist par excellence – An yes if if that means being suspicious of serial liars ability to tell the truth then I am guilty as sin your honour.

In fact I went further than that in my ‘radical’ claims.

I suggested that those involved were tied up with the Wine Box inquiry the famed Tax Evasion inquiry. Which focused on NZ firms laundering money in connection to dubious Pacific based outfits. This included dubious lease and nominee firms such as those which emerged in the SP Trading Vanuatu scandal. Which finally caused the mainstream media to catch up with what I had being saying for over a decade now. We now know that more than 612 million of Russian arms money was laundered though NZ. Something to think about next time your wondering why so many Russian Billionaire, with love of stadium and sporting events want to come here.


Not that they would pay any attention to the previous transaction of Prok Vanuatu or that Sp Trading was also using the same accounts used by arms dealer Adnan Kasshoggi, Australian Food For Oil/ Arms dealer Tim Gatland. Kashoggi was later shown to be launder arms transaction though HSBC into Nomura (Citibank) Vanuatu. Just as Paul White had claimed when in 1995 he obtained the famous 98 disks of Citibank transaction just prior to his controversial fatal car crash.

Kashoggi NZ weapons ties bigger than any one quite understands or is willing to comprehend.

Kashoggi NZ weapons ties bigger than any one quite understands or is willing to comprehend.

Nor would our press review the fact that Prok was staffed not only by known Russian organised crime figures but arms dealer/MP Ross Meurant (who trade in dairy agriculture good in Eastern Euope and Middle East) and the former head of Fontera’s Far Eastern Division Ian Robertson whose firm Vostock Services bost they deal in NZ Ice cream, Middle East crude oil and Russian Munitions.

I also claimed that many of these parties were also tied up with the failed UN Food For Oil program and Fonterra sale of dairy food to the Far East and the Middle East. Which had NZ David William Mace  of Ernst & Young Hong Kong playing the “calculator” for dubious transaction (criticized by several auditing bodies) made from the same accounts at BNL (used by USA to pay Iraq a trillion dollar in “aid” then used to buy Eastern European weapons) into HSBC accounts.

Other NZ firms include NZ Waste Technolgy whose director included David Appleby the NZ accountant for CIA arms launder Ron Renwald (famed of the Maori Loans Affair  ) and Reese Engineering. The later firm being a subsidiary of Australian wheat engineering giant who admit they sold dual civilian military good to Iraq during the Iraq Iran war. Central to the book an entire chapter on 254 Montreal St home of South Canterbury Finance (later identified in privy Council recorded as laundering for the Russian mafia) an host of firms tied to arms deals oil and agricultural commodities.

Guns For Oil For Butter Fonterra and dodgy NZ firms paid from BNL via HSBC

Guns For Oil For Butter
Fonterra and dodgy NZ firms paid from BNL via HSBC

Deals which sucked cash asset rich firms like SCF into the Asian Tigers shortly before the collapse triggered by the fall of ARMS Risk owned by Tim Gatland (see above) an whose partner Australian diplomat Matthew Hyndes the Australian go between for Australian Wheat Board in the Food for Oil deal. An affair which in Australia would be known as as the Weapons for Wheat scandal.


NZ firms sucked into these Far Eastern fiscal ambushes went from rich to hiding debt as they were  drawn deeper and deeper into dubious money transactions. Transaction which as the SCF privy council case showed that at the heart of these money laundering scheme was the goal of shedding US dollars in exchange for hard currency items. These included oil, blood diamonds, timbers, mineral rights and er butter sold in exchange for bombs and bullets.

NZ is considered popular with money laundering, which impacts on our exchange rates, over inflated property prices and food inflation, because our lax legislation.




 THE WONG NUMBERS: HSBC & The Kiwi Connection.

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