Setting Activist  Up to fail - Greenpeace -the multi million dollar NGO funded by oil and the elite.

Setting Activist
Up to fail – Greenpeace -the multi million dollar NGO funded by oil and the elite.

“It does not matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true”. – Dr. Patrick Moore, President of Greenpeace Canada 1981 Oil companies are smart an they treat going into any country like …well  lets just quote Anadarko own public relations department who use the term “a counter insurgency”. Top of the list of those on their hit list of any parties which oppose them. Their goal activists iwi and eco-tourism, fisheries, confuse the arguments set natural allies against each other. To divide conquer. The strategy is simple buy them out. If you can’t buy them out shut them down. If you can’t shut them down silence them and if you can’t silence them discredit them.

Will look at the evidence that this is what is happening in NZ and especially how the oil invasion of NZ is going to be done under the guise of environmental protection and using the iwi and ten of the land to by pass “environmental concerns”. Yet lets take a look at the claim in the picture above. Let’s look how it can be disproved in 15 seconds but having done that the results are not what they appear.

Let us look at Green peaces so called green credentials an see joust how much of their cash traces back to big oil. Here a quick break down of donation to Green Peace by companies think tanks that make their money from fossil fuel.

Rockefeller Brothers Foundation

$20,285.00 1996 – 2001

$1,080,000.00 1997 – 2005

$115,000.00 2002 – 2005

They are also funded by  “The Royal institute of internal affairs”

Don’t believe this then review what Sea Sheperd have to say about Green Peace.

Greenpeace is a major international corporation. Over the years, those of us who envisioned and founded Greenpeace way back when, have watched in frustration and anger as faceless bureaucrats turned ideals into profits, secure in their understanding that the media myth of Greenpeace cannot be tarnished irreparably within the mass media culture. For every person who gets wise to their scam, two more are recruited. Greenpeace is a massive direct mail publicity machine utilizing media and psychology to part people from their money”. Steve Watson Sea Sheperd co-founder of Greenpeace.


In the UK it was discovered that a science panel on global warming was in fact stacked by Green Peace – ho hum you say. Will consider this did you know that 2/3  of NZ Carbon credits are owned by offshore oil firms.  I have always accept global warming when it was not popular to believe in it my research shows the solution were choosing to fight global warming is going to get some of the biggest exploitors of natural resources on this planet very rich. Credit trading is a ponzi scheme and groups like Green peace get paid to shut their mouths to this reality.

Yet before we look at the infiltration of environmental causes and the under mining of eco tourism
Let underline something  – Green Peace is linking whales stranding to seismic testing.

This is total bullshit (at less how they go about making that claim)  a straw man sent so it can be deliberately disproved at a later date.  Solet me get in first and high light that if you take the top five whale stranding’s since 2010 you will see one clear thing. No seismic ships were anywhere near the region of the stranding’s. They were not close enough for their sonar and seismic guns to have any impact. You will not find any present so voila! sonar this can not be the cause .

Therefore seismic testing is safe right?


In addition to there being no ships in the area necropsy conducted by Massey university showed the whales internal ear showed no damage – again this is what you except to see if the cause of the whales stranding is sonar.

However if you look carefully at the environmental consent  you will see seismic testing is not  just sonar based but also involves electromagnetic testing


The first know survey conducted by Shell in 2011 in Jnauary where there were also strandings



We know Satoil also employ the more powerful EM seismic testing methods as will. So can Project Jonah and Green Peace stop worrying about sonar and start focusing on things which can be shown to harm the whales and dolphins.


& as foot note yes Whales have long stranded but not in the frequency, numbers were seeing. Other noted anomalies include species stranding in place and time they have not before hand.

The Greenpeace claim is not helpful. It borders of black propaganda or agent provocateur mischief. It present an argument which because it has no empirical data to back it up can then be shot down easily.

In contrast greater knowledge of when they are deploying EM surveys verse the affect of sonar will give us better tools to work out the correlation between these events and future stranding’s.

For the past decade I have researched this field along side my study of second generation Star War technology (also known as the son of Star Wars) and believe when EM is deployed it creates several forensic signatures.

Some of my claims are controversial and challenge people assumptions on world affairs and technology available.   Yet the question is can I support these claims empirically. An unlike the above piece of cheap Green Peace propaganda the answer is yes.  We know substances such as COREEXIT are sprayed to counter signal propagation  in relation to such oil seismic surveys else where. If we look at the whale necropsy in NZ we do in fact find sever ulceration of the internal organs. This same internal bleeding was seen in Alabama two years in row – on the first occasion it was blamed on fireworks but it did not stop bird dying when it came back after a fireworks ban was now in place — The most common suspect is coreexit, used in oil spills, exploration work, sucked into clouds where the nano engineered particles caused the bird, who ingested it, to die.

In all five stranding’s we also know there were mass reports of unusual “meteorites”, bolides. The use of EM ionizes the upper atmosphere and cause the atmosphere to be charged leading to spectacular light shows.   Other symptoms will include interference on electrical goods like guitar amps, tv radio reception, or signal interference.  This is what activist groups need to be on the lookout for documenting and correlating such anomalies.  The signals will interfere with the Whales, Dolphins navigation but will not damage the internal ear as EM work on the brain not the ears of marine life.

NZ Iwis could of course help but there is something strange going on their too.
Look ok on the surface ‘Iwi welcome study into oil gas impact to make sure the environment is not harmed.


Yet the first red flag is in areas were the iwi, representing several hapu, is not playing ball an not deemed politically powerful the government answer is to simply by pass the iwi and go ahead an do it anyway.


Tipene Oregan: Key  backer  (Stephen Jennnings Renaissance Bank) called Oregan “his mentor”, in his speech, Unfinished Business; named after neo-liberal agenda of Sir Roger Douglas to strip NZ of assets & resources.

Yet when Iwi  aristocracy Nga Tahu stick their hands out the story changes and too bad for the whales.

Nga Tahu Sir Mark Solomon, the chairman of local iwi Ngai Tahu, in relation drilling said the risk of an environmental catastrophe in Kaikoura was too great. “We do not believe out Government has in place the environmental mechanisms that could deal with a spill. However, Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges said New Zealand’s regulatory framework was the best in the world.”  Bridges is referring to research in drilling by GNS who get their funding from oh the petroleum industry and made up most of the submission in the government own report into the wisdom of drilling no guess when you look at whose funding who at what the results will be eh bro.

And while Mark Solomon is “outraged” it does not change the fact that Na Tahu see cash in the oil and have their hand out. So don’t expect to see their paramount chief on the picket line any time soon.


“Those at the wānanga also heard the story of the Tui Mine Restoration Project which saw restoration of the Tui Mine on Mt Te Aroha at a cost of $20 million. It was a reminder that good outcomes can be achieved through collaboration, and also of the environmental disasters that can occur. Proponents of the government’s strategy of encouraging oil and gas exploration point to the potential economic benefits. The Taranaki Basin, which covers an area of around 330,000 km, has been the main focus for oil and gas discoveries, with production starting in the late 1950s and more than 400 exploration and production wells drilled, both onshore and offshore. Find another Taranaki Basin, and the economy would g But any drilling will be at depths far greater than before.

In Kaikōura, they are worried about the effect of seismic surveys on the whale watch companies, the effect of any drilling on the coastal environment, and peoples’ ability to collect kaimoana if there is a disaster of the type seen with the Deepwater Horizon rig, in the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.Oil industry experts say any similar incident is extremely unlikely due to tighter regulations and the lessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon event. An explosion on that rig caused a blowoutwhich killed 11 crewmen and started a fire which couldn’t be put out. The rig eventually sank, leaving the well gushing at the seabed. Since then, massive capping stacks have been invented to stop oil gushing from undersea wells. Essentially the position of the Minister, Simon Bridges, his experts, and the industry is, “trust us. We don’t want a disaster and  we’re taking all necessary steps to make sure it won’t happen.” It came through clearly in a fiery interview on Campbell Live between Bridges and John Campbell. The chances of a spill are statistically small, says the Minister, due to the vigilance of his officials and the industry. Critics say the country and communities like Kaikōura should not have to live with that risk.et a $2.1 billion boost with an extra 5500 jobs, according to exploration enthusiasts”.

Nga Tahu gets ready to accept oil dollars - so long and thanks for all the fish

Nga Tahu gets ready to accept oil dollars – so long and thanks for all the fish


Absent from this article is the imput of those who work in the industry and say drilling at this depth “is simply a crazy thing to do”. Also omitted that seismic testing would be conducted on known fault line where any event could trigger a silt collapse and with it a massive tsunami. Again don’t believe me. Go ask the Christchurch city council.


The article end making it very clears what in stall for Otago  New Zealand Oil & Gas, which holds a permit for exploration off the northern Otago coast , has met rūnanga representatives, he says.

“The company has been proactive in seeking the support of tangata whenua and they have spoken with Waihao and Moeraki, although Moeraki is closer to the exploration area.”

“The company has been upfront with information, he says, and in return Moeraki has produced a list of expectations and conditions, which includes the distance to be kept from marine mammals during seismic surveys (SONAR BASED NOT EM OF COURSE) . David says the expectation of Moeraki are similar in many ways to Kaikōura, but the rūnanga “is taking a pragmatic stance in attempting to work with the exploration company to mitigate any possible risks”.

We had a good look at the example of Kaikoura, and included all their points in the list of expectations and conditions we provided to the company. We are being very pragmatic. We want the best deal we can get for the rūnanga and the North Otago community.”

Screw all the investment an effort into fisheries and ecotourism that iwi and junior hapu have made - as long as the chiefs get a hand out it all good forsure

Screw all the investment an effort into fisheries and Eco- tourism that iwi and junior hapu have made – as long as the chiefs get a hand out it all good for-sure.

Which of course is all about protecting the environment right and preserving fisheries and all the eco torusim business,  who have benefited out of the millions who have come to see Dunedin wild life and famous Albatross colony, eh? Yeah Right.

The relationship between Ngai Tahu and the Dunedin City Council is ”blossoming by the day”, as their respective leaders discuss regional economic development, including the benefits and risks of offshore oil and gas exploration” (funny how when they talk to the public it  only gas but when iwi involved it becomes oil and gas – hmm wonder why that is) .


The Moeraki runanga has come out in support of potential gas exploration off the North Otago coastline. New Zealand Oil and Gas completed its 3-D seismic survey off the Moeraki coastline on December 31.

{NOTE that 3-d is the first referecen since shell in taranaki of use of EM bbased suryve}

“Te Runanga o Moeraki upoko (appointed traditional leader) David Higgins said the permit holder had previously indicated the area was LIKELY to yield ”99% gas”, rather than oil. The Government had awarded the permits – in this case the Clipper-1 in the Canterbury Basin – and ”there is no way we are going to stop them”. ”But whatever we can achieve for the community, whether it is coastline restoration or whatever, then it is good for the community.”

Look Out for the Sharks an not just the ones in the water.

Look Out for the Sharks an not just the ones in the water.

And what can we expect in Bluff where Ng Tahu led the charge against spear head of eco tourism in Southland Shark Diving in the very area they want to drill?

“The approval of a four-month, 24-hour-a-day oil drilling operation on Stewart Island has horrified some residents, who say it will destroy a move towards ecotourism spanning two decades.The Southland District Council yesterday granted Auckland-based Greymouth Petroleum Ltd consent to carry out petroleum exploration, and to drill a well site on private land on Horseshoe Bay Rd. The non-notified resource consent, which allows for 24-hour drilling operations, temporary buildings and minor earthworks, has angered some residents, who say they were shut out of decision-making. In a press release, council senior resource management planner Jennifer Green said the council had received written approval for the drilling from all adjoining landowners and occupiers. It is understood they include nine affected landowners, as well as Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu and Te Ao Marama. Contacted landowners declined to comment yesterday”.


It no surprise to see Tipine Oreagan at Bluff this year “Protesters and scuffles were nowhere to be seen on Waitangi Day at the Te Rau Aroha marae in Bluff yesterday, but the controversies over asset sales, the Treaty of Waitangi and Southland’s environment were going on in the background”.



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