Drugs Guns Islam & NZDF funded, CIA backed, Sky Pirates.

Seems as if Big Brother does not know how to use Google - despite it rampant ties to terrorism this plane and its owner Simon Spitz keeps keeping USA NZ UK Australian Defence Contracts.

Seems as if Big Brother does not know how to use Google – despite it rampant ties to terrorism this plane and its owner Simon Spitz keeps keeping USA NZ UK Australian Defence Contracts.

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There is some irony in the role of NZDF running anti drug operations against Somalis in the Middle East (as reported in the NZH October 6 2014). In that the NZDF have not only repeatedly hired air lines with history of trafficking drugs and guns but NZDF award recipient Radiola was named in wiki leaks as providing encrypted radios to help warlords in Africa. Militants known to finance their war of genocide with drug money avoid detection.

The international watch dog group East African Sea Farers Association, blog Ecoterra, run by the by the esteemed activist Andrew Mwangura, corroborated my report on the transportation of this NZ technology, by former NZ Army officers (formerly attached to the UN), to warlords in the Sudan in 2010. Mwangura was citing the Washington Post, who mentioned Radiola involvement (which surprise surprise was not mentioned by the NZ Media) , naming as their source Wikileaks based on the US embassy own cables. Additional corroboration of this fact emerged during the trial of merchant of genocide Charles Taylor when NZ firm Libercell also provided radio equipment, with built in encryption technology, that could be used to assist in arms trafficking. Again contra payments for such weapons is usually with timber, minerals, diamonds and narcotics shiiping concessions.

In turn NZ encrypted technology was transported on board air craft also used by the NZDF, with a history of arms smuggling through Shannon Air Port in Ireland in 2006. Frustratingly a tip off (which meant I was for once a step ahead of the sky pirates) and knew the flight numbers and date of their arrival before they landed, proved fruitless. As no one in NZ’s media land showed the slightest interested in covering the arrival of this aircraft. The aircraft in question were being used to transport Team Emirates (who were pumping millions into TVNZ and Fairfax’s budget) and I’m sure the lack of media interest is just coincidence. As is their complete lack of the interest in NZ at the time of a simultaneous visit to NZ by alleged arms dealer Tony Texeria, the head of the Emriate A1 racing series. And that the boats included the same encrypted technology was also being sold to the Saudi and Brazilian military.

We provide encrypted communication and look the other way in return we get guns oil and trade deals.

We provide encrypted communication and look the other way in return we get guns oil and trade deals.

Texeria is the inspiration behind the movie Blood Diamonds. Texeria while in NZ also met with several kiwi firms interested in lucrative electronic defence related contract in the UAE. He was named in UK parliament session in relation to arms deals to Sierra Leonne, involving an aircraft flight UR82008, whihc can also be tied to the transportation of cocaine in addition to weapons. This is the same aircraft used to fly NZ troops to Afghanistan in 2003 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

I have also documented as early as 1999 in my best seller State Secrets, the existence of air port in Somalia Bossa Goa in the Puntland Provence of an air strip built by Kiwi David Morris of Morris Catering. In an a phone interview Morris’s partner, at the time, Robert McVickers, would allege Morris death in Somalia was caused by his refusal to give up claims to the airstrip which was wanted by the “CIA”. This was nearly a decade before the same airport had being rapidly built up and owned in part by the provincial government, the Saudi based Lootah Group (also participants in the corrupt Food For Oil program and illicit supply of weapons to Iraq known as Iraq Gate ) and Ranger Oil of Australia. This airport was named as the central supply point for arms and ransom money of the Somalia pirates problem which blew up in early 2000’s. Mwangura believes these men get their intelligence orders and financing from Dubai and Johannes Burg.

Aircraft known to supply arms to Somali, during this period, include UN contracted aircraft owned by Phoneix Air run by Israeli Simon Spitz. Spitz is named by Oxfam, along side Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi, of making flights in to East Africa and Somalia to supply arms for Islamic militants and warlords in operations financed by Saudi Arabia and to which Washington turns a blind eye. Previously Spitz supplied aid to Somalia in 1998 using his NZ firm Pacific Express under contract to former the UN backed charity CARE Australia.

Charles Sturt the NZ top White Collar Criminal IN 1995 point bank admits Spitz Pacific Express a front for arms - but says wont touch it because backed by the "CIA"

Charles Sturt the NZ top White Collar Criminal IN 1995 point bank admits Spitz Pacific Express a front for arms – but says wont touch it because backed by the “CIA”

CARE Australia has since being named in numerous media reports as being a front for western intelligence operations in Kenya, Somalia, Iraq and Kosvo where private security firm Dyn Corp was tied to drug trafficking. Dyn Corps director at the time was James Worsely, former CIA Director, who was also Morris’s lawyer until Morris fell out with the CIA. The fall out caused in relation to their claims to his air strip and the murder of his son Aaaron Morris before his own murder shortly afterwards.

Pacific Express rose out of the public exposure of Southern World Airlines whose CEO, Harvey Misbin, a former us chopper pilot, with a CIA airline, back ground was found to have skipped a 1987 subpoena in relation to the discovery of $US 45,000,000 cocaine on the Mexican US borders. Roger Banks Grant Anal had 1% holdings in Pacific Express when it was set up in 1992. Spitz left NZ in 1998 having embezzled 12 million but his airline Skytrain Cargo Airlines is once more landing on NZ soil, photographed in Auckland, as late as August 2014. At time Spitz left NZ the head of the SFO Charles Sturt would confess in his autobiography Dirty Collars the SFO had no plans to go after Spitz. Because Spitz was backed by the “CIA” and the SFO did not fancy their chances “against that kind of muscle”.

The aircraft Spitz is using at the moment in NZ is UR82008. This is the same craft used to transport both drugs and arms to Africa the NZDF and now it emerges is also under contract to the Pentagon to ship good to and from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Below is an early article I wrote in 2012. I have tweaked it bit for proofing (grammar) but otherwise is the original piece I wrote.


The Mysterious Simon Spitz Resurfaces.

Those familiar with my books State Secrets and State Secrets 2 will know that one of the key figure I have investigated with major links to both the UN Food For Oil for arms debacle (involving 9/11 bank Altaqwa in Lugarno Switzerland, dairy giant Fonterra) and
western intelligence service arming Islamic warlords (including flying in arms to Muslim mercenaries in Bosnia on aircraft chartered by the NZ government for UN work) and those guilty of genocide has been Israeli Czech Simon Spitz.

A man who the Serious Fraud Office admit in 1995 they would not be seeking extradition if he resurfaced due to him being backed to use their own words by “CIA muscle” (in fact this is wrong I believe a more accurate description is too say he is backed by those with US?Israeli intelligence connection, specifically those in the Neo-conservative element of US politics, but who in fact often run agenda contrary to the dictate of professional Central Intelligence Officer themselves).

And surface he did when once more he was found flying arms with her “majesties approval” to the Congo and Somalia in 1998.

Since Spitz work has been tied to same firms who are contracted to fly UN aid, have supplied warlords GUILTY OF GENOCIDE with NZ made secure contract by NZ Defence Department award wining firms.
Facts which have not been reported in NZ press but have made the trial of warlords Charles Taylor, the Washington Post, Wikileaks, and the East African sea-faers association. And now Spitz resurface with more mystery and deadly bodies around him including an Albanian woman’s body found hanging in hotel

“New Delhi: The body of a 29-year-old Albanian woman was found hanging from a ceiling fan in a hotel room here, police said Saturday.Gledia Duro’s body was detected in the hotel in south Delhi’s Greater Kailash-I Friday evening, police said.A nylon belt was tied around her neck and the belt’s other end was hanging from the fan, police said. She had arrived here Oct 27 on a tourist visa with her 57-year-old Czech boyfriend Simon Spitz.

They came to Delhi from Chennai Friday afternoon and around 3.30 p.m. they moved into the hotel.After checking-in, Simon had gone out of the hotel alone around 4 p.m. to eat. The incident came to light when Simon returned to the room around 6 p.m. He raised an alarm after Duro did not respond to his knocks on the door. Hotel authorities later broke open the door and recovered Duro’s hanging body,” said a police officer.The officer informed that no suicide note was recovered. Police have ruled out any foul play. Prima facie, it appears that the deceased committed suicide, said the officer.

According to the officer they have checked CCTV footage of the hotel in which she was seen peeping outside her room around 5 p.m. to respond to knocks on the door of her room.”No one entered her room between 5-6 p.m. There is only one entry point into the room, so it is clear that she committed suicide. Her boyfriend told investigators that earlier Duro had tried to commit suicide twice,” said the office”
Paul Southworth Got any references for “Facts which have not been reported in NZ press but have made the trial of warlords Charles Taylor, the Washington Post, Wikileaks, and the East African sea-faers association.” these bits

Ben Vidgen Yes Paul in the two book I wrote plus numerous article my sources are ref in the extensiveness bibliography and include Dirty Collars Charles Sturt (head of the SFO), HTV / 20/20 UK, Oxfam report into arms, The Other Side of Deception Chapter 23 index Victor Otrovossky (including NBR and other newzeland pres reports on spitz activities in NZ).

http://tvnz.co.nz/national-…/wikileaks-cables-say-nz-3979890 this was reported visa politics food for oil.
(what interesitng however is when going back to get the original links how many have been scratched and no longer show up – had to bit of digging to find these links too)
Charles Taylor — http://charlestaylortrial.files.wordpress.com/…/following_t…

In 2007 I had a tip off of another two of these airplanes arriving in NZ despite it was here for Americas cup boats, had extensive media history for running guns, the giant planes were made for tv and coincided with recent arrival of Lord of War Tony Texeria in NZ (for A1 Emirates racing) the role of these Team Emirate/ NZ Defence Department contracted work horse, got no interest. I later learnt the real cargo was the encrypted technology used on the boats made by Tait supplied to Saudi Arabia and South American police forces was same as used by warlords in Sudan and Liberia to conduct covert arms drop and conduct genocide.

Other article I have written on this subject include adidtional source material and links

http://www.postmanproductions.org/…/books/StateSecrets-1.pdf — this is my first book.
What the WikiLeaks cables say about NZ


Drugs Guns Islam & NZDF funded, CIA backed, Sky Pirates.

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