Witch Hunts & Black Magic: Elenor Catton.

This morning on breakfast ‘news’ blatant attack on Elanore Catton. No discussion about her actual statement on neo liberalism.

In the back grounds pages of her book flash up with close up of on the words WHORE – OPIUM – HOKITIKA then WHORE again. Nearly chocked on my cornflakes – talk about shoot the messenger and ignore the message.

Love the way the media claimed she had received wide spread criticism – Though as far as I’m aware only John had his feeling hurt. But thanks to the hand of spin doctor Texby & Crosby (aks Absolute Bstards / The New Statesman) this “widespread criticism will be massaged into talk back, TV news and letters to the editor, by paid trolls, so that it becomes so.The emperors has spoken and he shall be obeyed even though he wears no clothes. What Bullshit!!

Now can we have a proper discussion about her criticism regarding the short sightedness of neo liberals “destroying the planet” and ignore which party she votes for.

I don’t vote Green and I agree with her. Fukashima does vote greens and it agrees with her. The vast majority of the ocean that are dying because of what we are doing to this earth in the name of the all mighty dollar does not vote greens and it agrees with her.

Perhaps we should follow John’s lead and pay fawning tribute to dictators and the men who fund terrorism and hang out with homophobes and bigots like Cameron Slater.

Slater a man who takes kick backs from alcohol and tobacco companies.

Slater the hack on the take who tried to get a NZ journalist killed by leaking his address details for the crime of exposing corruption and money laundering “chop chop nicky”.


Talk about judge a man by the company he keeps.

Yup my dear friends in the NZ media were most certainly dealing with sluts.

Yet funny how you will never call a man on his knees a whore, no mater how much cock for cash that he sucks down, as long as he wears a suit and tie. I guess that one critic that would make you look at the man in the mirror and that’s way to close to home.

Is this what NZ has become?

Sniveling sycophants and cowards who will burn a wise woman (a witch) for dare speaking the truth.

Is this what we kiwis, proud of our number eight spirits,, our outspoken nature, and sense of justice and fair play have become.

These people are completely without a moral compass or a soul.

Thank you Elanor Catton for letting John Key show his ugly vacuous nature once more.

Witch Hunts & Black Magic: Elenor Catton.

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